Your Questions About Paper Trading Futures

Donald asks…

Republicans grow the debt; voters get mad, vote Democrat; Democrats grow the debt; voters get mad, vote Repub?


How is this game benefiting us, exactly?

Pt 2 – Did you know the entire $13.525 TRILLION currently on the “Debt Clock” includes no money to pay for most of the things we’ve been promised by the government? (If it did, the debt would be well over $50 TRILLION.

Pt 3 – If there’s no money to repay what DC has already borrowed – much less the 50 trillion it must ‘obtain’ to cover all its promises – where will that money inevitably come from? Future taxes?

Pt 4 – If everyone began to fear a mass-devaluation of the U.S. Dollar (for exactly the reasons above) what could DC come up with as ‘backing’ for the dollar?

Everyone holding dollar-denominated portfolios would suddenly be in the same position as bank-customers in October 1930, wanting to trade paper money for something of real value… a run on the banks.

And the fact is, paper is just paper.

If dollar-holders, all at once, begin to question the value of their ‘paper money’ fearing it’s worth nothing more than hot-checks, WHAT can DC possibly do to stop a global collapse of the dollar?

Uh… Jes-Lax: Did anyone say “gold”?

John answers:

Google: “false left right paradigm”

Paul asks…

Are these the Pittsburgh Pirates of the future?

I know its hard to say since they have traded every single all star they have had and i dont know how long, but it seems like the team we have now is the team they are planning to keep. we have been spending alot of money on our draft picks and trying to stock pile our minor leagues with pretty good prospects on paper at least. I hope this is the end of the rebuilding but as a fan for the 19 years of my life i cant really ever say

John answers:

Well Alex, let’s hope so! I honestly think the Bucs finally have a good young nucleus to build on. With some minor adjustments here and there, I really like the current team’s potential. With Jose Tabata almost ready and Daniel McCutchen poised to take one of the top three starting positions, I think the Pirates will finally end their 17 year nightmare next season. They’ve found an excellent 1B/RF in Garrett Jones and have a 5-tool player in A-Mac in CF. I think by replacing Andy LaRoche with Pedro Alvarez at 3B and possibly tweaking their middle infield, they will be a playoff hopeful by 2011.
Keep the faith!

Sandra asks…

Two questions on the futures trading market.?

Lets say i buy a few gold futures contracts. Like the majority I was just trying to speculate on the price of gold and have no intention of getting involved with the settlement of the bullion. I’m assuming the person who created the contract, the writer, has to have the physical gold in hand. If most sellers dont deliver on settlement where is all the gold? Are these just synthetic paper contracts?

Also how does the suspension of dealing a few days before settlement work? I’m a novice here any help would be greatly appreciated

John answers:

Writing naked contracts creates a virtual supply, buying them creates a virtual damand, and that can drive price, as well as lead to manipulation in a highly leveraged commodity. Non-existent supply accounts for a huge, huge chunk of the market.

Joseph asks…

How can I get some investors for an extremely profitable trading system?

I have a trading system that I’ve used that has been extremely profitable on paper as in over 600% a year with the index futures. I’ve documented all trades made for the last 3 years but am having trouble finding investors who are willing to invest in it. I think it’s mainly because it involves technical analysis and futures and lots of people don’t understand that. I would do it myself, but I don’t have the money to invest. Any suggestions?
As for people in the industry not believing that such returns are possible, I’m more than willing to prove it to them if it means getting their interest.
Yes my paper trades have included commission. Spreads aren’t an issue when trading index futures such as the e-mini S&P. And yes I believe in it strongly enough to borrow against a house.

John answers:

There’s no way to prove it because all you have are backtested results. Running a system forward and running one backward are just two completely different beasts.

Ruth asks…

Day Trader status with under 25k, how is it done?

Hello all, how can I daytrade with 3k and not be affected by the PDT rule?

I know all about the PDT rule, the 25k requirement, and the 3 daytrades in a 5 day rolling business period etc.

I have paper traded for about a year, and have a profitable trading record, but I only have about 3k that I could trade with.

I’ve done a lot of research on this but I know there must be another way.
Are there alternate ways or instruments I can use to trade stocks through as a daytrader though?

I’ve looked at futures and forex, I’m set on stocks.

Thank you so much for your reply.

John answers:

Unfortunately in the US stock market, you can’t.

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