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James asks…

In need of History help!!!!!!!!!!!!?

My book online isnt loading and i need help with these questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!help please thasnks
6. Who was the Renaissance architect whose design for St. Peter’s Basilica influenced many other churches?
A. Michelangelo
B. Donato Bramante
C. Leonardo da Vinci
D. Raffaello Sanzio

37. Why was Johannes Gutenberg an important factor in spreading the Renaissance movement?
A. He invented paper, so the monks could write stories about the Renaissance movement.
B. He developed oil paint, which made paintings last longer.
C. He developed the printing press, which made it possible to spread information faster over greater areas.
D. He was credited with inventing turpentine, to help with the printing process.

48. Italian Renaissance artists painted scenes from Greek and Roman myths. What did the northern European artists of the Renaissance period focus on?
A. Painting the natural world as realistically as possible
B. Preserving history by painting the images from past wars
C. Painting portraits of kings and lords
D. Painting scenes from the Bible

59. What merchant organization was responsible for developing a trade network and ensuring protection of its members across northern Europe?
A. European Trade League
B. Northern Renaissance Group
C. Northern Trade Group
D. Hanseatic League

60. Which of the following was not a major factor in spreading the Renaissance movement into northern Europe?
A. Education
B. Farmers
C. Artists
D. Philosophers and writers

John answers:

You lazy ass. DO your own homework. Or at least use google and put in a ounce of effort.

Michael asks…

I need tips on how to insert pre-made cigarette filter tube on my Top-O-Matic?

I just bought a Top-O-Matic T2 cigarette making machine. I am great at putting the right amount of tobacco into the machine but when it comes to slipping the pre-made cigarette filter tube over the nozzle I have trouble. The paper wants to crimp and crumple instead of sliding on.

I’ve been online looking for tips on how to place the pre-made cigarette filter tube on the nozzle and have yet to find anyone really address problems. I hope someone here can help me learn some tricks of the trade so I can get busy making my own cigarettes.

John answers:

I use Zen filter tubes and they seem to work the best.

William asks…

Flipnoys and non-flipnoys, i respectfully request your opinions on this statement?

The Philippines continued to assist U.S. law enforcement authorities in the transfer to U.S. custody of Americans who sexually exploited children. Foreign pedophiles are a major problem in a country like the Philippines. Some foreign pedophiles are very well connected and have positions in industry and politics. Profile studies of these pedophiles show they come mostly from Europe and are usually well off, married and with children of their own. Some foreign pedophiles arrange with bribes and corrupt practices to get the children out of the country and abuse them in another country. The problem of foreign pedophiles continues to be reported in the press. Foreign pedophiles have operated openly in the Philippines. Government officials have been accused of turning a blind eye to the sex tourism trade because it helps promote tourism in the country.

The Bureau of Immigration (BI) has warned of a new modus operandi of foreign pedophiles in the Philippines, “The child molesters usually meet the mothers, sometimes even the grandmothers, of possible victims online and make them their girlfriends. The women usually let the economically better-off foreigners into their lives and their homes, not knowing that the men would later pounce on their young children.” BI Commissioner Marcelino Libanan told the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

In Angeles, Pampanga (a hotspot for trafficking and sex trade), pedophiles are increasingly using the Internet to lure other pedophiles to come to the Philippines. Live video streaming on the Web show children being sexually abused. Other pedophiles browse personal profiles or lurk in chat rooms to find their victims.

One October 2004 paper asserted that most of the documented cases of child pornography had been instigated by foreign pedophiles.
@PC: yup. you’re right, the govt and the parents are as culpable as the enablers to these sickos. i’ve seen these “transactions” happen myself. made me wanna vomit.

@HetTITI: well, well, well….my number 1 suspected purportedly perverted pedo pipes up….hmmm….
A lot of good answers….cannot pick from amongst you….thank you all for expounding on the seriousness of the problem…I will now put this question to vote.

John answers:

So what is your question? I think you are actually trying to ask why there are so many PEDOPHILE in the Philippines? Is this what you are trying to convey in this opinion asking inquiry?

I THINK PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Philippines is ONE of the poorest country in Southeast Asia, and is now the hub of sex exploitation in Asia, the other one is THAILAND. Thailand is also in the hub of sex trade. Because if you mention Thailand in any European guys they will think of PHUKET Thailand. And if you mention Philippines–MANILA. Very bad indeed for us Filipinos. This problem is long time ago when the Philippines became CORRUPT and the life of ordinary FILIPINOS decline through the years.

SO BLAME THE PHILIPPINES GOVERNMENT for making the life of ordinary FILIPNOS miserable.

