Your Questions About Paper Trading Online

Mark asks…

Who trades in PENNY SHARES online in the UK?

I have opened a Halifax share dealing account. However, they don’t trade in penny shares. Who does ONLINE in UK as there are a few companies I have spotted I would like to make a modest investment in?

John answers:


There are dozens of scam artists and con-merchants lining up to ‘spin’ a story about ‘temporary hard times’ and ‘undiscovered value’, but it’s all fools gold .. The fact is, these scam artists and con-merchants are trying to unload worthless paper that they have picked up for fractions of a penny ….

… And the fact that a major company (Halifax) is unwilling to deal in this worthless paper should be giving you a few hints .. Who (exactly) do you think is going to buy your shares at the ‘market price’ when you want to sell them again ??? (not the scam artists & con-merchants, that’s for sure 🙂 )

Those with more money than sense buy penny shares .. Although more often than not, the balance between money and sense is soon restored 🙂

If you can’t see that, fine = it will be a ‘learning’ experience 🙂

Linda asks…

How is technology currently helping you succeed in life.?

Please post anything from…

Traffic alerts on your phone, trading online, home cooking equipment, etc. ANYTHING you can think of

John answers:

Really, it has allowed me to learn more esoteric things in my own home, mostly for free, that I would have to go out and learn (possibly for pay). Those courses I might need to go through what I already know.

I would have to go write letters or make phone calls to get information on things holding up projects, and have to go buy or subscribe to a number of magazines or books, in paper form, and have to manually go through them (yes they have contents and index pages). Buying things would require I buy over phone or a mail order form. I would need to go an buy software on discs.

Laura asks…

Where to start as a first time trader?

Hey guys so I’ve been interested in getting involved in stock trading online, but I have no idea where to start, I have been practising with demo money on plus 500, but apparently there not a good trading platform for trading real money. So could somebody please tell me the best website to start trading for a beginner, also a reason why there the best if possible. Thanks for any help any additional advice would be appreciated. Thanks again.

John answers:

You are not ready to open an account and begin to trade. Using a simulator does not and can not help make you a “trader”, nor are redy to slect of website to use for trading.

To be a trader you must first learn how to invest. You must know the products and the markets in which they trade, how security transactions are cleared and more importantly you must know the rules that govern those products and markets. So you must know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and how to do it. You should start by reading “Investing for Dummies” by Eric Tyson.

Here’s a list of books you should consider, at least read half of them
Bulls Make Money, Bears Make Money, Pigs Get Slaughtered, by Gallea
How to Trade in Stocks, Jesse Livermore
Millionaire Traders, Lein & Schlosberg
One Up on Wall Street by Peter Lynch
Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, Edwin Lefevre
The Disciplined Trader, Mark Douglas
Trader Vic-Methods of a Wall Street Master, Victor Sperandeo
Trader Vic II-Principles of Professional Speculation, Victor Sperandeo
Trading for a Living, by Alexander Elder
Trading in the Zone, Mark Douglas

And when you think you want to trade, try some paper trading to test your skills without spending you money

Before you enter your first order you need to address four major policies and have very strong discipline to follow them
1 – You need a written sound trading/investment plan with rules that will not only help you but more importantly protect you, mostly from yourself. Always use stops either to protect you on the down side or to lock in profits on the up side. Never trade on emotions, when emotions get involved walk away. Don’t try to out-smart the market, you’ll loose but if you always take what the market is willing to give you, you’ll be successful. Other words, you don’t trade against the trend since the market is always right. And NEVER trade on emotions, once you let emotions in your trades you will loose
2 – A written money management program is essential. Remember never invest 100% of your capital into any one security and never have 100% of your capital invested. Never go into a trade without knowing when and where you are going to get out of it. Never let a loss on a trade get greater than 8%-10%, always take you loss and walk away – don’t loose more than you need to and don’t be afraid to take the loss. Remember you never can get hurt taking a profit. Never average down, but you can average up.
3 – You must have sufficient trading/investment capital. Use your own money, there’s no need to go into debt so that you can trade and/or invest. Margin can be used but only with restraints, never let the account wall below 45% equity. Unless you fully understand margins you should not use it.
4 – A full and complete understanding of the rules & regulations of the industry. If your going to play in the game be sure you know the rules of the game and always follow them.

Unless you are willing to study and follow the above you will never make it as a trader. To be successful as a trader it takes work and constant study of the markets and the products traded in those markets, there is no easy way.

Susan asks…

How to make money from LONG TERM stock trading?

hey there,i am a beginner so i have no idea about stock trading,i want to know what are the requirements for trading online,and how can i make money from it,i know i have to bear loses sometimes
but how can i make maximum profit,i heard that there are 2 types of trading
1.Intraday and 2.long term ,tell me about the long term investments please…

John answers:

Just pick one. I use, there are many. You can probably look up “trade online” and they will come up. You only need a few hundred I think to set up an account to trade. Probably, add your bank account. If you do little trading, you normally get no more than $10 a trade. Less when you trade more. Warren Buffet started out with a paper route and invested his money in stock. Now he has made more than anyone trading stock. He gave 31 billion to Bill Gates foundation to feed the world. He gave billions to other charities and he is still I think the 2nd richest man on earth. He says to invest in a very good company. Maybe AT&T or coke and leave it alone. Lets say you have 500 shares in a good company. It’s worth $5 a share. The bottom falls out and it drops to $1 a share. You still have 500 shares. When the economy picks up; it will go back to $5 a share and then surpass that. Eventually, it will be worth $20 a share. The bottom falls out again. It drops down to $10 a share. Keep it, you still have 500 shares and it will go back up. In fact, he says that is when you buy more, when it’s down. If you realize you made a mistake and it’s a bad company, get rid of it. He doesn’t believe in day trading or pulling out profits. He believes in the steady flow of it moving up and down and up. He doesn’t even check the stock market daily. He spends his time finding very good companies and buy them when the stock market is having a slump. You can’t be nervous. Don’t invest much at first. Don’t panic when it’s down and especially if it’s a good stable company. Have money set aside to invest more at that point. The pulling in and out and day trading; 95% lose money.

Helen asks…

What is the best Trade Printer to use for round cards and promotional materials.?

Please only answer if:
a) if you know what trade printing is
b) if you have knowledge of the quality of product

Don’ answer if you do not know what trade printing is. I do not need suggestions or links to online printers that do not offer their services in the trade printing capacity.

Does anyone know where I can get high quality paper stock round (not rounded corners) business promotional materials from 2.5 inches up to 4.5 inches.

Very much appreciated.

John answers:

Trade printing is a business model wherein a printer offers printing materials to print brokers, graphic designers, ad agencies, and other printing businesses at a wholesale rate.
You can also enhance your business popularity through

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