Your Questions About Paper Trading Futures

Mary asks…

which commodity is safer to trade?

I am a new commodity trader. pretty much everyone I have talked so far told me not to trade…can anyone please explain whats the risk of trading commodities on paper?
which one would be the safest commodity to trade for begin.?
metal(gold, silver etc.), equity futures(mini dow, mini s &P etc.), AG commodity(wheat, corn etc.) please explain.

thank you

John answers:

Agricultute, corn, is my biggest bet. From what I hear, George Bush enacted a policy to have some 20,000 acres of corn produced in the united states to put in for ethanol. I say research corn, but I dont know much about Futures.

Michael asks…

I need help rewriting this paragraph. I have a paper i have to write on the history of italian cuisine.HELP!?

Italian cuisine has evolved extensively over the centuries. Although the country known as Italy today had not officially formed until the 19th century, the cuisine can claim roots going back as far as 4th century BC. Through various influences throughout the centuries, including neighboring regions, conquerors, high-profile chefs, political upheavals as well as the discovery of the New World, a concrete cuisine has formed to what is known today as one of the premiere cuisines in the world. The Italian we hear was not commonly spoken by a majority of the population until after World War II, and Italians still identify themselves regionally before all else. Every town has a distinctive way of making sausage, special kinds of cheese and wine, and a local type of bread. If you ask people, even in the same area, how to make pasta sauce, they will all have different answers. Variations in the pasta are another example of this: soft egg noodles in the north, hard-boiled spaghetti in the south, with every conceivable variation in size and shape. In spite of regional differences, Italian food in general is often characterized as being flexible and innovative, its amazing how all these were produced in the same country: the rich, fat, baroque food of Bologna, based on butter, parmigiano, and meat; the light, tasty, spicy cooking of Naples, mainly based on olive oil, mozzarella, and seafood; the cuisine of Rome, rich in produce from the surrounding countryside; and the food of Sicily, full of North African influences.For all of its variation and its celebrated incarnation in the home, Italian cuisine has had a profound influence on cooking and eating throughout Europe, and particularly in France. In 1533, Catherine de Médicis married the future Henry II of France and brought to her new home cooks and pastry-makers who lay the groundwork for French haute cuisine. Moreover, it seems that the Italians were the first in Europe to use a fork (Venetians) and the first to consider both the order of courses — which presented an array of dishes — and the relationship of the dishes served (Florentines). And, finally, these busy Italians brought sweets, preserves, and fruit pastes to the western world. Separated from the great trading routes with northern Europe, the south suffered greater poverty and isolation. The people of southern Italy made the best of what they had. But it is here, in southern Italy, that spectacular dishes like spaghetti and pizza, originated. Born as the poor people’s way of cooking, these dishes were exported by groups of Italian emigrants and disseminated outside their regions of origin, making them extremely popular everywhere. Dry pasta is the greatest contribution from southern Italy.Local traditions result from long complex historical developments and strongly influence local habits. Distinctive cultural and social differences remain present throughout Italy, although today mass marketing tends to cause a leveling of long-established values. In a country so diverse, it is impossible to define an “Italian” cooking style, but traditional food still is at the core of the cultural identity of each region, and Italians react with attachment to their own identity when they are confronted with the tendency toward flattening their culture.

John answers:

Try It never fails me. =]

Lizzie asks…

What can I bring to trade/barter with locals in Jamaica?

So in the near future I will be heading to Jamaica and a friend of mine mentioned that while he was there he found out that it’s a good idea to bring sand paper along to barter with the locals (they need it for woodworking).
Has anyone heard this or know of any other items that would be good for this reason?

John answers:

Yeaaa im jamaican and we do not barter or trade. Especially not for something as trivial as sand paper… They have hardware stores . The only thing we barter or trade is for is money just like in america where you go and pay for what u want. How insulting and ignorant.

Sandra asks…

suggestions on my 6 page paper on global warming?

