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William asks…

History help in desperate need!!!!!!!!!!!?

I take an online classes and my book is not loading I know most of the awnsers in the assignment except these please help!!!!!!!!!!
1. How did Italy become the center of the Renaissance movement?
A. Italy was removed from the medieval wars in Europe and was able to flourish on its own.
B. Italy was a neutral country during the wars, and many educated and talented people moved there.
C. The Italians were friends with the French and formed a treaty to prevent war.
D. In part, Italy had thriving cities, increased trade, and a wealthy merchant class.

12. The interest in Roman and Greek culture, which included grammar, poetry, art and philosophy, inspired a movement called
A. culturalism.
B. humanism.
C. Romanesque.
D. Latin.

23. Renaissance religious paintings tended to focus on the
A. personalities of religious figures.
B. religious significance of the time.
C. history of the Crusades.
D. human suffering brought about by war.

34. To draw three-dimensional objects on paper, Renaissance artists studied
A. floor plans of ancient buildings.
B. philosophy.
C. perspective.
D. Michelangelo’s writings.

45. Which of the following artists or architects were not part of the Renaissance movement?
A. Leonardo da Vinci
B. Bramante
C. Michelangelo
D. Calder

5 questions please help thanks ahead of time…

John answers:

Go onto or look up the answers on google and see if they fit any of the questions you’re being asked.

Joseph asks…

Can a dealership keep my downpayment after I decide not to buy the car?

I truly hope someone can let me know what my rights are and how I can go about this. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, with the Federal Trade Commission, and with the Consumer affairs all in one night. I am also ready to go to one of the news reporters at my job at The Washington Post newspaper media giant, to investigate and expose these heartless car salesmen. I’m sure someone in the DC, VA and MD area will get a kick out of this article once it’s written in the Post.
So here’s the history behind my question: (sorry if it seems all scrambled. I was furious when I typed up the report.)

