Your Questions About Paper Trading Futures

William asks…

commodity trading?

Hi All,
If I wanna buy mini futures on CBOT,and take physical delivery would it be less risky since I have a buyer for all metals? instead of doing trading (buy & sell)..?

I mean lets say if I buy mini silver future for the month of April,and end of the future I take a physical delivery? would that be safe than trading on paper? please let me know..hope to hear from all of you..

thank you
have a nice weekend
The problem with buying from a dealer is they will charge you a $15 more per ounce for say gold or .50 cent to .90 cent per ounce for silver.
if you buy gold or silver through future contract your getting them on spot price.. the main reason for me to take physical delivery that I have a buyer stand by that can take it off from my hand..please let me know if that works or what other cost associted if i wanna buy from the exchange

John answers:

If you want the silver, go to a coin or precious metal dealer and buy it.

If you buy a contract you are on margin. When you take delivery you have to pay all of it. These days that’s $21000 per mini-contract! Plus you have to [ay for insurance and shipping from the exchange’s bonded warehouse to your location.

There are easier ways to buy metals.

Linda asks…

What is the best comic book story ever?

I have some money and i want to buy a trade paper back of a story but cant make up my mind. I was thinking about buying X-men Days of Future past. Is it good?

John answers:

This is really completely subjective, everyone’s got a different “best”. It’s like asking what the greatest movie of all time is. A lot of people will say The Godfather, some will say Casablanca or Citizen Kane or The Shawshank Redemption. Still others will say whatever new movie they saw just last weekend and thought was really cool (*coughDarkKnightcough*)

And really, the answer to what is someone’s personal favorite comic is not the same as what comics I would recommend to you. I usually like to get some background before I recommend comics. What have you already read? What sort of stories (be they comics or movies or books) do you enjoy and which do you dislike? Are there any characters you’re particularly interested in? I’m pretty widely read, so I try to give people books with similar elements to things they enjoy.

The cliche answer to your question is Watchmen. Everyone and their mother says it’s the greatest comic ever written. Personally, I think it’s overrated for a variety of reasons, but that’s just me. Surely so many people can’t be wrong, right? It’s tough to pick a personal best, but I will say Road to Perdition.

But beyond that, without knowing what you like, I can only list books. What’re some GOOD comics? I could name hundreds I’ve enjoyed, but a list that long probably won’t help you much. I’ll break it down into groups for the time being, but I’d like to hear what you’re looking for, then I can personalize some suggestions

Superheroes (light)
Young Avengers
Astonishing X-Men
All-Star Superman
Marvel Team-Up
Ultimate Spider-Man
Superman: Secret Identity
Fantastic Four: Imaginauts

Superheroes (dark)
The Authority
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
Punisher MAX
V For Vendetta

Science Fiction
The Rebirth of Thanos
The Infinity Gauntlet
Ministry of Space

100 Bullets
Batman: Broken City
Johnny Double

The Walking Dead
30 Days of Night

Conan: the Frost Giant’s Daughter
Thor: Ragnarok
Thor: Blood Oath

‘Real World’ Dramas (fact and fiction)
Road to Perdition
A History of Violence
Box Office Poison
The Escapists

Carol asks…

What is my chance to lure in a prey on oil future trading ?

I bought millions and millions of barrels of oil when they cost $60–$100 a barrel. I expect to make a kill when I sell. But right now it’s only over $140 a barrel. So here is my difficulty :

I have requested my agents spin the media, like: “Oil future looks high, expecting to be in the range of $200 a barrel soon” But it does not work price up fast enough.

I have paid the mainstream media, the Think Tanks, and the major PR talking heads, to spin China and India (supply and demand) responsible for price hike, to deflect American public anger. But that does not go far enough.

Right now, I am extremely nervous and worried. I urgently need a prey to buy those “paper barrels” on my hording. So I can profit. But where can I find my prey ?
Airline industry has requested and demanded Congress stop oil speculation. I have my lobby on Capitol Hill work the Senators and Congressmen around the clock. But I do not how long they can hold.
Airlines urge Congress to curb oil speculation

John answers:

Your Chances are “Pretty Good” of Luring in a prey on oil future trading !

Charles asks…

Will the tariff on China paper begin the road back from the huge trade deficit with China for the US?

or will it alienate the US in current and future trade?

John answers:

It will lead to increased prices in the US, and retaliatory tariffs from China, reducing US exports and further increasing the deficit.

Robert asks…

How much money would I get if I traded in my Dsi to Future shop or EB games?

Btw it’s opened, but i still have the box and papers for it and charger and stylus. It’s the blue model. How much money would I get for it? Don’t comment saying to call them, I have and they wont tell me the trade in price.

John answers:

I traded in a dsi a few weeks ago, EB gave me $60 in store credit.

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