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George asks…

Choosing single parenthood (sorry if it’s a bit long, I like to explain in detail, lol)?

If you want to get straight to the question, scroll to the bottom lol

I am choosing single parenthood via AI/sperm donation.I have found a wonderful sperm bank that is taking “identity release” donation to a whole other level and offering video interviews of donors.I am lucky to be able to show my future child more than just a piece of paper with herritage and medical history.The “package” as I like to call it includes a 30-min. interview with the donor, along with an extended questionaire in his writing, a adult picture and a baby photo of donor.

I am so happy that this bank offers this service and some guys are willing to do this even though they know their identities will basically be blown.I think this is something a child would treasure growing up until they are able to meet their father (unlike ann. donors which I disagree with)

I am confident in my parenting abilities as I cared for a child (infant – toddler) when the parents skipped out on him and didn’t want to parent him.I’ve gained much experience from him and learned a few tricks of the trade.I own my own home, and in a more than stable financial position- that is not my worry.I have friends from all different backgrounds including single parenthouse holds, so naturally, I went to them before making this decision and talked with them about how they grew up, their feelings about their position etc. The ones who are emotionally disconnected are the ones who had a single parent that didn’t actually act like a parent although I know everyone is different.

Question for single parents or kids brought up in single households, what advice do you have? for the kids/adults- what are you grateful for that your parent did? what did you wish your parent did?

parents- what advice do you have for a soon to be single mother?

As of now, I only plan on one child but I am storing a few extra viles from the same donor in case I want another child.
Cleopatra, I never asked your opinion on the situation.Especially an ignorant one like yours.Natural instinct?
Natural instinct is procreation.Do you suggest I go hoe it around town to make a child? I don’t think so.If you knew
anything about raising a child in the wild, you would know that most fathers don’t stick around in the wild.A hit it
and quit it type of deal to procreate.Mothers raise the children 24/7 until they are old enough to survive on their own.
My situation has nothing to do with giving your child away so don’t project those feelings on my situation.

And yes, I do agree that animals are smarter than humans.This world is chaos from humans.

John answers:

Congrats on your decision! I’m a single mother by choice also. I used identity release donor as well, but I didn’t have the video option. My children are beautiful and wonderful. I joined a lesbian parenting/play group (even though I’m not) so that my kids would be around other children born through AI. It’s difficult being a single mother but I wouldn’t change anything at all about my life or how I conceived my children. I was adopted as a baby and I agree that it’s nothing like adoption – though I have absolutely no complaints with being adopted.

My parents weren’t really surprised with my choice to be a single mother – I’ve always been strong willed, lol. I don’t imagine I would co-parent well. I had a few friends who didn’t really agree with it but luckily recognized it was my decision – and honestly, once a baby is born no one remembers they objected, they’re too busy making cute faces at the baby.

You probably already know, but just in case you don’t, you can join Single Mother’s by Choice. Most large cities have chapters but you can also join online and not participate in activities (this is what I did). It’s important to do, in my opinion, because you can actually register by donor ID number and meet the mom’s of you children’s paternal half-siblings. Some people, if they are close to each other like to raise their kids knowing they have siblings. I did it to share medical history. There are two moms that used the same donor as me and we correspond by e-mail, chat about our kids and share any medical issues that might be important to know.

The most important advice I have is this – prior to giving birth have a serious talk with whomever you would want your child raised by if something happened to you. If you die, there isn’t another parent to raise the child. I chose my best friend because we have the same views on parenting, education, social issues, etc., and I love her like a sister. I really wanted her to be the aunt and be totally involved in my child’s life so if something did happen to me my child would be able to make an easier transition to living with her (obviously it would’t be easy but she would be with someone she sees daily). We talked a lot about what I would want, how she would ensure my parents continued to be the grandparents and have constant contact, and how she would raise the baby if something happened to me. Then I met with an attorney and did all the living will/guardianship paperwork (even made a video) to ensure that if something happened my wishes about who would raise my children would be honored. I honestly think every parent should do this.

Good luck to you!!

Charles asks…

Whats a good option for a CHEAP fairly fast car (Used) and moderately reliable?

*****Note: Alot of information, try to atleast read most of it******
Hello all,
I have once again been looking around on the internet (again) for some nice cheap cars I may be able to buy in the near (or far) future. I currently drive a 04 Hyundai Tiburon GT, it is really lacking on the performance side of things, but its appearance is utterly flawless (aside from some minor scratches and paint chips from rocks). It has been a good car, but I know it won’t last forever, plus as stated its fairly slow so I would either like a 2nd car or to replace it all together.

The tiburon is a V6 172hp 130ish ft lb torque low output car. 2 door, leather seats with a moon roof, Infinity sound system, 15′ scraped rims (previous owner couldn’t drive), and plastic interior. I am going through out this tiburon rundown so you understand it IS a good car, but for the next one I want something better.

