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Mandy asks…

What am I supposed to do with my life?

I’m 27 and I hate my life. I work 2 min. wage jobs just to stay ahead, I’m realizing now that any career that I would actually be interested won’t pay enough to sustain me and a family (which I really want in the near future)

I don’t know why but I can’t stand labour or trades. I don’t see a point in wasting my life for a job I have no interest in. Yet I see all these guys my age (and younger) working them and not having a problem with it. They love the money, but that’s the only thing going for them it seems. I don’t want to turn into another mindless materialistic twit working hard just so I can look be like everyone else.
But I don’t think I have a choice.

You can’t live on your own in this world working a career that doesn’t pay well. I thought I’d want to develop games as a kid, then realized that I wasn’t very good at programming. I think I’d love to be in media- be it a journalist at a paper or a magazine, working somewhere at a tv station or major production company, and lastly chef- I love food and it would be great to work at a restaurant or just own my own- but the reality is that they don’t pay that well.

Everyone I know my age is working the oilpatch or some skilled trade, and is making good money. I wish I could find something that interests me in the trades but I don’t know what it could be- seriously all trades just look like another boring job to me.

Like I said I’m 27, and I’m not going to be young forever. I need to start looking for an answer and making good on it, but all I have is questions. I hear friends go on about their oilpatch jobs and they all say I should work there— I can’t help it but it all sounds like stuff I don’t care about. And that’s what a career should be isn’t it? Something you love doing? Otherwise who cares if the money’s good if you’re doing something for it that doesn’t interest you at all?

I often think ‘hey- maybe I could find interest in something like plumbing or construction. They pay well’ but then I’d just be another tradesman doing nothing special with my life. Just working for a fat I going about this all wrong or is there some sense in my rambling?

John answers:

Consider Video Game Testing.

It doesn’t have the all the education requirements that game design or game programming have all you need is a High School Degree.

With that said, it is good to have good communication skills, good team skills, to know about technology and how games are put together. Foreign language, etc are all good education to have on your resume and you could use in a game testing position.

I have helped over 1000 people get into the industry through becoming a video game tester. I developed training and education for people to become video game testers.
It has been made into online self paced training on the PowerUp Games Website.

A certification course for Game Testing at a lot cheaper price than a single college course. Try Game testing to see if you like the industry. If you like it, Keep building your testing career.

It is becoming competitive to get a game testing position. The better your resume and cover letter and references and portfolio…. The better your chances.

Now lets talk about some other answers you may need to know about…

Let’s talk about Location. Some locations in the US have few jobs in the Game Industry.
It is also hard to get a farming job in downtown New York.
The question is, if you can’t find a job in your area, are you willing to go to where the jobs are?

So, 1) find the websites that tell you where the publishers are… I think the IGDA website will.
2) Find the Publishers that are in your state.
If a close publisher will not hire you, you will have to go to the main Video Game Hubs in the US.

Now lets talk about what some people consider to be video game testing….
Stay as home game testing should be considered an Urban Legend. Winning the lottery would be easier than finding this as real employment. If it was real, what percentage of the US or world population would like this as a job or career? 40% or more? How many billion people is that…

You can also seek beta testing gigs where you get a copy of the software or promotional items you can sell on ebay. Just use Google and sign up for the beta programs.

There are also usability studies… The most famous is here … Again, they may pay you or give you something, you usually have to travel to where they are.

Becoming a game tester is do-able but sometimes you need someone to show you the way.
Of the people offering help, this will help you avoid SCAMS…
Never pay for a subscription to find a game testing job. They are usually scams. To see if they are…
Email them and see how long takes them to respond to a specific question.
Make sure you get 2-3 phone numbers of people who have been with them for 6 months or more
and call them to see if they think it was worth it. Ask these people 2-3 specific questions about what they got for the money, how helpful was the staff, what jobs they applied for etc…

Here is Nintendo info on getting hired… info on getting hired with Nintendo.

To increase your chances of getting a career game testing position…
Become familiar with what game testing is, terminology, etc and build out a good cover letter and resume.

Get some good experience and be able to talk about what you did in with the knowledge and terminology you have learned about Game Testing.

Become familiar with the basics of game testing so after you land a position, you can keep it.
(there are some companies that will hire 10 game testers knowing that after 2-3 days, they will know the best of the group and will lay off the rest. It is cheaper than doing a deep interview process)

Remember, there will be several hundred people applying to any game testing position and you have to get your resume to the top for a phone interview and past the face to face interview so you can get the position and show that you know what it is and that you know what you need to do to become a Game tester.

Have someone in the Game Industry review your resume and cover letter. Get someone who was a game tester or even better, someone who has hired game testers.

