Your Questions About Paper Trading Futures

Betty asks…

Would you please correct my errors in this?

Hello, a few days ago I posted this question but no one answered me…. I guess I made too many errors in this and that’s the reason why no one give me an answer.

I know this is pretty long but would you please correct my errors done in this?
It’d very helpful for both of my English and my life. You’ll understand why I’m saying like this once you read this all. Here it comes…

Before I begin, I beg your understanding ’cause my first language isn’t English. So there might be lots of grammatical errors. I’m korean, 26 years old.

I used to major in Electronic Engineering, but 3 years ago I found it boring and I changed my major to Management Information System that I’m majoring in now. I thought I had to do what I wanted, not what I have to do for getting a stable job. I really,really hated Electronic Engineering so I thought I would have never regretted a thing if I had changed my major,Electronic Engineering.

I had many dreams at that time. I wanted to be a cartoonist, staff of a famous trade company,

It was nice for a while. Unlike the days when I majored in Engineering, my grades were skyrocketing
and I thought I was leading a very successful life. I started drawing pictures, which I really had wanted to do for a long time and Japanese language. Now, I’m pretty good at both of them,

Was I overconfident? I didn’t give a damn about advice from my parents and my friends. and ‘The thing happened yesterday.

I met a man who is 5 years ahead of me(he’s graduated.) and we started talking about work.
His major was Electronic Engineering and he had really hard time ’cause he was always complaining about his major. But he kept up the major and got a chance to get a good job after 3years.
He continued,” It’s not like you’re gonna have to do what you have learn in university. It’s more like…All they want from you is a just piece of paper:your diploma form Engineering department. Well, although you said you want to work in a trade company, but you do know they can only get paid peanuts. What’s worse, It’s really hard work isn’t it? But look! Engineers can earn big money when they actually don’t have to do so-called the nettlesome,scientific things. This is pretty funny thing you know. Drawing and Studying Japanese is nothing more than your personal hobby man. you just can’t make money big time with them. ”

After hearing this. I finally realized why my parents were against my changing major so badly and i could feel anxiety about the future was coming over me. I pretended to be calm, but I my heart gave a big lurch deep inside me.

From that day on, I just can’t concentrate on my own business. I can only feel dejected No matter what I do, and I can’t keep my chin up especially when my parents give me their benevolent smiles.

Did I make such a unforgivable,irreversible mistake?( at least I think so.) What should I do?
I’m not a young boy anymore….so there’s no way now to put things back the way they were.

Please, Everyone. Please give me some useful advice for my life. Thank you very much for reading this long question.
This is all. thank you very much!

John answers:

I used to major in Electronic Engineering, but three years ago I found it boring and changed my major to Management Information Systems. I thought I was doing what I wanted, and not what I had to do for a steady job. I really hated Electronic Engineering, so I thought I wouldn’t have regretted changing my Electronic Engineering major.

I had many dreams then, I wanted to be a cartoonist and staff a famous trade company. It was nice for a while. Unlike the days when I majored in Engineering, my grades were skyrocketing, and I thought I was leading a very successful life. I started drawing characters, which was something I had always wanted to do for a long time, while studying Japanese. Now I’m pretty good at both!

Was I overconfident? I didn’t care about my parent’s advice, or advice from my friends. Then, something happened yesterday. I met a man who had graduated and he was five years older than me. We started talking about work. His major was Electronic Engineering and he too, was having a hard time, because he was always complaining about his major. But, he kept up the major and got a chance to get a good job after three years.

He said, “It’s not like you’re going to do, what you’ve learned in university. It’s more like…,” he paused. “All they want from you is a piece of paper. Your diploma from the Engineering Department. You said you want to work in a trade company. But do you know they can only get paid peanuts? What’s worse, It’s really hard work isn’t it? But look! Engineers can earn big money when they actually don’t have to do boring and menial scientific busy work. This is pretty funny, you know. Drawing and studying Japanese is nothing more than your personal hobby. Man, you just can’t make good money doing those two things.”

After hearing this. I finally realized why my parents were against my changing majors. I could feel anxiety about the future coming over me. I pretended to be calm, but my heart started pounding deep inside me. From that day on, I can’t concentrate on my own business. I can only feel dejected no matter what I do. I can’t keep my chin up. Especially when my parents give me their benevolent smiles.

Did I make such an unforgivable, and possibly irreversible mistake? I’m beginning to think so. What should I do? I’m not a young boy anymore, so there’s no way I can put things back the way they were.

Sandy asks…

Interesting questions on our debt based economy…?

I would like to know a few things:

1) Is most paper money in our economy based on debt (from the fractional reserve system)

2) When debt is paid off, does the money suppy contract, and how and why does this happen

3) Why is fractional reserve lending inflationary, since the same physical quantity of money is continually being redistributed, isnt it just the same as the inital saver spending the money but each time the spend becomes smaller due to reserve requirements. The broader money supply surely is just the value of the assets, or future assets backed against the loan. So why is it inflationary? And also if it is, dosent the additional money reduce purchasing power and thus the loan fails to match new prices requiring more loans.

