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Daniel asks…

Has the AGW/AGCC ’cause’ suffered a lethal set-back with the findings in this study?

An interesting read. Your thoughts? Check the link below for the full abstract.

“Bob Carter, one of four scientists who has recently questioned the justification for the proposed Australian emissions trading scheme, says that this paper has significant consequences for public climate policy.

“The close relationship between ENSO and global temperature, as described in the paper, leaves little room for any warming driven by human carbon dioxide emissions. The available data indicate that future global temperatures will continue to change primarily in response to ENSO cycling, volcanic activity and solar changes.”

“Our paper confirms what many scientists already know: which is that no scientific justification exists for emissions regulation, and that, irrespective of the severity of the cuts proposed, ETS will exert no measurable effect on future climate.”

McLean, J. D., C. R. de Freitas, and R. M. Carter (2009), Influence of the Southern Oscillation on tropospheric temperature, Journal of Geophysical Research, 114, D14104, doi:10.1029/2008JD011637.
Climate Research News”
Keith P….. I suggest that you share your opinion/findings with the research group.

John answers:

Dana suggests:
No. ENSO doesn’t play a role in long-term warming because it’s an oscillation.

He talks about warming in the last 30 years being unprecedented and when shown that it could be natural, all he does is suggest it is an oscillation. Yeah. It is an oscillation. I can’t disaggree with that, a natural oscillation. Maybe we’re making progress….. Or maybe not.

Clearly it is not a lethal setback. This is a parasite with many lives. Just when you think you killed it, it sneaks up at you from another angle and sinks its fangs into you. You got to keep after them and expose them to the light.

John asks…

Is this a good Valedictorian speech?

Its grade EIGHT grad and i really want to become valedictorian so tell me if this speech is good.:


Graduation. One word that can bring excitement or tears to a graduating students eyes.Graduation can take us into many different paths and it is the word that some may fear and some may be looking forward to.Usually during graduation ceremonies students think about their future, and what they’d like to do with their life, but tonight, I’d like to talk about our past, and all the memories we share together. To me graduation is an official goodbye and the start of a new beginning. Our new beginning will be high school, with new faces, new teachers and a new community to be apart of. It’s unfortunate that this is the last day of our elementary years, and that soon we’ll all be parting, going into different paths, reaching different goals and dreams.
There are so many people here tonight who have influenced me and helped me the entire time that I have been at St.Luigi. First off, I will never forget my friends and peers, that I have spent my entire life with. It’ll be impossible to forget ___________, with her little ears and big mouth, ________ with his “Trading Cards” made out of scrap paper and ________ with her constant need to do better than before. Oh, and ________ and his weird noises during class that I couldn’t help but laugh at. Then there are the teachers who have taught us so much to get us prepared for life. On thing that I love about _______ is that our class is so noisy, but I’ve only heard her seriously scream five times at max. Then we have _____________, who I remember in grade six could dance amazing, probably better than me (we all know that’s not hard to accomplish.) __________, I will never get tired of your embarrassing High School stories! Oh, and who could forget ________ and his awkward dance moves that would get the entire class laughing hysterically. I don’t know how I’ll live without all of you!
We all share so many memories that I never want to forget. I remember last year on our Montreal trip, the last day I was awaken with a loud knock on the door, and when we opened the door there was ________ in High School Musical mode complete with a song I have never heard of before and the crazy dance moves. Also, who can forget last years Christmas Concert, the song “Mary’s Boy Child” will always be one of the freakiest songs ever! One of my favourite memories from grade 6 is when ______ couldn’t open his “YOPE” and when he bashed it on his desk he got the cap popped at his face, and got his beloved “YOPE” everywhere! And who could forget how half of the grade eight girls were afraid of a grade three, and ________’s constant tries to get him away from us.
Now it’s time to thank the amazing people that have been with us all these years. Thank you all of our teachers from previous years for sharing your knowledge and wishing the best for us. Thank you to every staff member who have stopped us in the halls for running, or who have helped us in anyway, for you are the people who have taught us that if we don’t follow the rules, there are consequences. Thank you to the “ME to We” committee who have made a difference, and who hopefully will continue to. And finally, thank you, to our student council who have taken time out of their days to plan all of the events we have participated in this year.
This is the end of the amazing journey we have had these past years. Whether you have been at St.Luigi since kindergarten or have just recently moved here, we have so many memories and friendships that will last forever. Now its time to finally move on to High School, with new friends and new relationships. Now the future is in our hands and our choices will lead us to our dreams, as Dr.Seuss once said “You have brains in your head, You have feet in your shoes, You can steer yourself in any direction you choose, You’re on your own, And you know what you know, You are the guy who’ll decide where to go.” Now we will be separating, our ten year journey is over, and now we will meet new faces, new teachers, new friends and new dreams. I wish the best for all of you, and that you all succeed in life.



John answers:

Dont make fun of the grade three tho
its not reli profesional
and the yope part coud be a bit longer
but i like it

Linda asks…

Employment prospects (CIMA)?

