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Paul asks…

Setting up new business while employed?


A friend, whilst employed, created a competing company in 2009 and remained working for his employer until Feb 2012.

I have helped him with this project since July 2010 (off the record): delivering flyers, cold calling, etc; trying to attract interest in the new business. At no point did i interact with any party connected with his ex-employer.

After leaving his employer, adverts were placed in the local papers for two weeks and a number of his employers customers are beginning to come over to the new business. They are making complains about his ex-employers service since he left and are saying they generally feel he can protect their interests better.

He did not sign a contract with his ex-employer, so no restrictive covenants are in place.

His ex-employer has issued a letter asking him to stop taking their customers, also they accuse him of stealing their data and trading whilst employed.

From what research I’ve done:

1. I don’t think his ex-employer can ask him to turn down business on the basis that he would be taking their customers. Fair trading states the customers are entitled to source a service from where ever they choose.

2. Stealing data only applies to trade secrets and customer contact details do not apply. My friend had a relationship with all the parties that have come across, some from before he worked for his now ex-employer and they all post their businesses online. The data is readily available to anyone.

3. Trading whilst employed by his ex-employer. I’m not certain what the implications of this are; whether they have any legal stand point against the new business using this argument.

Any advice on the legal ramifications of this situation would be greatly appreciated. If you could correct any misapprehension I may be under or expand on any of it, it’d be great.

Thanks very much…

John answers:

Contact ACAS, the employment law experts, who handle anything to do with employment queries and problems. They will give you free, impartial and confidential advice. Masses of useful info, plus contact details, on their website: or ring them on 08457 47 47 47. They will contact your employer on your behalf if you ask them to do so.

John asks…

Can the dealer take my car back?

After a pre-approval online submitted the week before, The dealership had ran my credit and said they had 2 lenders for me, I bought a almost new 2010 car at a major dealership here in town, on Sunday July 18th. I signed all the papers, signed over my trade with title and made my down payment. We did the title work and contracts and everything. I also provided proof of full coverage insurance at delivery.

About two days after I bought the car the dealership told me they needed a job letter because the 7 pay stubs I gave them where not good enough.

Now its August first, 2 weeks after buying the car and the dealer says that the bank needs me to provide proof that I don’t need to pay off a $5,000 college debt that I have no intention paying off. Its 4 years old, invalid, needs to be disputed and they are not trying to collect. I do not want to call them as I don’t need to upset my situation.

I told the dealership when they called and asked me about it that I did not know anything about it.
They then sent me an email asking me to get proof by calling the debt company. I don’t want to for reasons stated above.

My point is. The deal was pretty final when I left the dealership, Its been 2 weeks now, Can they take my car from me and if so, what happens to my trade and down payment??
Wow, a lot of mean reply’s, Let me just clarify that I was very honest with the dealership, The $5000 debt on my credit is 4 years old and it really is fraudulent, Its for a loan that I never received the funds. It has shown as pending for 4 years and now the debt has been sold so the original bank does not have a record of it.

The dealership never asked me to supply a list of my debt, They ran my credit for the online pre approval and they ran it again on the day I bought the car.

I can afford my new car, The new auto loan is only 11,900 dollars after my down payment and trade. I bought a Hyundai Elantra

I don’t understand why so so many would think that I’m at fault here.

They gave me my loan papers and my first payment is due on September 2nd. My payments are low and I will not have any issues paying them. I live within my means and have no intention of screwing someone over or defaulting on the loan.

I just want to avoid getting screwed myself.
I have had car for 2 weeks.

John answers:

Yes, you have to take the car back. It’s not the dealers fault. They would love to sell you the car but they can’t get you approved. They asked you about the total of your debt owed on your credit app. And you didn’t tell them about $5000 college debt. If you had been up front and honest with them maybe you could have worked around it, now it’s too late.

Steven asks…

Outline HELP!….(desperate need) Outline=Identity Theft?

Hello ..I need major desperate help on just fixing my outline adding or minusing things: I did an outline for my term paper : Identity theft : My teacher said that
*I need a “problem”
*Nothing addressed how it can be prevented
*She wrote – Since ID tehft costs consumers and businesses billions, can it be prevented?

Here is my outline:
Tentative Outline

I. What is Identity Theft
a. Define Identity Theft
b. Statistics of Identity Theft Occurrences
c. Number of convictions
II. Major Types of Internet Fraud
a. Auction & Retail Fraud
b. “Work At Home” Schemes
c. Investment Schemes
d. Credit Card Schemes
e. Identity Theft

III. How Can Internet Fraud Be Avoided
a. Avoid Giving Out Valuable Personal Information Online
b. Don’t Judge By First Appearances
c. Exercise Caution if Dealing with a Person or Agency who Disguises or Hides their Identity
d. Be Careful of Advance Fee Agencies
IV. Where Does Internet FraudGet Reported

A. Agencies Dealing With Internet Fraud
a. Department of Justice
b. Internet Fraud Initiative
1) Federal Trade Commission
2) National Advocacy Center
c. Internet Fraud Complaint Center
d. FBI
e. National White Collar Crime Center
f. Securities and Exchange Commission
h. National Consumers League
I showed it to another teacher that i have and she said that it was ok … BUT MY TEACHER not that teacher is ANAl and picky and a hard garder …

I want to fix my outline…
she said it was too informational .
-It is for an Analytical research paper
-This outline is important since I have to split the work up into 4 people….

This is an outline that has been graded and turned in already …
I need to fix it because this outline will guide us on doing out paper

SHE ALSO SAID THAT THERE IS TOO MUCH OVER LAP BETWEEN c. investment schemes and a. avoiding out valuable personal info.outline…..

i really need help …
Thanxs so much

John answers:

A problem is your “Thesis”. Your paper should address a central research question, and your thesis should express a reasonable answer to that question. For instance, regarding your topic, a typical research question can be: “How can identity theft be prevented by consumers, organizations and anti-fraud agencies?”. Your thesis or problem can be: “Research shows that identify theft are prevented by incorporating anti-fraud laws, educating online consumers and updating website securities. However, several issues are still unresolved: (1) Are anti-fraud laws effective? (2) Are online consumers responsive when they are being educated? (3) Are there any growth and improvements in online securities?”

Those were just examples. Read through your book and find out more about research problems and thesis.

On the other hand, if you want custom help, visit

Thomas asks…

Fall of the Roman Empire!?

Here at the factors
Political(like succession)
Economic(inflation and trade)
Social(christianity and barbarians)

i need 10 sources that are from books and i can read online.. I have no money to spend.
5 RELIABLE/CREDIBLE sources from the internet.

If anyone has done this topic can you please tell me your sources
I have a 10 page research paper 🙁

John answers:

Well if you have 10 pages of paper you better get started 🙂

Mark asks…

Where Do You Trade In Paper On Gaia Online?

I Read That You Can Trade In Paper On Gaia, Where Do You Do That At?

John answers:

You can trade your paper in at Ruby’s Rack. Just follow the link, exchange trash.

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