I made an arrangment with a dealership to put down a total of $3500 on a 2002 Lexus RX330. First installment was on August 28, for $1500, Second on Sept 3 for another $1500 and owed $500 which I had agreed to bring by Sept 17 in cash. I was told to write out a post dated check in the amout of $500 to secure the sale until I would bring in the $500 in cash. In the begining of the transaction, I asked the sales, rep Hossein if I could bring the car for inspection even though we didn’t have the complete money at the time. He insisted that we leave the car and once we bring in the rest of the money, then we could take it out to our mechanic. Fine. We did just that. When I went to give the dealership the last of my downpayment, I asked to take the car and bring to my personal mechanic for inspection before handing them over the last of the balance. I went to the dealership and told Mr. Hossein that before I give him the $500 I wanted to take the car to the mechanic. He said ok. We went to the mechanic to find a number of things wrong. The air conditioner motor was broken, only the lower vents were blowing as the upper vents weren’t working, the back brake light had no bulb, the transmission light “D” for Drive, did not light up, there was a broken cup holder in the middle compartment, the back left tire was almost completely balled. Barely any tread life left, just enough to barely pass the inspection, and the car shook once you drove it over 40mph which my mechanic said that the rotars needed to be replaced because it was causing the the car to shake. He also saw that the oil gasket had a small leak because there was spilled oil around it. I had my mechanic write all of the issues down on a piece of paper. I then brought the car back to the dealership and told them what my mechanic discovered. First, they said that it should have been written on a company letterhead, HOWEVER, THEY NEVER MENTIONED IT BEFORE WE LEFT TO TAKE THE CAR TO OUR MECHANIC! They insisted that the car had just been inspected and that nothing was wrong. Then Hossein went to the car to check himself and noticed that there indeed WAS a very loud noise coming from the airconditioner, he did see that the “D” wasn’t lit up and the back brake light wasn’t working (obviously because there wasn’t a bulb). There was a manager there, not sure what his name was but he had a pony tail and he was pretty tall. He said well, the car is old and regardless, it is going to have some issues. He asked for a quick estimate from my mechanic to get a sense of how much the parts and labor were to get the vehicle fixed. As we were waiting for my mechanic to call with an estimate, he asked Hossein if they should give us a discount for the car depending on how much the estimate was and Hossein said no and insisted that there was something probably stuck in the airconditioning vent and that it was nothing major. Then my mechanic called and went online and quickly researched the parts over the phone and gave us some prices for each of the issues that were wrong. The manager then said as far as the cup holder, he wasn’t going to replace it because it was cosmetic and that his wife has a broken cup holder in her car and he won’t invest in replacing it for her so he definitely wasn’t going to replace it for us. Then it came down to the three major issues: air conditioner, brakes and tire. The labor and parts totalled $1250. (Again, it was a quick estimate done over the phone).
The manager immediately said no, that it was too much money to invest in an old car and was adamant about not fixing it. So we asked him if he had any other SUVs in our price range and they had nothing. The manager then said to forget it and that they would just write us a check and he would auction off the car. We said that we didn’t want any other car and that we had to get an SUV and we just wanted our deposit back. The manager looked into the system to see if the tags were ordered and they weren’t so he said we were good and that it shouldn’t be a problem. The manager then spoke to Marc filipovic and told him that we weren’t taking the car and to process our paperwork and refund the money.
They said that it would be easy because THE TAGES HAD NOT BEEN ORDERED YET. Well, while Hossein and the manager were talking amongst themselves a few feet away from Marc Filipovic’s office, Marc opened our folder and then we asked for our $500 check that we had left at the begining of the week. He handed the check back to us since they never deposited it. As Marc gave it back to us he said “not to tell those guys because they would give us the run around.” My husband and I told Marc that we definitely wanted our money back and that we needed a car but we weren’t going to get something that was costing me almost $18000 (total cost at the end) and I would have to invest in it right out of the dealership plus I was thinking for the safety of my children. Before we left the dealership, I told Marc that we would try to look online over the weekend to see what else they had in their other locations and that IF I fOUND SOMETHING I WOULD CALL but in the interim, we wanted our money back.
Well, I called Marc on on Monday, Sept 20 in the morning to see if they had already processed our check and he said well, no because I thought you were going to look online to see if you found anything” I said no, I told you to go ahead and process the check and IF I had seen something I liked then I would call, BUT I DIDN’T and I DIDN”T CALL. So i said, well how long does it take for them to process my check and for me to receive it. He replied” did you want me to mail it?” I said, no I can come and pick it up once you get the check. He said ok, we should have the check by Thursday, Sept 23 the lastest. Fine, I said are you sure it’s Thursday and will I get the whole $3000?
He said YES and reassured me that it would be ready for pick up on Thursday. Well, the following day, Tuesday, Sept 21, when I went home at around 9pm, I saw a missed call on my personal and work cell and an email from Marc asking to call them asap. unfortunately, I had left both my cell phones at home as I rushed out the door that morning to go to work. So, I immediately replied to Marc’s email telling him to call me no matter what time it was. So he did. He called me saying that if I was still interested that they were GOING TO send the car out to get fixed and IF I still wanted it, it would be ready.
I said no, I didn’t want it because of how the manager and Mr. Hossein handled the issue and that i didn’t want to do anything with Darcars and I was going to take my business elsewhere. He said ok, well I’m sorry about what happened and I said I was worried because I thought something was wrong with my check when I saw that the finance manager had emailed me. He said no, no, I just didn’t want to process the check until I had heard from you to see if you still wanted the car and that if I did, he wouldn’t have needed to continued to process it. I said, no, I am standing firm and I was disappointed at the customer service when it came down to the end. I said, well since you didn’t process my check yet, would i have to wait longer to receive the check? He said, no, that he would process it first thing in the morning of Sept 22 and that I should still receive it on Thursday, Sept 23. I said, Great, well have a good night.
Then I called back Mr. Hossein after my conversation with Marc and asked him if everything was ok and he said well, I tried calling you earlier but you did not answer. I had apologized to him because I had left my cell phones at home and didn’t see his call until around 9-9:30pm. He told me, Well, WE ARE GOING TO SEND THE CAR TO GO GET FIXED and that IF I STILL WANTED IT, THAT IS WOULD BE READY for me by the next day to take. I said, no, I did NOT want the car and was still not interested anymore and told him that I had left the Darcars dealership with a sour taste in my mouth.