4) Is the broader money supply created by fractional reserve banking simply the value of current or future assets

5) Is it true that if a borrower borrows on the fractional reserve system and creates the asset that is equivalent to the loan, then this represents economic growth as this new asset has added new value to society- in that society is willing to trade something for this new asset.

6 If the loan is paid off in full is the initial inflationary effect mitigated.

7) If the interest earned on bank loans is not redistributed in the economy does the banks earn a greater proportion of a nations wealth

8) Is our need for exponential economic growth (2% per year) needed to mitigate the exponential growth in the money supply

9) What happens when debts cannot be repaid, is the money supply permanently inflated?

John answers:

1) yes

2) yes. It happens by design. When bank issues a loan, it creates money: borrower has money added to his checking account, while all of bank depositors have same checking accounts as before. When you repay the loan, money disappears.

3) Fractional reserve limits creation of money through lending, precisely to ensure that money does not grow faster than output of goods.

4) yes

5) yes

6) yes

7) yes. It is unlikely though, given that banks compete with each other both for borrowers and depositors, forcing banks to minimize the share of interest that they keep.

8) no, it is needed to mitigate exponential growth of population.

9) Doubts about ability to repay the debt lead to increased interest rates demanded from borrower, or if things get really bad, default. Both of which reduce lending returning things to equilibrium.

You are right in thinking that fiat money system is based entirely on trust, and will collapse if the trust disappears. But that is property of the economy in general.

When you chose to specialize on something (like writing opinion pieces on economics), you trust somebody else to make food and clothes for you, and trust yet another somebody to give you money to buy food and closes in exchange for your writing. All that exchange system could collapse, and we would be reduced to growing our own food and knitting our own clothing.

Mary asks…

Can you help solve my personal problems?

Y’know I just need to vent some personal problems. I honestly don’t know what the fuck I’m doing. I don’t feel any real confidence in any choice that I make and I feel nothing but dread for the coming days. I just truly, genuinely feel absolutely lost.
When I was in elementary school and throughout middle school I felt totally safe. It was as if there was this invisible barrier protecting me from the outside world. However at around 11th grade I just felt this anxiety — this dread — knowing that in the near future that barrier is no longer going to be there. And before long not only did the barrier die away but so did the majority of everything that had made me happy. I no longer had the desire to play video games, everything that I enjoyed watching on tv had died out, my friends didn’t keep in touch, and to top it off I was left knowing that I had yet to find anyone of the opposite sex where there was any kind of a mutual interest. Instead the only thing that awaited me was everything that I didn’t want. Dull obligation. I’m 23 now and not much has changed.
I just never understood this mentality that people had in high school… Everyone just wanted to graduate. There was such an air of excitement in the closing months of my senior year…and for what?? What exactly is being accomplished by that happening? You want to trade in your 8 hour school day that’s mostly just a silly/casual atmosphere with an 8 hour work day that’s accompanied with stress and boredom?? Why do we want this? For a paycheck?? Giving up essentially your freedom — willingly chaining yourself to a workplace so you can get green rectangular pieces of paper. That’s really what it boils down to doesn’t it? And what do we use those pieces of paper for anyways? To create yet another barrier except this time we’re the one’s holding it up. We’re the ones who have to endure the stress of trying to keep our chain from breaking. A chain that I never wanted to begin with. It’s an incredibly selfish thought I know, but there was nothing that had me mentally prepared for this.
And these thoughts have just been building and building and I feel like ever year just continues to get worse. Similar to how Peter Gibbons described it,but I would reword to, “every year that you see me, that’s on the worst year of my life.” I really foresee nothing but stress and eventual health problems down the road. I don’t see myself happy. What’s their to look forward to? What’s their to live for? What the fuck am I doing?

John answers:

Hmm. Well said. While you go through school, you have these barriers or borders. There is a playing field that is set up for you and you can have fun inside it. Once you graduate, you’re set free. Err, but where are you being set free and what are you supposed to do there? Nobody quite prepares you for that. I think your confusion or frustration is, unfortunately, normal.

Maybe someone can help you with a perfect answer online, but somehow I doubt it. What you are raising is a fundamental issue that every person must somehow deal with. Maybe some people just don’t think about it and they go forward happily pursuing whatever it is that they want. Others, like you, question everything. Since you are asking the questions, you will need to find the answers or you will continue to be frustrated. What are the answers? I think that depends on you. I suggest you start reading, researching, going to therapy, practicing yoga, or whatever you find interesting. Eventually you may find a model for your life that works for you. Some of the things you read or do may seem stupid. Others may turn our to be extremely insightful for you. Just take in the information and decide for yourself.

What I have found is this: Happiness, fulfillment, growth, or whatever you want to call it, never comes from the outside. It’s not the money. Like you said, green pieces of paper are just paper. It’s not the other people, or the cars, house, or anything outside of yourself. Yes, you need some of those things but not as much as most people might think. Happiness starts inside. Once you can be happy with yourself and have a positive outlook, all of a sudden that “boring” job may become interesting. The stress in your relationships may vanish. The routine of your day may become exciting because it’s the routine that you chose for yourself, etc. Then, if you change your job or your routine or anything else in your life, it will be because you found something even more exciting. I think that is better than running away from one boring thing to another.

