Your Questions About Paper Trading Online

Mary asks…

trader trainee?

I am interested in becoming a trader trainee, in Chicago. I am a senior economics major. I am extremely well read in books on economics, trading, investing & history. I paper-trade extensively online. My interest in trading is extreme and would consider it a dream job.

Does anyone knows a trading firm in Chicago who would like to snag some fresh raw talent & reel me in as I complete my education?

John answers:

You can try frims like goldman sach, lehman brothers, merril lynch though mostly hire people from top universities you can also try other investment firms

Sandy asks…

How do I sell a car to a private party that has a loan on it?

I am looking to sell a car I own to a private party (I am going to put ads online and in the paper)instead of trading it in when I buy a new car. How do i do this? Do I meet the buyer at the bank and watch them draw a cashiers check and then give them the title and give them the keys when I deposit the money? Do i need to tell the bank that holds the loan anything?

John answers:

I have the same trouble

Jenny asks…

Is ICCD a good trade school as far as there online homeland security courses?

I have till 2marrow to head over there with my paper work and I start that same day but that’s if I show up..I wanna know if ICCD is a good tradeschool and if there homeland security online classes are hard?..cuz I work part time and i have manny thingz pending so I’m woundering if it’s a good deal or not?

John answers: – it provides info about this school, tips to apply and its scholarships.

James asks…

Why do catalogues advertise produce online that they don’t have in stock?

I am thinking of taking them to trading standards.
They make you wait for months because they want you to order produce from the paper catalogues that are trash and that have high profit margins?

John answers:

The companies are trying to get you to buy from THEM. Even if it may not be in stock, they don’t want to tell YOU that. (or anyone else) It’s all part of profit and stuff. But I totally agree that it’s stupid. If a company doesn’t satisfy a costumer right away, then it looks like that they just lost a costumer.

Daniel asks…

Online dating, when is a good time to give phone number?

We’re both female, we email each other daily for about two weeks. Seem to have pretty good chemistry on paper. I’m a bit older than her. She hasn’t suggested trading phone numbers. Should I just give her mine and tell her to text sometime, or is it too soon?

John answers:

I honestly get scarred off when the other gives me their phone number so early..
It depends on how much depth is happening in the emails and what kind of person she is…
Maybe wait a week, and hint at hearing her voice- see how she reacts.. Otherwise just wait a bit

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