I’m a student member of CIMA. I have, amongst other things, completed the certificate level of CIMA with scores between 65% and 78%. (The 65% was a bit of a one off, because I’d very recently been on unwanted psychiatric drugs at the time.) My feeling is that if I put in enough effort I could probably achieve straight commendations on higher papers.

I would like to do some finance work for a time, and probably go freelance at a later date when I felt that an employer had benefited very significantly from my efforts. I am not really keen on employment in principle, but would see that as a fair trade-off.

However, I am 51 years old and have not worked for nearly ten years, and have been unable to obtain even the most junior of finance roles to date. I have a diagnosis of “Paranoid Schizophrenia” and medical reports claim such things as that I am preoccupied with technology and incapable of work. I don’t agree with any of that, but it has seemed to put potential employers off. I don’t actually know anyone with a similar diagnosis to mine who is working at all. But I have successfully done a few different kinds of work on a voluntary basis. I have attempted to gain voluntary work in finance for experience, but not even been able to secure an interview anywhere.

I did have a very high IQ. This has dropped significantly following enforced medications, but is still within top 1% according to a recent Mensa test. My background was in IT (software development) for 20 years, in a variety of roles including management. (Latterly freelance. Stopped in 2001 as part of my response to the “Finance Act 2000, Personal Service Company Legislation.”) . I have a degree in Mathematics.

As the CIMA membership and qualifications are quite expensive relative to my benefit income I am reassessing whether to continue with them at all.

So my question is, given my circumstances, and assuming I got straight commendations on future CIMA papers, what probability do you think there would be of me obtaining work in finance?

I would particularly be interested in any views from people who may be involved in recruitment processes.

John answers:

It sounds to me like you may find it tough to find employment as an Accountant with your current medical history. Even though there is a disability discrimination act I can’t see how any firm could make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to enable you to do the work effectively. Your best route into work would be to get temporary work with companies to prove you can do the job. If you do well it’s likely you would get a job offer

Nancy asks…

I need Geography Help?


27. Who outlawed the Maya religion and burned all but four of their sacred bark-paper books in the 16th century?
A. Political leaders

B. Aztec rulers

C. Christopher Columbus

D. Catholic missionaries

28. Which country was an important route by which the treasures of the Inca’s were transferred to the Spanish?
A. Belize

B. El Salvador

C. Guatemala

D. Panama

29. In the following image, a seawall is protecting the Chalk Coasts from what?
(Picture can be found @
A. earthquakes

B. mudslides

C. wave action

D. tidal surge

What is a developed nation?
A. A nation working hard to increase its gross national income

B. A nation working hard to support its citizens and develop business.

C. A nation that has made major social, political, and economic progress.

D. A nation that is on track to be a world power in the near future.

31. Soil erosion is mainly due to which of the following reasons?
A. wave action

B. earthquakes

C. heavy rainfall

D. deforestation

Centuries of persecution and cultural isolation have turned the Maya into impoverished outcasts in their own land.


33. What facilitated trading for the Mayans?
A. a knowledge of mining

B. the lowland river system

C. the volcanic highlands

D. the proximity to 2 oceans

34. Approximately how many people died during the construction of the canal?
A. 5,000

B. 10,000

C. 17,000

D. 27,000

35. What is the problem with exporting large amounts of Central American agricultural products?
A. The countries cannot get a fair price for their products.

B. The countries cannot produce enough food to feed their own people.

C. The countries farms are at serious risk for droughts and hazardous weather.

D. The international market will not buy enough of the agricultural products.

36. From where does the word “hurricane” originate?
A. Latin word meaning “storm surge”

B. Roman god of wind and rain

C. Mayan god “Hurakan”

D. Aztec god “Cana”

37. When did the practice of fair trade start?
A. 1940s

B. 1960s

C. 1980s

D. 2000s

38. Contrary to popular belief, the Mayans were not united as one empire.


39. What is the goal of fair trade?
A. reduce poverty

B. reduce deforestation

C. reduce slash and burn agriculture practices

D. reduce dependence on foreign oil

Until the 1900s, what civilization what thought to be the parent culture of Mesoamerica?
A. Maya

B. Aztec

C. Olmec

D. San Lorenzo

41. A typical passage through the Panama Canal takes how long?
A. 2 – 4 hours

B. 8 – 10 hours

C. 2 – 4 days

D. 8 – 10 days

42. Why did the practice of fair trade spread from handicrafts to food?
A. the demand for handicrafts was wearing off

B. artisans were no longer producing handicrafts

C. farmers felt they were being treated unfairly

D. artisans no longer needed the support of fair trade

43. Why did the Mayans create a detailed writing system?
A. to keep track of trade

B. to keep track of the seasons

C. to keep track of political rulers

D. to keep track of families

44. Puerto Rico is touched by both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.


45. Cuba and Haiti share the island of Hispaniola.


46. Why do foreign investors hesitate to invest in Central America?
A. lack of worthy projects

B. no apparent need

C. government corruption

D. lack of education

47. What is the reason for the “feminization” of emigration from Central America in recent years?
A. increasing rural poverty