Now for my living area and activities. As for location, I live in a small town in West Virginia (no, i’m not a hillbilly, but there all around), and as I suppose most people know WV is known as “The Mountain State.” This is a literal statement, out roads are 85% narrow winding paths converted from old Wagon roads (what my father has Always told me). Weather conditions vary during the year, from desert drought, to floods, ending in blizzards.
Myself, I rarely do anything other than go to college come home and occasionally go around to the few stores with my friend, thats car-related activities, and a job most likley by the time I actually get the new used car.

My main wants for a car are a high output motor with decent horsepower, very responsive controlls, nice torque for a nice gas-to-engine feel, and it has to be an okay car stock AKA runs nice with no aftermarkets, although I may add some eventually. Appearance isn’t very concerning to me, but there’s a point that won’t be passed. The cars uses will be ofcorse the average every day erands and trips, along with possibly some racing if they open a track up, if its built for it maybe some off-road rally racing, if it AWD/RWD maybe some offroad drifting. Plus just going over the speed limit to show off to myself, no-one else than me. It needs to seat atleast 2, which is done by pretty much every car.

My main car wants:
06/08 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
06/08 Subaru Impreza WRX STi
03+ Nissan 350z (any base)

Another Tiburon or anything Hyundai
Civic, I know there popular, but I really dislike them
Cobalt (I literally loath these)
Ford Focus

Most other things are fine. As stated earlier, it needs to be fast, faster than my tiburon (134 max, 0-60 in 7 second, that really isn’t good) and about the same control. Gas milage isn’t much of a concern, just stay around the 18mpg mine does (or better). Chances are I will get multiple people recommending Mustang’s, in all honesty I wish I got one instead of my tiburon, my friend has a base model one, he likes it but claims it is extremly hard to control on sharp curves.

Now, if you have managed to make it this far I am surprised, it is finally time for a price range. Now, as a price range I cannot be extremly accurate since I do not know when I will/if I will get a car at all. What I expect would have to be -5k if I don’t trade my tiburon, 12-14k if I do trade. I look through the “Auto Trader” sales paper that is distributed occasionally, there’s a few cars for 1000-3000 that aren’t bad, so possibilities are all around me.

Thanks greatly to everyone,
Whats everyones thoughts on a Honda Accord EX coupe? I “like” them, they are obviously dependant being made by honda (200k miles usually). What would be a good price for a 94-02 one in fair/good condition, and how much would it cost to replace some of the frame, front with an acura integra (front lights and bumper), and a rear light swap with either the 02 model (if i cant get an 02) or something that resembles a skyline (matches the front integra). I know the integra front is possible as I have seen it done, but it may be expensive.
My main dealings are with the great debate, Import vs. American. I know Imports look better, but they tend to cost more to get up to specs, as with the 2 main americans (camaro/stang) there expensive to ensure. Most of the cars I like from japan are hard to find 350z, 240sx, STi, Evo, etc, and they aren’t cheap to get either (350’s held its base price for along time).

I was thinking of myself and my friend to both get a mustang gt 98+ and have our own little deck-it-out contest. Supercharger, new heads&cams, custom exhaust, and a salem kit for me (maybe cobra fin).

Currently i’m paying around $160 per month on insurance, thats pretty much everything on it other than natural disasters (if its ment to be struck by lightning, so be it). I’m thinking it won’t spike to over 250 per month with w/e I get aslong as its resonable (no cobra/lambo/ferrari/porche/supra etc.)

John answers:

Considering you need a car that is drivable in all weather conditions a front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive car would be a better choice than a rear-wheel drive car, even though the rear-wheel drive cars tend to do better on the power scale.

It is costly and can be difficult to have a daily driver that you also use as any type of race car – that is something you will need to carefully consider as well. Modifications that increase horsepower will decrease gas mileage in addition to decreasing your budget.

Insurance on anything considered a “sports car” (camaro, stang, 350Z, etc) is going to be higher than on an Accord, Civic, Altima, etc. I would check out some Subarus, Hondas, Nissan, and even an older BMW could fit your wants/needs.

Sandra asks…

What could I possibly do?

I’m 27 and made a lot of mistakes in my past. I’m a recovering alcoholic and have been for four years.I’ve completely turned myself around when I was 23. I left my job of 5 years to learn to trade in the financial market and focus on my own future.

I have 3 public intoxications and an owi on my record.Every time I almost get a job. They do a background check on me and I don’t pass. I always do good in the interview and have experience, however everyone sees me as a liability and won’t give me a chance to prove myself. I’ve been struggling with this for a long time now.

