Your Questions About Paper Trading Online

Sharon asks…

How should I go about selling a golden marble pleco?

Where should I go, online or offline, to sell a 8+ inch golden marble pleco? I do not want to give him away, I just think that someone out there may be interested in purchasing such a interesting fish.

John answers:

You could try both. Start with checking with your local pet stores to see if any would want to buy him. If you don’t find anything, you could post it on craigslist or whatever other local ads you have via online or the newspaper (like here in the Carolinas we have a trader ad/classifieds called Iwanna, that is both online and in the paper). But I would say your BEST bet is to do a fish trader website. That is, a site where people buy, sell, trade and give away fish. Its like craigslist but for aquarists. I know of one….….but there are plenty out there, just google “fish forum” or something like that and you’ll probably find more of them.

Donald asks…

Can you trade a car you owe money on for a different car?

I have a car that’s basically junk and has been in the shop 3 times in last 7 months. I still owe $3000 on this car, but I don’t want it anymore. Can I trade this car for a different car and just add the balance I owe for the junk car to the new car?

John answers:

There are a lot of ways to get out of your loan. First is the way you are going to try. It is o.k. To do that however they do add the money owed to your new loan. Try looking into a car with a rebate that is close to the amount you owe. That way it will lessen the total amount needed to be financed. You can also sell your car online, in a news paper etc. Or you can , and only because you owe 3000.00 or under you can keep it and not have to add the money to the next loan. All are good examples but you can also look into fixing it once and for all and not have any payments. So as a dealer i would tell you if the newer car is really what you want and the numbers make sense, then go for it and be sure you take gap insurance on the new loan, also the dealer ma actually pay off you entire loan and not have to add any difference to the new loan.
Good luck!

Donna asks…

If i buy a game console bundle online with a game or two in it, can i sell the games at their market value?

Thinking about buying an xbox 360 or ps3 bundle online and wondering if i can sell the games for store credit or something. Wondering can i sell a $60 game for $60 or what?

John answers:

That all depends. Most of the time when a console comes with a game it is just in like a paper sleeve, in that case you might be able to trade it in at gamestop but they would probably give you the used value. However, when I got my Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 bundle I had the full real game of Metal Gear Solid 4 and I work at Walmart so I know that as long as it is in the system and the plastic wrap is still intact you can just say you got them as gifts for your b day or something and did not like them and they will give you their current value (what walmart prices it at) on a gift card.

Lisa asks…

Is there a way to pay for stuff online without a credit card?

There are things online I want to buy, but I don’t want to pay for a credit card and all the extra fees. Let’s say there’s something I want online for $20, can I go somewhere and trade my paper money for a card that can be used online? Im not talking about a gift card

John answers:

It sounds like you’ll need either PayPal and/or a prepaid card. Prepaid cards act like credit cards but are actually funded by you (cash).

John asks…

Where can I get a quality foam backed green screen online?

I am looking for a quality foam backed green screen approximately 10’x20′ as well as a stand to hold it, and case/bag to store everything. Anyone know where I can look? I am having a hard time searching online.

John answers:

Hi Liam:

I don’t know about the “foam backed” requirement, since the green front surface is the only critical need for ChromaKey work. Most portable green screens (unless they’re the small, flex-wire framed “pop out” style – TwistFlex and FlexDrop are two brands) are just painted canvas fabric (or special woven/dyed fabric) on a collapsable frame or crossbar.

B+H Photo is a good source for these kits (see links in my Sources below). Amvona used to be another affordable manufacturer/seller but they seemed to have disappeared (after being sued by Photoflex over patents & copyrights), although if you look for Amvona on eBay or (or do a Yahoo!Search for Civichrome), you can still find sellers for their canvas backdrops and blue & green Civichrome brand drops (w/o frame) and kits (w/ frame & carry-bag). Photoflex is still in business.

If you are in a controlled environment (e.g., studio) you can use a standard “seamless” paper roll stands and crossbar setup, or trade-show “pipe & drape” stands and bars. For outdoors or busy foot-traffic areas (with doors and breezes) you might need movie-style C-stands, sandbags, and a full frame (see example in my Sources below). The sturdier setup won’t exactly fit in a zip-up canvas bag. Matthews Studio Equipment (which makes some of the green screens carried by B+H), also makes the famous Matthews C-stand (named for Century Lighting), used on almost every film and commercial shoot.

Hope this helps,
–Dennis C.

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