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Mary asks…

Didn’t Bill Clinton start free trade by signing NAFTA?

Isn’t it amusing how liberals bash tax cuts by saying they create job only in other countries, when BILL CLINTON is to blame for that by starting free trade?

An no matter what anyone else did, Clinton is the one who touched pen to paper and actually put it into action.
Matthew, I LIED??? Are you saying Clinton DIDN’T sign NAFTA????
Kari, why not start a club for Democrats who disagree with something Clinton did.

You can fit the entire membership roster on a 3 by 5 index card.
teeewalk, if you’re not going to play by the rules you can’t play anymore. We blame everything on presidents here.

John answers:

The only voice of reason was Ross Perot. He said what would happen and it did. Instead of creating jobs in Mexico, it moved the jobs to China.

Both Democrats and Republicans supported NAFTA.


Jenny asks…

I want to improve my business through e-mail at free of cost but how to improve it through internet?

I have 24 hours unlimited internet and my business is trading so how to attract my customers to buy my product and my product is Fire Extinguishers. The problem is Marketing but We have good number of advertisement in news papers but how to attract people to buy our quality product. our finance is limited.

John answers:

The best way is to tie into other sites which are better financed to bring visitors. The idea is to draw their visiors through in tie-in sales by adding a link so they’ll visit your site. Often this is accomplished by finding a site with a learning or educational section within which you can contribute information and then by clicking they can learn further from an in-depth article at your site.

Second and most commonly used is the flashing In-Your-Face ad with a lowball price on the highest volume fire extinguisher in the market. The only trouble with this is you are going to attract a lot of potential customers who are ONLY price concious, so you’ll see numbers rise but sales will be a very small %.So you’ll have to find a way to entice this lowball customer by offering them a better price yet if they can refer a friend or relatve which buys.

Here’s some basic thoughts on the subject, but you’ll need to do further research.

Try not to get caught up on pricing only or you may as well sell on ebay and make $0.05 on the dollar.

BTW I really like Toff’s suggestion as this helps bring money back into our country. Well done Toff.

Lisa asks…

Do Liberals know how free market capitalism really works, or just point the finger?


Free Markets means that there is minimal to zero government regulation in that market place and the competition thrives.

Now let’s go over the markets Liberals demonize.

Banks – They have government regulations up the wazoo making it less competitive.

Source is here:

Health Insurance is easy to explain why it is unaffordable. How do you as a health insurance company sell health insurance to someone that is over 65 and gets medicare for free? You can’t compete vs a free product (medicare). Not to mention “Medicaid” is free as well if you qualify for it. There is no medicare for auto insurance when you turn 65 you still pay for it your self.

So let’s be logical here, all the things liberals love to use like ipods, star bucks coffee, and recycled paper, is all done through free market enterprises. A bureaucrat NEVER in the history of everything we use today has ever produced anything we use.

So Liberals bash my system please with how evil it really is, if it is evil stop buying things from free market trade, and collect it from the government.

John answers:

I thought you said “pull my finger.” wrong section.

Carol asks…

Does burma have any barriers to trade?

If so what are they? Is Burma a member of any free trade zones? What benefits does it enjoy from that membership?

I’ve been looking for 3 hours for these answers to finish my research paper. Any help would be appreciated.

John answers:

Burma or now Myanmar is closed for decades. It had been suffered by the economic sanction of the West because of a woman named On San,a Nobel Peace Prize, human rights violation and military dictatorship.But this year, it does return to democracy. The sanction is mostly lifted. The main trading partner countries are China and Thailand.It has the problem with drug still.The golden Triangle is still the main producing area of drugs which are smuggling to the West and nearby countries.Myanmar is a member of ASEAN.

William asks…


i have to write a two page paper for this one class and i have a billion other papers to write befroe the end of the semester. the paper is on where do you fall on the political spectrum. it has to have in it why do so many of us hate politics and some issues such as government subsidized day care facilities, government subsidized health care insurance, government backed student loan programs, government sponsored drug treatment programs, affirmative action programs, free trade policies which eliminate tariffs or restricitons on imports, and laws requiring the use of seat belts in vehicles. please help as much as you can and let me know if you will help and email me what you come up with at thanks:)

John answers:

Ahhhh… Another budding liberal in the making. Ask others to do your work!

How about getting off the internet and get to work?

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  1. Moms Mabley says:

    When stock market was doing well, all my friends, portfolio had much higher return on investment than mine because I had kept my portfolio to be a balanced portfolio with 50% invested in annuities with Bankers Life & rest was in stock market but with solid companies. But, recession hit hard my 50% of portfolio but since I had fixed return from annuities – I was the winner at the end. I actually advise everyone to do that – it is must to keep your portfolio balanced & Invest only in solid fortune 500 companies. We must learn from our mistakes & not repeat them.

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