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Laura asks…

What are the legal aspects to be kept in mind to start a training services center in Bangalore?.?

Like registration, or any other paper works, any approvals, etc.. Can someone help me please.

John answers:


Delhi Mediation Centre, Bangalore Mediation Centre, Tamil Nadu Mediation and that could keep the peace and harmony in the society and keep trade and mediation as an effective means of narrowing issues for litigation in courts. To lay down policies and principles for making legal services available in the conduct also.

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Nancy asks…

What company should I buy a stock for?

I am a teenage girl and I want to buy my first stock. Since I am not of legal age, this money is going to go towards college. I really don’t know what companies are doing well, and will do well in the future. Which company should I buy one for? Thanks!

John answers:

90% of people who invest in the stock market lose money. They lose money because they don’t have the education in the stock market. 90% of businesses don’t last one year, why? The same reason- the owners do not have enough education in that field. What this all really means is that the sock market demands to be treated as a business. Most people think “Anyone who makes money in the stock market just got lucky, and luck happens all the time. If I learn a little bit and time it right, I can tip the odds in my favor- easy money!” I will admit that there have to be some who got lucky, but it surely is not 50%. Without proper education, the odds are dramatically against you. The fact that 90% lose money proves this. Please don’t buy any stock until you have educated yourself. If you will invest 8 hours per week, you will be ready in about 3 years. I know that is how long it takes because I invested the time and now I can make money consistently in the stock market. If you have money to buy stocks, why not invest that money in yourself and buy a quality education in the stock market? There are online programs that even give you a paper-trading account that trades with the real stock market. That way you can see how you do in the market without losing any real money. Paper-trading was a real eye opener for me. I thought I was smarter than the rest and I was sure I could be successful. My paper-trading account proved me wrong in the first month!

Michael asks…

Which gender faces the greater challenges today?

I have a two-page paper to write on this-why is it greater for one than the other, and will it get worse? I also need to offer suggestions to help ease the gender-related challenges that children face growing up today.

John answers:

Men face the greater challenge because they have the most to loose — power and control over women.
The only way to protect children is to raise them in two parent homes in a loving balanced environment This could be like “Mission Impossible” .
The future is going to be tough on women because they will have to deal with whimpy men and confused children.
Gay men do not have to be very responsible, because they do not have to deal with the opposite sex. If they are with another man they pretty much know what to expect — no surprise hormones there.
I almost did not have children because I was so worried about the future and what my kids would have to face as they grew up. I almost feel guilty for giving birth to them, even though they are a delight in so many ways, and I would not trade them for the world. I do worry for any grand kids that might come along, because the world is getting nuttier all the time, not more sane.
Have fun writing your paper.

Helen asks…

Is outsourcing contributing to the ongoing recession?

I’m writing an opinion paper on outsourcing and its effects on the recession going on in the United States. Any ideas on this topic? What does outsourcing do to the economy?

Feel free to present any side to the argument as I will need to for my paper
serious answers only please.

John answers:


The USA became a prosperous nation 100 years ago because we were the king of globalization.

What is happening today? Jobs leaving the USA, entire factories are shutting down and moving to foreign countries.

100 years ago, entire factories were moving to the USA. That’s what caused that huge wave of immigration, because the factory owners often brought all their workers with them, paying their way in steerage on a steamer ship.


Tariffs. Tariffs on imports were the main source of revenues for the federal government. Income tax was unconstitutional until 1913, when Congress passed the Sixteenth Amendment. So tariffs were paying for most of the federal budget before then.

Tariffs raised the prices of imported goods, and it was harder for foreign factories to compete. So they moved their factories here, to avoid paying the tariff.

Tariffs were the successful way of managing globalization, and it turned the global economy in our favor. We became an indudstrial superpower exporter in 1880, and we became a creditor nation in 1914, because of 100 years of tariffs.

Tariffs also eliminated slavery. Look up the Tariff of 1828. Slave states hated tariffs. Slavery was holding us back, we had to abolish slavery before we became prosperous.

We ended tariffs in 1913 and replaced them with income tax, because exporters should not have tariffs. Once you reach that level of prosperity, you become vulnerable to retaliation from your customer nations. That’s why the Smoot-Hawley tariff backfired in 1930. We were still an exporter, and other nations retaliated.

But that all ended when we lost our trade surplus in 1980, and we became a debtor nation again in 1988.

It was time to go back to tariffs during the 1980’s. But the wealthy Wall Street Journal types were salivating over the idea of opening sweatshops in emerging Asian nations, so they raised the bogeyman of Smoot-Hawley to scare us away from tariffs.

The result has been an economy spiraling out of control. Our trade deficit is now equal to our total exports, which is more than ever in our entire history. We send out a trillion dollars a year on our trade deficit, which adds a trillion dollars of debt to our current account balance every year. The national personal savings rate was 4% in 1930, and it peaked at 10% in 1980. Today it is negative.

Our economy is now in crisis, unemployment is hovering around 10%, and our government is racking up staggering debts, from wars and stimulus giveaways that will never be paid back by the recipients. That means higher taxes in the future, which will only push us down deeper into the pit.

Free trade is making us a beggar nation.

Tariffs made us a prosperous nation.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what we’re doing wrong.
World Almanac 2009
Tariff of 1789, 1790, 1792, 1816, 1824, 1828, 1832, 1833, 1842, 1857, 1883
Revenue Act of 1894, 1913
Sixteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

Sharon asks…

What are the risks involved in the Bailout plan of 2008-2009?

I am a graduate student doing the research paper on the Bailout Plans to help streamline the currenct economic crisis? I need some opinions of what the pro’s and con’s are?

John answers:

I will give you three rapid fire negatives on this subject… For I am not into writing thesis papers for others..

First off … The bail out money that has been targeted toward Wall Street has done little else than clear a lot of companys’ debts and preserve some high ranking officials’ benefits packages… It has also
caused a “false numbers” scenario within the current markets and helped to give false reading on P&L statements of companies that are being publicly traded

Next… The bail out cash being sent to the banks …can not even be traced as to where it is going or what is being done with it…. Investigative reporters have been working for weeks to get the industry to give any reporting at all on these matters and are being stone walled at every turn …..

Third… And most importantly
This money … The collective “bail outs”… Is being printed and set against an already maxed out national debt… Which is going to weigh the American taxpayers into extreme problems trying to service this debt in the very near future…. And, could very easily bankrupt the freaking country ! At any rate… It will definitely place the American worker into servitude TO this debt … For generations to come… And, this can not be a good thing at all !!

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