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William asks…

Army combat intelligence work?

Im enlisting shortly, but am having difficulty choosing an MOS. I was looking at cav scout, intelligence analyst, and human intel collector as well as several others. I love to learn and be a jack-ass of all trades. Im looking for a job that might see combat once in a while, but also serves in a support role. if that makes sense. I wouldnt mind having to go out and do things int he field, while also doing things behind the scenes. From what Ive noticed about a lot of intel jobs (mostly from reading things online. havnt been able to speak to anyone about their time in it) is that they often just have to sit behind a desk and do paper work. how true is that? is there any job out there like what ive described?

thanks in advance
Just as an FYI ive taken the asvab and scored around 96. Ive also taken German, Russian, and Spanish in school. Im not fluent in any of them but have taken each one for at least a couple years each. Ive not taken the DLAB, but that would be something i wouldnt mind doing

John answers:

I recommend that you go to and take the questionnaire. The website will give you about 5 different MOSs to compare, based on your answers. I agree with CI Guy about 35M, but you also might want to consider 35P (Voice Interceptor/Linguist). This MOS often works in front of the front lines of friendly troops. In order to get into either of these MOSs, you need to pass a DLAB (Defense Language Aptitude Battery) to see if you are capable of learning a new language. However, only the 35P absolutely requires another language; a 35M can use an Interpreter. 35F is an excellent utilitarian MOS, but you will be in a building that may not even have windows. For a better understanding of 35F, see my answer at;_ylt=AtWLRLPwT7YABnSOB6i4ELPty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110209131415AAwfcjK.

The ASVAB score only indicates whether you are qualified to enlist. However, yours is quite high, so your GT (equivalent to an IQ score) will undoubtedly also be high. You need a GT of at least 110 to get any of the 35 series MOSs and to take the DLAB. The DLAB is a made up language with vocabulary and grammar. Since you have had several years of language, you should do well on that test; pay attention to verb conjugation and tense. I reread your question, and I really think that you would prefer 35M (but you may not get a language), but I still think that you should take the questionnaire at You will be doing this job for at least 4 years, and you shouldn’t pick a job simply because it “sounds cool.” I did that and have done quite well in my MI career, but if I had to do it again I would have chosen something entirely different.

Donna asks…

Money Making Idea for Huge Outdoor Movie Screen, Advice Please???

Hi all, so I am watching CSI Miami and their is a huge inflatable movie screen on the beach and I am a stay at home mom with a small investment that I need to turn into occasional cash in order to stay home longer and not have to reopen my daycare yet.

I researched online and I would be able to pick up the 10 foot screen for $1500 and I would need to advertise for parties in the local paper, I would need permission to show the videos somewho and a projector so I would need another $1500 which I have… now I need a list of events that might want to rent this for any movie event indoors or outdoors that can be played with a projector from any medium such as a computer or DVD player or just regular TV, I am also wondering how much to charge to set it up for each event and do I provide chairs as well.???

Here is my list so far… i

John answers:

It’s a very good idea, but after all that investment how many times do you think you could rent that out a year?

You could buy the chairs and rent them out with the screen or on their own. Chair and table rentals are a lucrative business. Check your local area and see how many event rental companies there already are. You could even rent your movie screen to them.

Set up charges would depend on how long it takes to set up, how many people are required to do the set up, how difficult it is to transport the screen and actually set it up.

You can find money making ideas here at

Linda asks…

Hi all , yet another Pokemon platinum question?

This would prolly be my last time trying out my perfect Pokemon offline team.

My problem is this, I had my first game which I struggled through the elite 4 as lvl was too low. Below is my 1st pokemon plat team


Did not complete it as I was too lazy to train to finish e4

My 2nd game 


I’m at the 6th badge now @ lv 40+ but kinda regretted teaching gastrodon earthquake , so I restarted.( I know I’m lame )

Now for my last n final try

Toterra / Infernape ( both are awesome , toterra with earthquake and Infernape with spd )

Togekiss ( awesome Pokemon definitely getting this again )

Gyarados / floatzel / lanturn (heard chinchou can only be caught using super rod which can only be obtain after e4 🙁 im left with floatzel and gyarados then)

Garchomp – although OU and banned in online compy, but I just seem to like garchomp looks and afterall this is my offline perfect team. ( planned to teach garchomp earthquake ) 

Houndoom – will definitely get this as my fire Pokemon if I picked toterra as starter 

Roserade – seems like a good grass type , Would probably pick this if I pick Infernape as my starter ( not sure where to find a 2nd shiny stone besides iron island )

Last but not least ice Pokemon , although gyarados / floatzel could learn ice moves but I think it would be safer to have an extra ice type in team incase my gyarados / floatzel can’t finish Cynthia’s garchomp.

