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James asks…

My BF has a crush on another girl & practically STALKS her on the internet! HELP!!!?

We have been together for 6 1/2 years, he says he loves me and that we should get married one day. All of a sudden, he is obcessed with this girl he had a crush on in the 8th grade, that was over 10 years ago! He wrote on a paper (that I found, wasn’t supposed to I guess) that he regrets not having a serisous relationship with her. He’s looking her up online and reading her thesis papers (he’s never read anything I’ve written). He’s looking up pictures of her and he even was talking to ME about her for a while before I asked him to stop. Does his regrets about her mean he would trade me to go back in time to be with her?! I don’t get it, he doesn’t even know her! She’s not great looking, I feel like I’m much more attractive, I just don’t understand! I’m heartbroken and he doesn’t think it’s a big deal. HELP!

John answers:

Why is he still your boyfriend? That is so disrespectful.

Ok, firstly i would say is that if he looking her up and reading her things and looking at her pictures he is still into her. He regrets not having a serious relationship with which most nearly means that given the chance he will be with her, whether its him leaving you or him cheating on you. He has the “what if” in his head so until he is with her to see what he has been missing all this time, he will not stop

It doesn’t matter if you think that she’s not attractive or that you are prettier than her. In his eyes she’s beautiful. He never had her. ITs the chocolate cake he never ate because he’s been on a diet ever since and now the cake is back and i’s tempting him so eventually he wants to taste it…

Robert asks…

Traces of explosives in 9/11 dust, scientists say?

Tiny red and gray chips found in the dust from the collapse of the World Trade Center contain highly explosive materials — proof, according to a former BYU professor, that 9/11 is still a sinister mystery.

Physicist Steven E. Jones, who retired from Brigham Young University in 2006 after the school recoiled from the controversy surrounding his 9/11 theories, is one of nine authors on a paper published last week in the online, peer-reviewed Open Chemical Physics Journal. Also listed as authors are BYU physics professor Jeffrey Farrer and a professor of nanochemistry at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.

For several years, Jones has theorized that pre-positioned explosives, not fires from jet fuel, caused the rapid, symmetrical collapse of the two World Trade Center buildings, plus the collapse of a third building, WTC-7.

The newest research, according to the journal authors, shows that dust from the collapsing towers contained a “nano-thermite” material that is highly explosive. Although the article draws no conclusions about the source and purpose of the explosives, Jones has previously supported a theory that the collapse of the WTC towers was part of a government conspiracy to ignore warnings about the 9/11 terrorists so that the attack would propel America to wage war against Afghanistan and Iraq.

The red layer of the chips, according to the researchers, contains a “highly energetic” form of thermite. While normal thermite (a mixture of finely granulated aluminum and an oxide of metal) can be incendiary, “super thermite” is explosive. He says there is no benign explanation for the thermite in the WTC dust.

The dust study vindicates his earlier theories, Jones says, but he has mixed feelings about the implications. “As a young student said to me a while back: ‘It’s exciting from a scientific point of view, because things are now making sense. But I feel sad for my country

Do you now understand what is going on?
majgross.. i would not count some of Nyc bravest fire fighters as mindless idiots. The most common conspiracy theory held by firefighters is that the Twin Towers—as well as a third building, 7 World Trade Center—collapsed not because planes crashed into them but due to a “controlled demolition.” On Sept. 11, an NBC reporter quoted New York Fire Department Chief of Safety Albert Turi as saying he believed there were explosives planted in one of the towers. After the attacks, the New York Fire Department interviewed firefighters to create an oral history of 9/11. These tapes—which were not released until 2005—contain numerous references to explosions heard just before the buildings fell. Firefighters for 9/11 Truth, a Web site started in 2008, says the government destroyed evidence that 7 World Trade Center was blown up
Yes i do believe it’s possible, the government was aware of what was going to happen on 9’11, what they already told us is false.something else happen on that day, the main person i am looking at is either Cheney or Bush on why they refused to be under oath. with their Conversation being behind close doors, making sure the media was not allow access to hear what they was saying about 9’11
Thank you Panny Proud for the interesting video

John answers:

We will probably never know the whole truth in our lifetime, who knows? I wouldn’t say it’s impossible because as the older you get the more you realize that “anything is possible”.

Betty asks…

the truth of Gerald P. Schatten?

‘Schatten Stole Hwang’s Patent’

Gerald P. Schatten
Prof. Gerald P. Schatten at the University of Pittsburgh is suspected of attempting to patent technology to create embryonic stem cells without crediting his now-estranged colleague, Korea’s disgraced cloning scientist Hwang Woo-suk.
The Pittsburgh Tribune Review reported in its online Saturday edition that the U.S. Patent & Trade Office is processing a patent application filed in April 2004 by Schatten on the stem cell technology.