B. reduced access to education for women

C. civil war

D. increased opportunities for women in the U.S.

48. An archipelago is a narrow strip of land connecting two larger landmasses.


49. Translating hieroglyphs is the most accurate way to understand the political and economic system of the Mayans.


Why do people emigrate from Central America to the United States?
A. political instability

B. lack of economic opportunities

C. natural disasters

D. All of the above
questions 1-26 @:;_ylt=AuJSfXK4nOXTvigd48ZSKt_sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100318111749AAaIgSj

27-50 @:;_ylt=AhXfcvMBxq_ai7whuzVMApzsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100318113023AAKVThF

51-60 @:;_ylt=Ah_ot9F6Va7kMn9TZ4vmDm3sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100318113242AA9xGC0

John answers:


Susan asks…

Please I really need help in expanding my essay about History of Navajo Weaving?

This is for my Navajo History class and I need to expand my research paper to 8 pages because this is my first time having to write 8 pages. I have only written 4 pages long. There fore I urgently need help. I need to turn this in on Monday and I have written three pages for now and need your help. Thank you.
The origination of Navajo rug weaving can be explored from two perspectives. One perspective comes from Navajo rug weaving that was introduced to the Navajos through the contact with the Pueblo and the Spaniards. Another perspective comes from the Navajo belief of rug weaving. People have different beliefs of how Navajo rug weaving originated. Navajo rug weaving holds a lot of cultural significance for the Navajo people; the only way to preserve the tradition of it is to pass it onto our younger generation for the future.
The belief argues that rug weaving was a gift from Spider women to the Navajo People. Spider Women is one of the holy people of the Navajo. She is said to have taught the Navajo people how to weave. Spider man also helped in creating the loom for them to weave on and tools to weave with. The connection between the loom and the tools made with earth materials is for the people to respect the earth and their weaving. Therefore the tools were made with stones, shells, and elements of the earth like the rain, lightning, rain and thunder (McManis 6). Therefore some Navajos say weaving did not come from the Pueblos. Through anthropological views Navajo rug weaving evolved was introduced by the Pueblo and Spaniards in 1680. This was during the Pueblo revolt when the Puebloan’s fled for their lives from the Spaniards. Some fled to hide among the Navajos. While there they taught their ancient tradition of weaving to the Navajos (Acrey 142).
Before the introduction of sheep to the Navajos cotton was used to weave blankets. With the introduction of sheep by the Spaniards in 1698, wool became an important source and a mainstay for the Navajos. Since weaving became a central source of the Navajos it also became a cultural identity and a source of economic revenue. The kind of sheep that the Spanish brought with them from spain was churro sheep. Add more…..
Spiritual connections
Navajos describes weaving as being a part of our spirituality because it was given to them by Spider Woman. There are weaving songs and a weaving ceremony for the weaver to help her in weaving. There are morals to weaving like what the weaver can do or can not do so that she respects her weaving. To understand the meaning behind the chiefs blanket you have to know when, where, and who wore it. During the Bosque Redondo Navajo weavers wove “blankets”…..please add more if you can…leaders used to wear blankets woven by the Navajo. These blankets were called Chief Blankets. From a Navajo weavers perspective about chief blankets they feel it is spiritual and of importance to them. some of them feel sad when they weave these blankets because it reminds them about the early Navajo chiefs and what events they went through….Should I add anything else?

The Navajo society first began weaving blankets in DATE…..What could I add to this to make a paragraph….

Rug weaving has gone through many changes through time as an important element of the Navajo People. I will discuss these changes. In 1868 “the first “trading posts” began to appear on or around the reservation” (Acrey 131) and a need for marketing Navajo weaving emerged, so Navajo weavers started to produce their weavings to trade for foods like coffee, flour, and sugar. Traders thought of new ways to increase the production of Navajo weaving, so they demanded Navajos to create designs to their liking. Following this the traders came up with commercially died yarns to speed the weaving production to make it more marketable with its designs and colors; because if this, marketing for rugs grew larger. The traders set trading posts in areas such as Ganado, Chinle, Teec Nos Pos, and Two Grey Hills…..Please add more….The earliest Navajo weavings that were created was found at “Massacre Cave” in Canon Del Muerte.
In conclusion I strongly believe rug weaving should be preserved and the people along with our children need to keep the cycle of rug weaving continuing for our future. Navajo weavers have adapted and flourished over many centuries of change especially in weaving. Being inspired by every day life Navajos have balanced innovation and tradition to pave the processes and products of weaving in the past, present, and for the future.

John answers:

Hi Becca, well I would talk about the designs & colors of the area’s of the rugs on the Rez.
And google; Navajo Rugs, and get more info there.

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