Your Questions About Paper Trading Free

Carol asks…

HI, all. Does anyone know any free paper/thesis/essay regarding the world mineral trade or..?

china’s foreign mineral trade

John answers:

I think lots of people don’t know about this matter.

Linda asks…

are there trading sites that allow you to paper trade for free?

can anyone tell me some trading sites that let you paper trade without depositing funds into an account with them? I searched google and seems like a lot of them require you to open an account and have funds in it first… thanks ahead.

John answers:

None of the brokers have a simulator but you can use the following link to practice trading.


Mark asks…

anyone heard of the one red paper clip guy?

if so do you have anything you would trade for a free year in phoenix?

John answers:

Yes, I heard of that guy….but no, I would have nothing I would trade for that…(his story is pretty out there, can’t believe he’s gotten this far from just starting with swapping off a paperclip! It’s nuts!)

Mandy asks…

I have a research paper to do for my english class?

the topic was free choice and i’ve chosen White Collar Crime – insider trading.

I’m trying to research how insider trading has effected businesses and other various elements of businesses today.

What I’m asking is what are some ways has insider trading changed the world of Business, especially in the U.S.? Where would I start looking?

serious answers only please

John answers:

Look up Martha Stewart
Famous case…

You should be able to get a lot of raw material out of it.

Good Luck

Chris asks…

why for classical liberals is state intervention in the economy bad?

why for classical liberals is state intervention in the economy bad?

for new liberals free trade is good, but minimalist state intervention in the domestic economy bad..according to the paper i read, state intervention in the economy bad for classical liberals?

John answers:

I think you’re searching for the word “classical economists” not “liberals.” The classical economists were popular before the great depression when the laissez faire concept was most popular, promoted by Adam Smith, that the government should let the economy run itself. After the depression, Keynesian economics took over and since then to now our recessions have been shorter and less severe and our expansions longer and more intense. In other words, not intervening in the economy has historically proven disastrous. Bush was more of a classical economist and look what happened then. Everyone who wants economic growth wants free trade, no matter which political party. Trade is one of the best ways to get an economy running at full speed. Look what happened to China after they stopped being isolationist and began trading massively. Since there is high demand for their goods, their aggregate output has been increasing yearly by 11%, which is unbelievable because 2-4% is generally the target without serious risk of inflation (like China would experience if it didn’t manipulate its currency by cheating). Hope this helps!!

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