“Schatten and two University of Pittsburgh researchers listed as co-inventors _ Calvin Simerly and Christopher Navara _ state their methods would make human cloning a practical procedure,” the Tribune said.

It also said Schatten claimed their methods could be used to create embryonic stem cells with a potential to cure human disease.

“The breakthrough _ now discredited _ was announced in a paper published in the journal Science in June 2005

John answers:

Gerald P. Schatten is a stem cell researcher at the University of Pittsburgh. His research during the last years has mainly focused on human reproduction and development and on the potential molecular medical therapies that use stem cell and gene therapy.

In 2005, Gerald Schatten came to widespread media attention when he broke off his 20 month collaboration with Hwang Woo-suk, a Korean stem cell researcher. In an interview, Schatten commented that “my decision is grounded solely on concerns regarding oocyte (egg) donations in Dr. Hwang’s research reported in 2004.”

This event led to a chain reaction of events, which has culminated in close scrutiny of the scientific validity of his joint work with Hwang. He has requested that the editors of Science remove his name from a joint paper he wrote with Hwang (and 23 other co-authors) in June 2005. While the journal normally requires requests from all the authors of a paper, the article will be retracted in any case, because of the situation.

He had previously run afoul of controversy twice before in the 1990s when it was found out that he had used eggs obtained illegally by University of California researchers and at the University of Wisconsin.

In 2003 Gerald Schatten and Ian Wilmut wrote a short comment in the Science (journal), entitled: “Cloning claim is science not science fiction”, volume 299, page 344, in which they warned others to “provide evidence (of cloning) or keep silent.”

They had prefaced this warning with their own claim that “legitimate (themselves) scientists submit evidence, sufficiently substantial to withstand rigorous review” and emphasized how the protocols used in cloning experiment should be described in detail.

Because the controversies surrounding his collaboration with Hwang Woo-Suk, Dr. Schatten was the subject of an investigation by his university, which was finished in February 2006. The investigation committee concluded that Gerald Schatten was not guilty of scientific misconduct because he had not known of the fraudulent data in their 2005 paper and because he reacted swiftly when he discovered the severe problems with the paper. The committee, however, thought it was troublesome that Dr. Schatten was not more familiar with the data in both the 2005 Science paper and the paper describing cloning of the dog Snuppy, of which he also was a co-author. In the first case, Dr. Schatten may have become susp?cious of the data had he paid more attention and in the second case, his only contribution (according to himself) was the suggestion that a professional photographer be hired to photograph the cloned dog. Because Dr. Schatten apparently took significant credit (being a co-author on these high impact papers) for only small contribtions, the committee did accuse him of scientific misbehavior. Whether or not Dr. Schatten will face any discplinary actions is up to the board of the University and is currently unknown.

Sought by Seoul prosecution

It was reported in the Seoul Times that Gerald Schatten is being sought by the prosecution in the case of Hwang Woo-Suk and the fabrication of stem cell results. According to this report Gerald Schatten had failed to reply to the prosecution’s request made as long ago as January 2006.

Maria asks…

Traded iPhone for virtual currency – Help!?

I recently traded my iPhone 4 for Runescape (online game) currency. I traded to a trusted member with high feedback on a forum I am active on.

I agreed to prove I sent the item by showing him tracking information and he never gave me the virtual currency! What should I do?

I have his address and papers to prove I sent, but it’s his word against mine on whether or not he actually sent it to me right?
I buy/sell virtual currency because it’s a booming! I was trading for $400 worth of currency..

John answers:

Why would you ever trade something that costs hundreds of dollars for ONLINE FAKE MONEY? I’m sorry but I doubt you’ll ever get it back but I sure hope you learned a lesson from this… You’ve just been scammed.

Mary asks…

Business Homework HELP PLEASE!?

Buying a car the “old fashioned” way typically involves the following steps:

•Driving to a car dealership
•Strolling around the lot ot check out the merchandis
•Kicking the tires to check for durability
•Taking a test drive
•Negotiating the price
•Getting financing
Trading in your old care (if you have one)
•Signing papers

Today, researching, comparison shipping, and purchasing can all be done online. Describe the steps invovled in buying a car online. How is shopping for cars on the Internet both similar to and different from the eight-step procedue outlined above? Which procedure do you prefer?

John answers:

Personally, I would like the “old fashioned” way. I would only use car sites for research. Okay I would really like to help but I don’t know this particular question. Why don’t you get help from the experts. Try – homework help by retired teachers and volunteers (free)

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