If you want help completing the above steps, please investigate our Training at

Robert asks…

Wizards fan, what should we do?

to be honest i think we need to trade the pick for amare. we should send the #5 pick, jamison, songalia, blatche, thomas, and maybe a future 1st round pick. ALSO we have a problem at the 2. stevenson i think is done. we got nick young but he is to inconsistent. so, i think we should get back larry hughes or rip. that line up would be sick.
2-larry or rip
on the bench
critttenton (sp)
and we could pick up a veteran.
even with out amare on paper this line up is nice, i personally think we are gonna get larry or rip. there was trade talk before thomas got injured so we trade for larry.
also i would mind this trade: suns get: jamison, young, songs, thomas, and the #5 pick. wizards get: amare.
he is def not our best player lol…obviously our franchise player is gil, but personally our best player is Caron, creates his own shot, tough, and is the 2nd best defender aside from mcguire.
jamison only has 3 yrs left on his contract no that long lol…gil hasnt played lol and if the games he played this season he avg 10 ast a game he said he is going to play as a pure pg this coming season. i still think with our core we are dangerous team. we have too many good players.

John answers:

You don’t want to get rid of Jamison for Amare man. Amare just wants his stats, thats all he cares about. Giving up Jamison you’re losing a scorer and solid defender for a handicapped scorer who can’t do anything without a pass first point guard, which you don’t have in Arenas, and terrible defender. I say you guys should go for Larry Hughes. He’s yet to find a home since leaving you guys. Maybe you guys can reawaken the beast inside him and rise to the top of the east with the big 4..,

William asks…

What do you think Fraud rings steal Puerto Ricans’ identities for sale to illegal immigrants?

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) – Born in a U.S. territory where he has lived all his life, Jose Marrero Rivera didn’t know his name and social security number were racking up thousands of dollars in unpaid charges in Chicago and Miami.

The snack bar worker is one of thousands of Puerto Ricans caught up in a lucrative document-fraud scheme to hide illegal immigrants in the United States. They’re American citizens with Hispanic surnames. And their records — kept loosely in schools or church rectories, where they are easy to steal — draw as much as $6,000 on the black market.

Only when police showed up at Marrero’s San Juan airport food stand to arrest him for car theft did he realize that identity thieves were upending his life.

“All the information, all of it, the driver’s license, the Social Security, my address, was mine,” he said of the warrant. “I was shocked. I told them simply that it wasn’t me.”

Documents stolen from Puerto Rico have shown up in fraud-ring busts in Delaware and Ohio and immigration raids on meatpacking plants from Texas to Florida. No government or law enforcement official can put a dollar amount on the illegal trade, but documents are so valuable that addicts on the island trade their own documents for drugs.

“Birth certificates have become legal tender,” said Kenneth McClintock, Puerto Rico’s secretary of state.

The island government’s only answer so far is to void every Puerto Rican birth certificate as of July 1 and require about 5 million people — including 1.4 million on the U.S. mainland — to reapply for new ones with security features. New birth certificates will be issued starting July 1, and all old birth certificates will be annulled by Sept. 30.

But no one can guarantee the mass inconvenience will solve the problem. Untold numbers of passports, driver’s licenses and other documents issued to holders of false birth certificates are still valid.

The law only aims to make it harder to get false documents in the future, but does nothing to target those already in circulation. And a person holding a stolen birth certificate could conceivably apply to receive one of the new ones, which will have special seals and be printed on counterfeit-proof paper — though they would have to present other personal data that they might not have, McClintock said.

“We had to take drastic measures,” he said. “The new law does not pretend to solve all the problems. What it aims to do is resolve the massive theft problem.”

The problem stems from the Puerto Rican tradition of requiring birth certificates to enroll in schools or join churches, sports team or other groups, which keep them in unsecured offices or drawers. The new law voiding all birth certificates prohibits such groups from keeping copies.

“I think people noticed that no one was paying attention to those documents,” said a Puerto Rico-based FBI agent on the cases, who requested anonymity because the agent works under cover. “In the future, this could be linked to everything, even terrorism. I don’t doubt that it could go that way.”

see more @…

John answers:

Not very good we could have another 9-11

George asks…

Oh…I think I have made a terrible mistake…?

Hello, I’m now a junior in university and my major is Management Information System.
Before I begin, I beg your understanding ’cause my first language isn’t English. So there might be lots of grammatical errors. I’m korean, 26 years old.

I used to major in Electronic Engineering, but 3years ago I found it boring and I changed my major to Management Information System. I thought I had to do what I wanted, not what I have to do for getting a stable job. I really,really hated Electronic Engineering so I thought I would have never regretted a thing if I had changed my major,Electronic Engineering.