Then I said thank you and that I didn’t want any car nor do any business with their dealership. I explained to him that I was very disappointed at the level of customer service that went down on Friday and how him and the manager handled the situation and literally told me that they were going to auction the car off because they simply did not want to invest anything into an old car!!!!! I said, that I asked around other dealers in the area and had a personal friend of a friend that ownes his own dealership, i had explained the situation and they all agreed that it was wrong of this particular dealership to handle our situation the way they did. I said, I felt they were dishonest and shady and I didn’t want the car or anything again from their dealership.
Hossein said, ok, well I’m sorry that you feel that way and have a good night. So, today, Friday, Sept 24, I took off of work to stop by the dealership to pick up the check and run my errands. Well, when I got to the dealership
I told the receptionist that I was there to pick up a check from Marc and that he had one waiting for me. She went to Marc’s office and came back saying that Marc said that there wasn’t going to be a check for me because it was declined by their manager. I immediately asked for their manager and he said that he didn’t know anything about Marc and the check. Well, I told him that Marc said that our check would be ready by Thursday and now we just learned that there is no money! I said that I had missed calls and emails from you guys trying to let me know how all of a sudden you were going to fix the car but when it came to giving my money back, everyone was silent.
I had to learn about this the day AFTER my check was supposed to be ready. I told the manager, that when I had left on Friday,Sept 17 I specifically said that I did not want the car and had fully explained that to Marc and Hossein on Friday, Sept 17, Monday, Sept 20 and Tuesday, Sept 21 and also explained to them everything I had typed up in this report and NOW the manager tells me today that the DEPOSIT WAS NON REFUNDABLE?!?!?! I said, NO ONE, NOT HOSSEIN NOR THE FINANCE REP who processed my paperwork or your website ever mentioned that to me.
They said that the general manager declined the check request because they sent the car to get fixed to make the “customer happy”. I SAID NO, it was the lack of customer service and the manager and Hossein’s reactions that caused us to walk away from the deal! I said you guys probably told the GM that if they had fixed the car then we would take it. THAT WAS NEVER THE CASE! IT was the you (manager) who decided to say that was going to auction off the car and write us out a check and that it would take a little long but we would eventually get it back!! NOW I’m being told it’s all of a sudden NON REFUNDABLE??? I also told them, If it were non refundable, how come when you heard what the cost was going to be to fix the car, you said in plain bold terms, we’ll just give them their money back and auction off the car! AND your finance manager Marc without hesitation gave us back our last deposit check of $500?? How come no one said it was non refundable then?
I said, you guys are forcing me to buy a car that I don’t want or trying to force us into buying a car from Darcars, which was I very clear about not wanting to do business EVER with them because you sent out the car to get fixed, without my consent nor my knowledge! The manager said, WE ASSUMED that if we fixed the car, you would take it. I said NO! I was very clear to Hossein and Marc on Friday, Monday and Tuesday night that I DID NOT WANT THE CAR!!!! You guys took it upon yourselves to fix it and now you want me to pay for it because you guys paid for the fixtures?
NOT FAIR AT ALL. I shouldn’t be held responsible for anyone’s assumptions and actions. I had asked to speak with a GM and then insisted that she was off today, Friday, Sept 24 and that she would return, Monday, Sept 27 after 12pm. I said that I wanted to meet with her and with everyone involved in this transaction because I believe that you guys told her something completely different than what I had told you guys over and over. They told me that most likely, I would probably have to take them to court and that it could take forever. The manager said that there was a customer that put down a $2000 deposit on a car and then decided not to buy it and he’s been going back and forth for 2 yrs in and out of court and he still hasn’t gotten his money back and that they still have the money but that customer would have to buy a car from them and that it could cost me more in legal fees etc…
THIS IS EXTREMELY DISHONEST!!!!!!!!!!! Then I repeated myself saying that I specifically told Marc and Hossein that I did not want the car on more than several occasions and told them why, which was because of the shadiness and lack of customer service. The manager claimed that he never knew about my conversations with Hossein and Marc. I think Hossein automatically said to the GM and the manager that I said if they fixed the car, then I would take it. ISN’T THAT PERJURY?? They are saying something that I NEVER EVER EVER SAID because the manager kept insisting that that was the only reason why I walked away from the deal was because of the things that were wrong with the car. I told him it was because of them and how they were quick to tell me they’ll give me back my check and auction off the car!!!!
Now I have to wait the whole weekend for Monday, Sept 27 to see the GM and plea for my money. I’m afraid that it’s just buying the manager, Hossein and Marc time to expedite the tags order and make it seem as if they had ordered it all along!!! The title was never transferred in my name and again, THEY LITERALLY SAID TO MY HUSBAND AND ME THAT THE TAGS WERE NEVER ORDERED and that it was going to be a little easier to refund my money especially since I paid cash for both deposits!!! THESE PEOPLE MUST BE EXPOSED!!!
DARCARS is refusing to refund my down payment as they are now trying to say that downpayments are non refundable. we were NEVER told that was the case and it doesn’t say anywhere on their website that all downpayments are non refundable. In the very begining, the Sales rep, Hossein was telling my husband and myself, while we were waiting for the decision of the finance bank to help me finance the car, that once you put the money down that it takes a long time to get a refund but you do get your money back.
I never drove off with the car, title or anything in my name nor were there tags issued to the car. I simply backed away from the deal and dealership because if the dishonesty. I am left without my deposit of $3000 and I was told by the manager of DARCARS that in order for me to get my money back I would probably have to sue them and that it could take a very long time because Darcars is a large corporation and most people do not win. Because I now have to wait for my downpayment, I am unable to purchase a new car and I only have until Oct 3 to purchase one or my insurance will relapse. I sold my last vehicle and informed the insurance company that I had sold my car. They just took off the vehicles from my policy and gave me 30 days from the time of sale to find a car and add it to my insurance. DARCARS should be exposed for their dishonest and shrude ways of conducting business and bullying their way into people’s pockets