Susan asks…

how to treat my hamster’s skin problem.?

i gotten two dwarf hamsters from two different litters back in the same pet store in feb. the smallest one we got kinda looked ruff evan mine look like it was picked on by its other brother’s and sisters. but this one was all scabby and flaky but thought he would get better over time when given a better home.

but gave poor thing a month to get better but he lost all his hair. his skin was scabby /flaky badly. and skin was cracking where he was bleeding. felt bad for the poor thing and took him back to the pet store ask for help and the manager just told me that its whole litter was like that must been a bad jean cause they had no mites and they couldn’t Figger out what they had. but two weeks later the older hamster we had became worse also and feared i loose him too. i wanted a pet that will last cause i get lone. well talked to the store manager and he said all their hamster got what ever this thing is that was killing all these poor hamsters. they only had one left so i got it. so far so good only had them for two weeks.

also fist hamster i traded in and got this sweet fluffy girl that turned out to be Preggy had baby’s the next day after having her. her babies are now two weeks old. and i been looking at them two of the babies seem to have exactly what the last two hamsters did.

i’ve have 10 gallen tanks and i cleaned them vary carefully. never used bleach or hard soap. i used little bit of soft soap to make sure what ever the last hamsters had was gone. and scrubbed them in vary hot water. the mommy hamster had no other contact with hamsters since in my care. she shows no sign of this flaking skin. i got normal hamster food from Walmart (don’t know brand threw away bag) but i did freeze the food to kill any pet that might been in it. and they Just have a Metal wheel and water bottle. and some paper Towel rolls to play with. and their bedding is home shredded News paper. also they have a coconut shell home i made them.

the other male hamster shows no flaking. but two of the new babies do. and i want know what it is. and some ways to treat it. do they need be separated form the others so they didn’t spread. or is it not contagious? and no i cant take them to a vet cause i have no money. im broke i bought these guys with some Christmas cash i had gotten. i didn’t want loose these cuties. love them to death. and if anyone has taken a hamster to a vet how much is something like this cost? if i could manage the money any time it might be too late. but im trying. looking online and see so many different things. im no cheep Just broke. im disabled and i live with my bf’s family and they take care of me. but it really makes no since to take a $11 hamster to a vet and be billed $50 -$200 for something i could done at home or did nothing at all.
well im sorry i dont have alot of money. and i would take him to a vet in a heart beat. but if i did have a dog or cat i still be having same problem. tell you truth this first time i ever had a pet this long with out someone killing it. im trying my bet. i can give it everything any pet needs but a vet visit. hell i cant evan take my self to the doc. i am almost unable to walk cause all my probs with bi polor and ptsd ok. i just wanted a little friend. have a pet for once and not afread some freak will kill it. my only experance with a vet was my grandmother’s 2 black bears and the guy OD them both. so i dont know im jsut asking for help dont sayim i am selfish trying pinch a penny or something. and i have a right to have a pet. im doing my best ok dont call me a worthless owner. i have see much worce trust me. atleast im trying.

im evan asking the folks i live with if we can go to the vet.

T_T my poor babies. why dose everything bad always happen.

John answers:


Sorry to hear about all the trouble you are having with your little friends.

Ok, vets can be expensive I know have been there with my last hamster who had a stroke and then got wet tail so we had to have her put to sleep in all that cost us £60 for a £7.50 hamster but it was worth it not st see her suffer. If you take them to the vet they may advise you have them put to sleep.

First I would report the pet store as there is obviously something wrong with their breeding programme if they have these hamsters with a genetic problem and are doing nothing about it.

1 of my hamster has dry flakey skin and I used chinchilla dust in the cage in a small bowl which she rubbed herself in kind of like a bath in sand, it rubbed off all the dead skin and dry patches, you can buy this from most pet stores.

Call the vets, explain your problem to them with the hamsters and their symptoms, ask their advice which they can give you for FREE.

It could be stress related as to why they have lost their fur, move the hamsters with this problem is possible to a different cage, put plenty of fresh bedding, food and water in there. Instead of dry food all the time also give them some fruit and veg, apples, salad leaves, cucumber my hamster loves cheese, just small amounts do not give anything acidic, oranges, lemons or any form of garlic. The fruit and veg are full of nuitrients and vitamens which should help the hamsters immune system and maybe help the fur to come back.

With the cracked sore skin keep the areas clean, take the hamster out daily and clean them with just luke warm water wipe away the blood or whatever is there and dry the patch off with a clean cloth or cotton wool. If the sore is scabbing over then do not clean and leave well alone as this means it is healing.

As the hamsters have no fur they may get cold also as they have sores then make sure they have clean confortable bedding changed daily if the sore seep. You do not have to get expensive store bought bedding, my hamster currently sleeps in an old blanket we had which we cut up into small pieces for him, you can use and old top, trousers blanket, just cust then into smaller pieces, maybe double the size of the hamster and they will make their bed.