I applied at a gas station for MINIMUM wage and they wont hire me.There are NO jobs out there and even worse, my problems make it even harder for me.I try to keep moving forward, but all I get are dead ends.

I don’t want to sit and do nothing, but I’m out of options. My record doesn’t clear up for three years.Everyone i can rely on for help has their own problems and can’t give me a place to stay anymore. I’m filling out an application for a homeless shelter tomorrow.

The only thing I can think of is putting an ad in the paper and Craigslist to mow lawns for money.

1. What could I possibly do to or go to find a job?
2. Who could I write a letter to to voice my situation with?
I can day trade, but I don’t have any capital. I’m trying to get going so I can get back into the market.
I don’t go to AA, but I will start to get someone there to help me. I’ll do ANYTHING I have to.
I should be in a movie lie “the pursuit of Happiness”
I can day trade, but I don’t have any capital. I’m trying to get going so I can get back into the market.
I don’t go to AA, but I will start to get someone there to help me. I’ll do ANYTHING I have to.
I should be in a movie lke “the pursuit of Happiness”

John answers:

That’s the bad thing about making bad choices – we don’t know they’re bad until we learn that hard lesson.

Unfortunately with the job market the way it is it is an employer’s market. One thing to do would be to be honest about them up front and not wait until they do the background screening.

Does your community have a job skills center? I take it you’re working through the unemployment office to seek jobs?

Lisa asks…

hell falls when my stuffs stolen?

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John answers:

Dude, put down the crack pipe, go have a glass of water and a long sleep. When you’re straight, come back and try to translate some of that into something resembling English.

David asks…

Your views on religion and life?

I’m currently a junior in high school and not totally sure what to do with my life. I’m also not really sure how to put all of my views on religion and life onto paper or answer box. I’m honestly writing this for more my benefit than that of the readers as I’m just trying to clear my head. I’d love it if you’d comment on this but if the length of the question frightens you, then by all means move on to another.

I’m currently attending a rather small boarding school that somewhat resembles an asylum. SPending my first two years of high school at public school was an amazing and one-of-a-kind experience that I would never trade. Despite all the fun I was having, my grades suffered. I applied to a strict boarding school and now attend here. The school has helped me grow up and become a more intelligent and mature person, but also made me question a lot about life as well.

About half-way through my school year I lost my Christian belief. TO be honest, I’m not sure it was ever really there. I always doubted while everyone around me seemed to follow without question. It seemed almost wrong to continue the charade of believing in the Christian word when deep inside me, I knew I did not. I guess the only reason I believed up until now was the fear of being sent to hell. I guess if there is a hell, I’m bound to go there. I do believe in a creator, but I think I’m more of a deist than anything. I don’t believe in the bible, or any written word of God for that matter. It’s funny that I still capitalize God. Am I allowed to do that now that I’m no longer Christian? The lowercase “god” seems out of place. If God is real, I guess maybe if i capitalize his name enough he’ll send me to heaven after all.

I know I’m just rambling here, but It’s 15:52 and I though I’d give some random people on Y/A my perspective on life. Another thing I’m questioning is the whole concept of a “happy life”. It seems I’ve been told that a happy life consists of a wife, three kids, a dog, and a nice two story house in a respectable suburb. I’m of course, a successful businessman, but I arrive home everyday precisely when dinner is finished. In reality, this dream seems very unattainable and maybe not even desired. What is so great about living in a boring suburb, in a boring house, doing a boring job? This doesn’t appeal to me what-so-ever. Everyone around me is anxious for college, as if they in-vision it to be some magical place where you will find yourself and realize exactly what you want to do with your life. I just have a hard time accepting that. Thanks for listening to the ramblings of lost 17-year old and if you have any comments, please leave them. I thought I’d add this quote that I recently read at the end of my story.

“Did you know that for pretty much the entire history of the human species, the average life span was less than thirty years? You could count on ten years or so of real adulthood, right? There was no planning for a career. There was no planning for retirement. There was no planning. No time for planning. No time for a future. But then the life span started getting longer, and people started having more and more future, and so they spent more time thinking about it. About the future. And now life has become the future – you go to high school so you can go to college so you can get a good job so you can get a nice house so you can afford to send your kids to college so they can get a good job so they can get a nice house so they can send their kids to college.” – Paper Towns

John answers:

You are at a time in your life when people question everything and start making their own life decisions. If you don’t like the idea of living in a suburb and competing with everyone else, then don’t. Try to find a career that you will enjoy while you are in college, but bear in mind that if it isn’t lucrative, you may regret it as a middle aged man. As far a religion goes, I’m glad that you still believe in a higher power. God does exist. I don’t think of Him as having a shape of a man, even though I refer to God as Father. I hope that in time you will come to accept Jesus, also. His message of love and kindness towards all people is probably exactly what God wants people on earth to do.

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