John answers:

Several things: first, you’re looking at a car that’s almost 9 years old. I’d expect it to have some issues. Part of the deal in purchasing the car would be for you to negotiate getting the stuff repaired that you care about. A tail light bulb (two bucks) and a drive indicator light (five bucks) are hardly worth arguing about.

Since you apparently liked the car enough to purchase it, and have discovered that it is pretty sound except for the only serious mechanical issue (the brake rotors) I think al you have to do is negotiate having the rotors machined or replaced. Not a huge issue, and again, it’s an 8 going on 9 year old car, so the rotors probably were due for replacement anyway.

Here’s the part to think about: you have entered into a contract to purchase the car. The dealership will certainly work with you on the necessary repairs, in exchange for you holding up your end of the contract. Can you lose your down payment? If it’s written into your contract with the dealership, you can. Read the contract you signed to see what your liability would be if you decided to back out of the deal.

I really don’t understand why you’d file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission (who has no jurisdiction over a local car dealership), or the Consumer Affairs (whoever that is) about a car dealership that YOU approached wanting to do business.

Here’s some good advice: go ahead and purchase the car. If you discover that you’re not all that fond of it someday, sell it. You will not be risking the $3500 you’ve already paid toward the car. The laws of rescission – where you can back out of the deal, ended 72 hours after you made the initial down payment.

I understand that you’re having ‘buyer’s remorse’ and thinking that you may not have purchased a pristine vehicle, but again, it’s an old car. Old.

Last note: I’d recommend you not claim to be a reporter for the Washington Post any more. Your writing style suggests that you have only a nodding acquaintance with the English language, and a very basic understanding about sentence structure.

– Stuart

Laura asks…

How can I market my document imaging business?

