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Lizzie asks…

I have to write a paper on a topic to do with racism, civilization and free trade. What topic do you suggest?

The topic has to encompass those three things. I already have my own sources…. Ron Paul is still kicking? wow..
It’s one of those assignments where you have to demonstrate knowledge, which is why it is so open and not limited to one.
Black jokes? I’d actually prefer to pass. I’m looking for a topic here, not a thesis statement.

John answers:

I think an interesting topic that could be used to tie in all three of those is the current Civil War in the Sudan.

Also that is probably not a topic that your teacher is expecting.

Donna asks…

Is free trade a better method for peace then by diplomacy?

Diplomacy doesn’t have strings attached like free trade. It’s arbitrary paper solved by a photo-op

China and the US won’t go to war due to their trade offs. Each side will lose greatly.

The silk route united all sides of civilization of it’s day based on free trade.

John answers:

Free trade would always be preferable, but free trade can only be achieved through diplomacy.
If you read history, you will know that diplomacy has many strings.

Linda asks…

Aceo artist trading card paper?

i want to start making some Aceo’s or art trading cards but i dont know which paper to use. i was reading some websites and they said i could even use regular index cards? is that true? or could i use my drawing paper, its a canson drawing pad acid free 70lb, meduim tooth. or do i have to go buy some special paper.

John answers:

You can totally use that. It is nice to advertise that it is acid free. Sign the back, date it and title it too. You can get clear sleeves to house them on Ebay and through many art suppliers. Even Oriental Trading Company!
I print out a loose bio and put it in a plain card with the ACEO or ATC in the sleeve and attached to the inside with a small bit of rolled tape. Its protected when I mail it and looks proff. Check out the ATC on Ebay and on ETSY and such-see how the artists present them. I also use wwcolor paper etc as long as its good quality.

Thomas asks…

Free trade vs protectionism?

i have to write a paper over free trade vs protectionism. what are some good examples of free trade and trade barriers the US has with other countries?

John answers:

An example of a trade barrier is the tariff the US imposes on foreign ethanol. You can produce ethanol much less expensively from cane in Brazil, for instance, than from corn in the US. The tariff causes the price of ethanol — and therefore motor fuel — to be higher than it otherwise would be. The principal reason is to protect ADM and other domestic producers who are a major source of campaign funds to Congressmen in the Midwest.
And example of free trade is the free flow of investment capital into the US form other countries.

Sharon asks…

I have to do a term paper on export processing zones or free trade zones. sites that would help? asap?

John answers:

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