If all of this does not help your little friends and you can not get to a vet then just give them lots of cuddles and comfort until their time is up.

Hope this helps and good luck xx

Mark asks…

The dealership admitted after the purchase and many problems the car was not inspected. What can I do?

My family and I traded in 3 cars. My mom bought a new hyundai, 2006 jeep liberty, and 2006 chevy envoy denali. The salesman met us on Sunday to pick up the vehicles. As I started driving I turned on the wipers and they were flopping. We stopped to get gas and I couldn’t put the gas lid back on because the seal was worn out. I drove to Autozone and purchased wipers and gas lid for fifty dollars. Two days later I go to get in my car and it won’t start. I tried to jump it and realized it was the starter. I called the dealership and they wanted me to get down and find the starter and bang it. I said you need to get the car and fix it. They did. Within two weeks the brakes are grinding. I called the dealer and stated I shouldn’t have to replace the brakes within 2-3 weeks of having the car. They said they already replaced the starter out of good faith and was not doing anything else. I took my vehicle to get brakes. They said I needed to replace the rotors as well. I had them add freon because the air was not cold. I called the dealership and informed them I have to replace the rotors as well. The manager pulled work orders and said the brakes and rotors were replaced. I said I would bring him the parts on Saturday and no one would buy a car that day after I run my mouth. He said he would reinburse me for the brakes, rotors, and freon because they had to fire their service department for lying about doing work and not doing inspections. When I arrived he printed out the service reports and it had brakes and rotors on it, but he was not sure they really did the work. He also handed me a paper from Sept. 2009 stating ac still not blowing cold. He said he would not do anything else to the car. I went and got a oil change and had to sign a waiver for two tires tread being unsafe. I took my vehicle to the local chevy dealer and asked if they could get cold air to blow out the vents. I picked my car up and paid $261.00 for hot air to blow out. My sons water pump went out and we had it towed to the local jeep dealer in Jonesboro. We had bought a warranty on his car and had it fixed. The day we pick it up, on the way home his window dropped down in the door. My mom’s seat on her knew car was coming apart so we took all three cars back to the dealer where we bought them. That was Tuesday, the 20th. They were to fix my moms seat, my son’s window and my ac. They gave us a loaner and said wait around the area so they could maybe fix the vehicles and give them back. they called and said we could take my son’s car home, that they got the window up. When we got there they had taped his window up and wanted us to take it home and bring it back the next day. I said no, we live 2 hours away and that is alot of time and gas back and forth. On Friday the 23rd, we drove back there and picked up my mom’s and son’s cars. They said they needed to replace this line that runs end to end on my car and the part is on back order. I said thats fine, keep it. I will be out of town anyways. Around the 30th we called to see if they had gotten the part. They had not. My sister went online and found it at 4 locations. She called and told them who had it. We waited a few hours and called back to see if they ordered it and they said no, just come get your car. My mom picked my kids and I up in Little Rock and drove to Memphis. I had called them earlier to let them know we would be there that day. I went in and got my keys and proceded to drive around back to my car. I went to do the alarm and nothing happened. I grabbed the door handle and opened the door. It was dead, unlocked and the storage compartment was open. I was very upset and proceded to the front of the dealership and told a few employees what I thought of that place. They gave me a jump and I left. We went about a mile away to have dinner. When we came out my car wouldn’t start. I called the dealer and told them of the problem and they transferred me to a voicemail. i hurried and got into my moms car and drive back over there because they would be closing in 15 minutes. I went in and told them I was not leaving until my car runs the same way I gave it to them. This young wannabe manger said he can’t authorize towing, his hands are tied. I said i’m not leaving so he better call someone. The manager told him to go jump it. He said he would jump it and I drive it to the dealer and he would put in a new battery and thats it. I said I didn’t have a problem with my battery dying before. He said with this heat you have to start it. I agreed. I said you all should have started it. When we got to my car he proceded to tell me I bought the car as is and they don’t have to do anything and theres no lemon law in Teneessee. He continued to tell me he didn’t like my mouth and to take my car and go back to Arkansas. I went back to the dealer because he stated earlier he would replace the battery. The manager came out and I told him all the prob

John answers:

WoW that was a real big story but I understand how hard it would be to deal with all such wrong dealership.

As long as the dealer is registered, I guess he has to abide by the regular laws and should offer you free service. That is why I always visit an authorised dealership as they have too many rules to abide by manufacturers and cant be silly at work.

There is a lot of difference between Authorised Dealers and next door garage/dealers

Contact a “No win No Fee” solicitor and or approach small claims court, local borough for information on your local help authorities.

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