I was recently hired as a sales rep for a company that does document imaging-that is, we scan files, thus converting them to digital images and eliminating paper. We’ve done work in the past with various towns around the area, scanning property files, forestry and all sorts of other documents. We’re also looking to really break into the dental/medical field.
However, I’ve never done sales before. I just started this week, and thus far the only work I’ve been given is to follow up with people who gave us their business cards at a recent trade show. My boss has said that he wants me to work my way up to more cold calling and such, which I understand. However, I’m getting discouraged-no results yet. I really want to impress him and at the least set some appointments for us to meet with potential clients, so what do I do? Is there a resource online where I could find leads? How do I sell to people? How do I at least get an appointment? That, by itself, would be fine! Help!

John answers:


Cold calling can be tough! 🙁

You may be better off finding people who are actively looking for your service right now! One way is search engine Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing. This is where you put an add at the top of the search engines when people are looking for “document imaging” (for example). You would pay for when someone clicks on your ad.

There is quite a bit to it, and it is not as easy as some might have you believe, but it can be an effective way to get in contact with Hot prospects and quickly!

For more information please contact me via my profile.

Thomas asks…

How much would a Tamora Pierce book galley be worth?

Awhile back I purchased the book Trickster’s Choice by Tamora Pierce from a used book store in my town. I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary with it, I was just happy I found a Tamora Pierce book at a used book store (not an easy feat in my neck of the woods). Just recently, however, I noticed that above the title “Trickster’s Choice” are the words “ADVANCE GALLEY—NOT FOR SALE” which I hadn’t noticed until just now. Therefore, I took another look at the back of the book to see if there were some other things that had gone unnoticed. Indeed, there were. Under the description for the book this is what it says:

Marketing Campaign
10-copy Floor Display
National Author Tour
National Consumer Print Advertising
Consumer Countdown Calendar
Readers Companion
Library Print Advertising
Countdown Promotion Featured on
Kids @ Random, Teens @ Random,
Teachers @ Random, and Librarians @ Random
Online Advertising


Fantasy – Jacketed hardcover – Original
446 pages (not final) – 5 1/2″ x 8 1/4″
0-375-81466-3 (trade) – $17.95 U.S. / $26.95 CAN.
0-3750-91466-8 (lib. bdg.) – $19.99 U.S. / $29.99 CAN.
On Sale: September 23, 2003
This is an uncorrected proof. It should not be quoted.

Cover photograph copyright 2000 by Joyce Tenneson.

How I could miss this is beyond me. Once I bought it I just dove right in, finished it and put it on the shelf.

When you open the book to title page inside, above Tamora Pierce’s printed name is her signature written in purple ink and dated 11/03. The book is a paper back and a bit worn on the outside mostly just around the edges the color has worn off. Also one of the corners are a little crinkled. However, the pages are all in fine condition, no warping, water damages, ect… The pages are all straight and clean. The book is 403 pages of reading material. Then on what would be the 404th page it says “Glossary, Cast of Characters, Author’s Bio to come.” and there are no more pages.

I’m having trouble finding information on books like this so I was a bit curious on what kind of value it could have. If it was worth anything how much do you think it would be worth? Thanks!

John answers:

Galleys are given free to reviewers, book store owners, and sometimes librarians. But her signature is worth something to a collector.

Donald asks…

Are online programs a good way to becoming an electrician?

I would like to become an electrician. I have looked at trade schools and online programs. I have three years experience in my companies apprentice program. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to finish b/c they no longer offering it to save money. I would like my journeyman’s card to further myself at my job. What do I need to do and are online classes worth anything? I’m from Ohio.

John answers:

No !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t know why our laws allow it, but there are more scams in the name of education than there is rice in China.

The fact that you get a piece of paper saying you passed a course does NOT prove anyone will respect it. In some cases, it may actually make you look dumb just by the fact that you thought it would help to present it.

Whenever considering ANY form of education, always check thoroughly WHO accredits the school and have prior knoledge of the subject you are studying, including knowing what the job market in that field is looking like.

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