I had many dreams at that time. I wanted to be a cartoonist, staff of a famous trade company,

It was nice for a while. Unlike the days when I majored in Engineering, my grades were skyrocketing
and I thought I was leading a very successful life. I started drawing pictures, which I really had wanted to do for a long time and Japanese language. Now, I’m pretty good at both of them,

Was I overconfident? I didn’t give a damn about advice from my parents and my friends. and ‘The thing happened yesterday.

I met a man who is 5 years ahead of me(he’s graduated.) and we started talking about work.
His major was Electronic Engineering and he had really hard time ’cause he was always complaining about his major. But he kept up the major and got a chance to get a good job after 3years. He continued,” It’s not like you’re gonna have to do what you have learn in university. It’s more like…All they want from you is a just piece of paper:your diploma form Engineering department. Well, although you said you want to work in a trade company, but you do know they can only get paid peanuts. What’s worse, It’s really hard work isn’t it? But look! Engineers can earn big money when they actually don’t have to do so-called the nettlesome,scientific things. This is pretty funny thing you know. Drawing and Studying Japanese is nothing more than your personal hobby man. you just can’t make money big time with them. ”

After hearing this. I finally realized why my parents were against my changing major so badly and i could feel anxiety about the future was coming over me. I pretended to be calm, but I my heart gave a big lurch deep inside me.

From that day on, I just can’t concentrate on my own business. I can only feel dejected No matter what I do, and I can’t keep my chin up especially when my parents give me their benevolent smiles.

Did I make such a unforgivable,irreversible mistake?( at least I think so.) What should I do?
I’m not a young boy anymore….so there’s no way now to put things back the way they were.

Please, Everyone. Please give me some useful advice for my life. Thank you very much for reading this long question.

John answers:

Wow. First, this is a lot. Second, exhale. There is a difference between a job and a career. A job pays the bills. A career is something you love. Keep your major where there is a happy medium. You can pursue your art separately and you may find a place where they cross paths. For example, my degree is from the late 70s in a then little known area called Computerized Accounting. My first job was creating and archiving microfiche records for a credit card company. Years later I was working in finance for an engineering firm. I have always loved sketching and drawing architecture. I worked with a man who had a doctorate in engineering. I would come in early and he would review my sketches and explain how to calculate the math. With this dual interest, I soon had a job as a marketing manager for an architecture firm. The next step was IT system design. Now I continue marketing opportunities. The cool thing? I have the finance and analytical skillsvto truly bridge the creative.

My point is that life is an evolutionary learning experience. All you can do is the best you can do. Own your choices. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Chris asks…

Should the Leafs rebuild their team like Detroit did?

Since the Leafs have traded away their first round draft picks for 2010 (Tyler Seguin) and 2011 should they take a different approach and rebuild like Detroit did by stealing many late draft picks and turning them into NHL stars. A big problem with the Leafs organization is that they dont do a good job developing their young players, they tend to rush their prospects which affects their development. Another problem is coaching. Detroit had great coaching which is a big reason why players like Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg became quality nhl players. Many will Leaf fans will argue that Ron Wilson has not done a good job coaching his team and yes, right now coaching is a major problem with the Leafs. On paper the Leafs dont really look that bad to me, they have some good young players on their roster such as Luke Schenn, Tyler Bozak, Keith Aulie, Carl Gunnarsson and ON PAPER the Leafs look like they have an impressive defensive core. My final reason Toronto should rebuild like Detroit is the history of first round draft picks. The leafs have not had success with first round picks in the past since 1985 Wendel Clarke. Alex Steen, Jiri Tlusty, and Carlo Colaiacovo were recent first round leaf picks that burnt out. Were did these guys go? well their not part of the teams future anymore so we will just have to move on. The Leafs still have hope with the late draft picks they have right now. Jerry D’Amigo, Greg Mckegg, Carl Gunnarsson, Keith Aulie could be a big part of the leafs future and these guys were all drafted in the later rounds.
Detroit was able to build a Stanley Cup Contender by stealing and developing their late draft picks.

Pavel Datsyuk (6th round pick 171st overall)
Henrik Zetterberg (7th round pick 210th overall)
Nicklas Lidstrom (3rd round pick 53rd overall)
Johan Franzen (3rd round pick 97th overall)
Brian Rafalski (undrafted)<<< turned out pretty good, this just shows you dont always need high draft picks to build a winner, it worked in Detroit, I believe Toronto is capable of doing it to.

John answers:

The last time detroit “rebuilt” was in the 80’s. We have been the most successful team for the last 20+ years. But the leafs don’t really need to start from scratch they have a good back end, and a good goalie, they need CENTREMEN and lots of them, a few scoring wingers, and some good prospects the leafs will be in good shape

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