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James asks…

Traditions that bring the US and Mexico together?

for my research paper. the us and mexico should keep good relationshipd because of their traditions, free trade market, security in case of war.. etc.. what else.. what are the traditions that i can use to support this?

John answers:

CINCO DE MAYO!!! Lmao… No, jk but im not giving you answers to your term paper lol

Daniel asks…

3rd world countires affected by free trade…help!?

i’m doing a research paper on how the WTO agreement has been a disadvantage to third world countries. it has benefited the EU and the USA. i’m just missing some data, statistics to prove my point. can anyone give me a Reference.

John answers:

Third world and free trade are a contradiction in terms. Because they are 3rd world, they have a lot ‘unsavoury’ government officials, who pocket all the advantages from the ‘free trade’, sell that to the man in the street, at an astronomical price. Like giving a beggar $1000 and telling him/her to share with his mates!!!!

Betty asks…

Will Bush stop Social Security, Medicare, unemployment Insurance & reduce wages under IMF’s plan?

This is a confidential strategy paper for the November 15 G-20 summit in Washington DC. This is not a new Bretton Woods in any sense, but rather a British-steered attempt to impose the dictatorship of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on the entire planet, wiping out all hope of economic recovery, the modernization of the developing countries, and national sovereignty at the same time.

Under this plan, the IMF would dictate the economic policies of all states. The IMF orthodoxy is austerity, sacrifice, deregulation, privatization, union busting, wage reductions, free trade, the race to the bottom, and prohibitions on advanced technologies. These policies would strangle humanity.

The Brazil-Russia-India-China bloc is reportedly objecting to putting so much power into the hands of the IMF, which is dominated by the US and the British, with Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Treasury Secretary Paulson of Goldman Sachs laying down the party line.

John answers:

No he will not. Bush is prolly sitting in the white house right now laughing. Cuz in 4 years, everyone will love him and hate obama

Charles asks…

What are your thoghts about the Indo European Free Trade Agreements?

India’s largest Trade Union, the Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS) had opposed the Agreement on several points. BMS Demands:

1. Indian Govt. should forthwith stop the negotiations on FTA with EU.
2. Government should publish the details of negotiations and the commitments it is going to make.
3. Ashok Mitra recommendations should be implemented in all international negotiations.
4. Government should immediately issue a white paper on the impact of FTA on various sections of the society.
5. Government should constitute an independent commission to review FTA with BMS participation in it.
6. Government should convene a meeting with BMS on the impact of FTA on labour and other sectors.
7. Decent work should be made a National goal to create Quality Jobs.

Similarly RS Narayanan, writing in Dianamani had raised issues relating to food security that is already weak, likely to be further jeopardised by the FTA Articles&artid=490115&SectionID=133&MainSectionID=133&SEO=&Title=???? ???????????? ????? ???????

Now what are your impressions about this agreement?

John answers:

I don’t usually go with RS Narayanan’s views on many issues. He is telling many right things no doubt but in wrong ways, generating more conflict than clarity. But in this article he had exactly reflected the right fears of well meaning people. We can not have the food security by committing to such exports when our own internal demands are met frugally. The ration quota is hardly adequate and the exports would be committed even under domestic shortages.

The profits would be least and the imports agreed like foreign liquor are least intended to help us, except to help foreign profiteers! The projections for enhanced free trade in food sector are likely to hit the farm sector, already suffering due to govt apathy to alleviate the problems of sorts! The BMS also had rightly pointed out the lack of trasparency on the provisions of a crucial agreement that would impact the nation significantly!

Donald asks…

Do you think Developmental Aid promotes 3rd world or Western interests?

I am writing a paper and thought I’d see if I could get some opinions on this – I am very interested in what people thing.
It’s a controversial issue.

For example, you will often get a country like the US offering CONDITIONAL aid, that is, they will provide aid to an African country, but only if they agree to privitisation or free trade impositions.

What do YOU think? Any ideas that could help give me a kick start? Thank you!

John answers:

Read how to end poverty by Jeffrey D. Sachs

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