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Lizzie asks…

Where can I paper trade options online for free?

John answers:

You’ll love this platform. You can download it for free;
(They have backtesting for Options!!!!!!)

They’ve got great webinars on Option & stock trading;

Check out;

They have free option training classes;
(I just went to one in Columbus, Ohio… I’m off to another one in Chicago…. That one cost $199).

Check out;

Other web sites are listed on;

William asks…

Can “free trade” exist without multinational corporations and globalization?

I always thought of myself as a bit of a liberterian. I am very socially liberal and fiscally open. However, there is one issue I always get stuck on. I support free trade on paper, but after seeing the horror show that is globalisation, multinational corporatization and an increase in a consumerist world view among Americans, I am beginning to doubt my original convictions about free trade. So, can free trade still survive without multinationals, and could we regulate dangerous and destructive business practices without endangering economic freedom?

John answers:

The idea that free trade is good was thought of BEFORE Multinational corporations were powerful. The idea was that everyone can use their competitive advantages to trade with each other, but multinationals take the competitive advantage of cheap labor in other countries and mix it with their technology to get the best profit possible. They also have sucked the resources out of every country they touched and in some cases have overthrown governments. Some countries have gone as far as to forcefully kick them out because of this.

Paul asks…

i am writing a paper for school about what is bad about free trade. i need some arguments against it please?

more than one would be nice. i have to have a minimum of three points.

John answers:

Free trade favors large international corporations with their cheaper products and can put small national companies out of business and make more people losing their jobs especially in developing countries

Free trade means the national governments can’t regulate it by taxes in order to encourage certain branches of local economies

Free trade lacks effective international mechanisms which prevent creating monopolies

Richard asks…

Survey for a research paper on free trade and globalization?

If you could choose Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree, or Strongly Disagree for each statement, that would be great!

1) Globalization has made the rich richer while making the non-rich poorer in the United States.
2) Globalization benefits consumers by lowering prices.
3) Multinational corporations are increasingly influencing political decisions between governments.
4) Globalization helps to spread prosperity to poorer countries.
5) Globalization has helped us socially be more open and tolerant toward other cultures.
6) Globalization makes it easier for rich companies to act with less accountability for human rights.
7) Globalization makes it easier for rich companies to act with less accountability for the environment.
8) Globalization has led to exploitation of labor.
9) Globalization suppresses wages for production workers in the United States.

Sorry it’s long, but I really appreciate it!
Geez, I apologize for being such an ignorant, lazy, asshole.
It’s for my dad’s college class and he doesn’t know how to work computers. The teacher gave him the questions, and I agree, they are skewed.
And Rockstar, it’s a SURVEY, the first fudging word is survey, buttmunch.

John answers:

(1) DISAGREE if you are talking about American rich people! AGREE if you are referring to foreign rich people and it does lower the income for all non-government American workers.


(3)DISAGREE somewhat although the governments do try and agree with each other on how to tax revenue out of multinational companies inflating the cost of goods and services to their citizens.

(4) AGREE! Although in poorer countries the wealth is only redistributed by the spending of the government officials and not through economic growth.

(5) DISAGREE it has no more influence on either society than working in a store or shopping! How many times do you worry about the well being of the lady at the cash register at the grocery store and she doesn’t live a whole continent away nor is she very concerned about the affairs at your house..

(6)DISAGREE That is a really dumb assertion from a politically correct indoctrination class. The best social program in the world is a job that pays regular wages. Those wages are provided by globalized or multinational companies so they are doing more good than all the almost useless govt programs that taxpayers are forced to support instead of using the money (if it was untaxed) to buy the goods from away.

(7)DISAGREE Environmental concerns have been proved to be an excellent way to choke off any economic development and has severely eroded America’s ability to function in a multinational environment. Example! In Maine, a man who was a lawyer spent seven years trying to get permission to restore an old a cranberry bog to raise cranberries. Although the man gave up trying after seven years it was a very good business decision by the government because he spent over $150,000 trying to clear the environmental wacko govt employees requirements. The result was no cranberry bog , no jobs and great wages for the public servants.Correction China has been able to seize the cranberry growing business from American growers because over regulation by Earth worshipers stopped this industry from prospering in America.

(8)DISAGREE Wages are determined by supply and demand and not by non-commercial government employees who just think whatever is the current politically correct government slogan. Government workers have no investments, they don’t own the assets used by businesses nor do they understand economics. A company will pay money to retain employees that produce goods and services at a profit. Workers can work or quit working depending on the wages, It is an economic balance. The economic environment and the inability to prosper is created by government, taxes, and regulations not by the exploitation of free market entrepreneurs.

(9)DISAGREE Maybe a bit but the major suppression of American wages is caused by high taxes and government regulation but mostly taxes. A decent knowledge of economics would make this clear to everyone but the schools teach political correctness not economics, so people are uninformed on how to vote to improve their lives, the economy and their country. Instead people improperly rely on the government to redistribute the income The government does redistribute the nations wealth that is why Government jobs pay about 2X what the same job pays in the private sector. It is also why people that paid into social security get such a bad deal the government redistributed the Social Security money to buy votes and only 30% of the SS recipients are over 60 years old. Don’t trust the government they only take care of themselves.

Thomas asks…

Getting good at trading?


I intend to to learn and get good at trading, specifically equities and options.

1. What are the skills that I would need?
(TA, FA, trend analysis, etc)

2. Is there a site where I can paper trade for free for international markets?

3. Where can I find out about all the important upcoming events that would affect the DJ? (reporting dates, budget announcements, etc)


John answers:

Check out Shaeffer Investments for option trading and EDGAR for company filings and research. There are lots of books on trading some of my favorite books and authors are:
Stock Market Logic by Norman G. Fosback, The Options Advisor by Bernie Schaeffer, How to Make Money in Stocks by Willian J. O’Neil and of course Warren Buffett.
Learn how to analyze stocks from a both a fundemental and technical view point before you buy. Stick with what you understand, if you can’t understand the companies business and how they make money, steer clear.

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