Ice type pokemon that i have been thinking of 

– mamoswine ( ice/ground , seems like a good tank )

– froslass ( not sure if I should get this, seems good since it can learn ghost moves and immune to normal/fighting )

– weaville ( heard its fast and good, not sure whether getting this – don’t really like paper pokemon )

– abomasnow ( grass/ice , seems like a great ice type despite the flaw that it’s 4x weakness to fire ) 

That’s all I wanted to ask, any comments are appreciated , any Pokemon recommendation would be great too, but it would be best if it does not involve any Pokemon that needs to trade to evolve. 
Move set advice are awesome too, thanks guys for reading this long question any help would be appreciated 🙂

John answers:

I suggest you just quit where you are, throw that generation four garbage away, and play generation one or two, going to three is a little bit iffy but i still play it.

Thomas asks…

New car buyer HELP!!!?

Ok people im going to get straight to the point, I’m in the market of buying a fairly good used vehicle most likely an Infiniti G35 05-06 or Infiniti FX 05-06. I make $2,000.00 monthly and have about 900 dollars for a car not and insurance, plus I am married so abruptly we bring in about $4k a month. My question is how do I go about in the best way to get a deal, online or in person? I know everything about these vehicles from the exterior to the interior and engine since they are similarly the same. I was looking for a way to finance a 94-98 TT Supra but since they are so old it’s really hard to finance them so I need to search for something else unless my mother or grandma with good credit history can finance for me. I have a 2003 Nissan altima 2.5s with 110,607 miles on it for a trade in or to sale, which used to be my mothers but she could not take care of the payments so I took over them without any paper worked changed, its valued at around $3,800.00 and is paid off.
I’m only 22 years old and have fairly ok credit around 600 but I just started working for the IRS through a tax appraisal company about a month ago and it requires a lot of traveling and I’m wanting to get a great vehicle that will last me the next 6-8 years. I have $2800.00 for a down payment and also the 03 Altima for a trade in. On top of that I need to get a car a.s.a.p. because my wife is going back to college this coming up semester, I really want the supra cause I know more about that vehicle than any other car out their but I gotta be real with myself and get something I can actually get. I really do deserve a nice vehicle and am still hoping I can get that TT MK4 supra. I need some really great honest answers peoples? Oh yeah one more question if my wife has gotten a car before and got it repoed and just got another one last year would it be best to finance under her name or my name ( she is in debt about 24k and I was surprised she was able to get a vehicle.
I am helping her pay for her loans since she is my wife and we are settling the loan’s with them and I think that was the only way my wife was able to get a vehicle. THANKS GUYS HELP ME OUT WITH UR OPINIONS 😀

John answers:

The way to get the best deal is to go to a dealership. Once you are sitting in front of a sales person, they will take you more seriously. It is at that point that you can tell them what you are willing to pay, or what you want your payments to be. You should also go toward the end of the month (this week would be the perfect week to buy a car).

Ruth asks…

info on LCD monitors in relation to globalization?

I was wondering if anyone had any good info (Articles, books, online websites/documents, etc) on LCD monitors in relation to globalization. When I say globalization I mean “where does it come from, who made it, its final point of sale, are there any trade/finance issues, etc”. I have been looking for some detailed sources of information but have never been too good at finding stuff. This is for a school paper, so I would really appreciate if someone could give me some great info.

Thank You
just to clarify I prefer no data bases, just the individual sources of info themselves, like a website for example.

John answers:

They all come from China….. EXCEPT those that come from Taiwan (the other China)
or Korea…

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