Global warming, widely known as the greenhouse effect which is the warming of the earth’s atmosphere caused by the accumulation of carbon dioxide, methane and many other gases, has received much more attention in the recent years. Natural occurrences for instance earthquakes, droughts, tornadoes, tsunamis and floods have worsened because of global warming. The economy has to pay a great deal of money to fix damages that are done to an area that are impacted by a disaster. Communities will have also have great impact from families splitting apart, drugs, money, suicides and stress. Human people have a greater risk of health, shortages in food and water supply. Animals in the ocean can not survive because of coral bleaching, rising of ocean levels, the temperature rise of the water and because ice sheets are melting. Animal’s habitats that are on dry land are becoming endangered because their habitats are being destroyed, food is scarce and their migration patterns are interrupted. In the past century, human activity has made global warming change dramatically and by using alternative energy sources, the major issues of global warming could decrease.
Tom Karl, chief scientist at the National Climatic Data Center said, “The term “hundred-year storm” has no meaning anymore. We are now seeing hundred year storms every other year” (Gelbspan 4). In 1997 we saw major damage across the world. In Bolivia, they had the heaviest rains in thirty years that destroyed over half of their crops. In Boston on the day before Easter is was sixty degrees followed by a snow storm that turned out to be thirty inches total. Located in Poland and the Czech Republic, had the worst flood seen in a century. Increased amounts of greenhouse gases will lead to frequent severe storms in the United States. When the W2K storms hit Europe, it was labeled as the most violent catastrophe in meteorological records (Smith 2).
Global warming is affecting so many plants and animals because of drastic temperature changes. Scientists have estimated that the Earth’s average surface temperature has risen about 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit from the mid 1800’s to early 2000’s. For animals, migration has been coming earlier in the year when in some places spring comes earlier. Rising temperatures has also forced many animals to move to cooler areas. The faster global warming happens, the more difficult it will be for plants and animals to survive. Since climatic zones are likely to shift by fifty to eighty kilometers each decade, many species of animals and plants are going to have to move so they can survive (Smith 5).
Warming of the atmosphere caused by greenhouse gases is melting glaciers and causing ocean levels to expand thermally and melt. Over the 1900’s, the average sea level has rose seven inches. Part of the cause is because when water increases, it expands. Rising temperature will also melt ice on land which then flows to the ocean. Studies have been done that show by the end of 2100 the ocean could raise an average on seven inches around the world. Scientists at Britain’s Haley Centre for Climate Change project, “That by late in the coming century, the number of people on the coast subject to flooding each year will rise five million today to one hundred million by 2050 and two hundred million by 2080” (Gelbspan 5).
Since global warming increases the rate of natural disasters it also increases the danger of death, injury and disease. It also threatens health from shortages and interruptions of food, water, and power. For instance, flooding can pollute drinking water supplies. Major reduction of fresh water can cause food-borne illnesses and parasites. Insect-borne diseases like malaria and dengue fever have been moving from tropical regions. Natural habitats give vital benefits for human health by filtering air and water, and to human wellbeing, by providing opportunities for leisure and trade.
Many studies imply that in areas in the future it will be difficult to sustain agricultural productivity because of the impacts of global warming. The U.S. Department of Agriculture states that soil moisture losses could take away agriculture opportunities in the Corn Belt and the Southeast (Goetz 2). Most likely farmers are going to have to change the types of crops they grow, their farming methods, and increase the amount of land for farming. Other regions around the world are likely to be worse off when having to adapt the agriculture changes. Many scientists believe that other countries like sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, tropical Latin America, and some Pacific island are going to be helpless.
The UN Environment predicted that, “W2K events will cause major economic impacts for an insurance industry already burdened with a fourteen fold increase in insured losses in the last four decades” (Smith 3). The federal government has been telling insurance companies that global warming impacts are going to be detrimental for them.
haha. i also didnt realize it didnt put my whole term paper on it. thanks for the feedback though:)
If the insurance companies are worried about it, then we should be too. The severity of disasters such as droughts, floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes are going to force private and federal insurers to pay bigger and more claims for the damage. The loss that private insurance companies will have will lead to higher premiums for rate payers and restricted coverage because of weather events and natural disasters.
Communities around the world are affected greatly by the effects of global warming. When a natural disaster happens and its does a lot of damage, it affects families greatly. Most of the time while a families house is being rebuilt they have to relocate which costs them a lot of money. A lot of families become suicidal and turn to drugs and even terminate their lives because of the stress they have to endure. When you are struggling to survive because of money so you can take care of your family, it can put a lot of stress on one person….
Main topic. Problem solution.
Thesis:In the past century, human activity has made global warming change dramatically and by using alternative energy sources, the major issues of global warming could decrease.
And i picked this for my term paper. didnt want to get stuck with something i couldnt find information on. if u dont have anything that relates to how i should write my paper , then DONT say anything.
I have got this information from 6 sources and thats what i was suppose to write my paper on so u might now believe in global warming but i dont care. what u think has nothing to do with my paper. i just wanted people to give suggestions so i could improve it.