In any case, here is some reading material to get you started. This is just a jumping off point and your mileage may vary. Find related stuff if this material doesn’t sound good to you.

Http:// (watch the “First Free Session” to see what it’s about) (try the audio version)

One more thing… Doing all this research is good and you will hopefully learn stuff. But be careful about too much naval gazing… Ultimately, you will want to do something in your life. And of course, if none of this seems to help, going to a doctor is a good idea too. In fact, discussing this with your doctor in parallel with your own research is probably the best way to go.

Carol asks…

The national debt —– Who lent it to us?

Banks ….. did banks lend us billions of dollars over time?

How did they get so much money and how are we paying them interest on a loan when the government prints the money based on commodity trades or other measurements of worth ?

If the governement prints 100 dollars and it is loaned out through the society at 10 % interest where does the 10 dollars come from if not the same printing press the original 100 came from ?

How can the national debt be anything more than a fancy game of loan sharking and slavery if the people who print the money charge money that they have not yet printed ?

Print 100 demand 110 back — it sounds like a bad mob take over movie — that “equation” can only equal the ownership of future labour and future productivity

Sooner or later the people who are playing this game must end up owning everything in exchange for more bits of paper only they can print — As long as they demand more back than exists you remain owned

The mob

The national debt —– Who lent it to us


Yep and sad too isn’t it

The banks have been creating the money for a long long time and no one caught on until recently

The banks (a central bank) are loaning out the money to the government — and they are charging interest

That was the influence of King George the 3rd over the banking system of the Empire

Then the smaller banks create money privately and legally by loaning out money to people and businesses

The system we use world wide to create money is debt — almost all created money is created as debt with only exists as an arbitrary number in space based on a ratio no one knows about

What if the criminals took over when we weren’t looking ?

They took over thousands of years ago and we have never looked

John answers:

A bunch of private individuals who are capitalizing… The Federal Reserve. Those printing presses never stop running!

Donald asks…

My wife, my wife is killing me softly?

Problem frome early in our relationship on my part may have started this…..
This all happened so quickly… for me anyway, for her I imagine it has been brewing in her head for months. I knew something was going on, I knew something was different in her actions… so I asked :
Ashley, what is it I can’t tell something isn’t right… she comes out with it “we need to separate”
My heart sank and I got dizzy. It was the same feeling I got when I found out we were pregnant with our now two year old daughter Mavi. I panicked and said and did anything I could to show her it wasn’t the right way for us to work on things. I quit my band; I got three jobs in one week! I tried to show her that I wasn’t who I’ve been putting out: lazy, cold, harsh, controlling… Time went by and we both wanted to work on “us” . During this time not much was worked on, I lived in fear of what I might do next to push her farther from me.. a totally sack of insecurity and vulnerability. I trade it seemed to push her further… I ended up leaving the house. Ashley and I continued to talk and tell each other things of hope and futures! It dawned on me that I wasn’t hearing from her as often… our talks got shorter and colder.
The times I would hear of her was through friends say “saw her at the bar the other night” it seemed that’s all I heard… it gave me the feeling that she was moving on, and the day I found out about another interest, I knew. She had been having a fling with a guy she works with, “he says all the right things” It took my spirit to a new low and my mind was flooded with doubt and prayed for hope, which Ashley would give me every time we spoke “I want this really”, “ I do love you, I just need space” Space to have time with him? It was devastating! Not only did I find out about this fling, I was lied to about it and with that lies came from all sides. One lie made everything else a lie, how she wanted this and how she was going to work on things. I had to get divorce papers, to protect my daughter.. (Ashley was going to Florida for a week and not knowing her thoughts and next move I was afraid her mother/who is a whole other story/ would ruin my time with her) Was afraid she would do it first, I mean she was living single.
The whole day I went to do the papers, I text called her begging her to please stop me, show some sort of promises in us! She never text or called and I found out she had text him instead.
So here we are after a long talk, it was great (like old times) she built me up with confidence and promises… but to what? Im terrified to be hurt yet again.. and today she said she loves me and knows her heart but needs time away from me even talking to me… Im a mess . She says the things i did in our past are the reason for all of this.. Wheres the cross, now hang me!
She has even said for me to take space for myself to see if this is what i want…wtf? i wouldn’t bend over backasswards for you if not!
I mean she has even said “why would you want to be with me”? and “I want you to move on” but still acts like she wants us????

After filing papers she said” i wanted to work things out” “but now i dont know”… bi-polar?
Oh and also, she has said tons of times that the guy from work is nothing, she doesn’t think about him… he was only there to talk to her, and it felt good to not talk about the shit with us… says the “crush” has passed… but you know im having a hard time believing that.

John answers:

U kno killin me softly means givin an org@sm right?

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