John answers:

You could mention some of the very unpopular yet courageous actions taken to limit the increasing emissions of pollutants (low sulphur diesel, demands by authorities that available technologies be put into use), but the profit motives of industrial corporations coupled with the disconnect of culture from the land that provides life are a very major obstacle. The promotion of endless debate and argument over personalities and programs to stifle meaningful change is illustrative of the ignorant, dumbed down public in general. Their stupidity will mean suffering for future generations, including yours.

Edit: define w2k (extreme weather events) for your readers.

Richard asks…

How do make my mentally abusive husband leave?

7 years and I’m DONE! I met my husband when I was his boss 7 years
ago. We had to let him go bcs of work ethic and alcholism. I tried to be
a good boss/friend by offering support and he didn’t want it. A few weeks later he called me at work to “save him” that’s me “a sucker” he
wanted to get sober, the man was wayyyy over the edge, he had NOTHING! I took him to my place and it took a year to get him completely sober! During that time feelings developed, it had been 6 years since I had a relationship bcs my prior one was abusive as well, so I obviously fell hard. He was good to me for 2 years asked me to marry him, had a job, the works! Wow what a great man, couldn’t believe it! I had purchased my first home all by myself right b4 we got married. He didn’t want his name on anything bcs of back child support
so NOTHING ever went in his name, that was smart on my part. Right into 4 years with him he out of the blue started acusing me of cheating
I was floored, to say the least, I was devoted totally bcs at that time sometime prior he just STOPPED working! So plenty of time for him to sit and imagine stuff. I built up my credit aquired several credit cards with huge limits and he maxed them ALL out for his “so called” investment for OUR future buying trading cards and rare coins on eBay
always promising to “I’ll get the money back plus some” don’t worry!
Haha that never happened! I got cancer and was very ill and the accusations just kept coming getting worse & worse. I was overloaded
with bills he could see me suffering would never get a job no matter how many times I asked bcs I was afraid I would get too sick to work. I was the sole breadwinner and my house was falling apart just as fast as my health. He just kept spending accusing and on 10 different occasions packed his stuff and told me he was leaving. After the 5th time or so I was like”yeah” then wouldn’t go! Classic abusive wife syndrome bcs stupid woman LET IT HAPPEN. I had to file bankruptcy after working so hard to have pristine credit. Why didn’t he get a job?
The sex was never good bcs the accusing led to “felt like sloppy seconds” that’s just a hint of the crap he does. Finally a week ago I found notes he had been making for a month on how as soon as injured shoulder is fixed he is out of this marriage. Saying things like
he never loved me, calling me a whore, and plans on how he will make it so I lose my job. There is do much more but I’ve never read the truth on paper! Now I just can’t stand to look at him! I’m not even nice anymore! He is destructive and I’m a little afraid of him. How do get him to go quietly? Sorry so long. Thanks everyone! By the way still batteling cancer? What kind of man is this?

John answers:

Divorce him and have the courts give you the house.

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