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Michael asks…

Why was the Amistad case such an important event in United States History?

I need to know this for a paper. After researching Im stil not grasping the main idea. Please help. Thanx

John answers:

On November 17, 1840, John Quincy Adams, sixth President of the United States, and then serving in Congress, visited thirty-six African men being held outside of New Haven, Connecticut. The Africans who had mutinied on a Spanish slave ship were being tried for piracy and murder on the high seas. Adams’s involvement as a former President and perhaps even more significantly as the son of one of the nation’s most important Founding Fathers marked an important point in United States history. Here at last was an almost direct connection between the cause of antislavery and the nation’s Revolutionary principles of liberty and equality.

The thirty-six Africans had been among five or six hundred purchased by a Portuguese slave trader in April 1839. They were shipped to Havana, Cuba, then a Spanish colony. Although slavery was legal in many countries, the international slave trade had been banned by laws and treaties in nations such as Great Britain, Spain, the Netherlands, and the United States. Nevertheless, a prosperous slave trade continued, and few traders were caught. The Africans were landed near Havana and sold openly in the slave market. Fifty-two members of the Mendi tribe, from present-day Nigeria, who survived the horrors of the Middle Passage were sold to Jos‚ Ruiz and Pedro Montez, two Cubans who planned to sell them to a Cuban sugar plantation. The Mendians were given Spanish names and designated as “black ladinos,” indicating that they had lived in the country long enough to know the language and customs. Utilizing the deception that the Mendians had been long-term slaves in Cuba, Ruiz and Montez placed them on board the schooner Amistad, and set sail for a port down the Cuban coast on June 28, 1839.On January 7, 1840, the Mendians’ trial began in the District Court in Hartford, Connecticut. Tappan, aided by a British commissioner stationed in Havana to help suppress the illegal slave trade, uncovered evidence to support the Mendians’ story: the documents establishing them as ladinos were forged. The judge, persuaded by this evidence, concluded that even under Spanish law, the Mendians were free men, and ordered President Van Buren to have them transported back to Africa. Interestingly, the court also determined that the cabin boy the ladino was a slave, the property of Ruiz and Montez, and should be returned to his owners. With the aid of the abolitionists, however, he fled to New York, and to freedom.

Susan asks…

What’s the best way for a 13 year old to learn about stocks?

Lately ive been wanting to start buying stocks, but i dont want to make some dumb gamble and lose my money, so i want to know the best way for me to learn about the art of the trade. I think i understand basic things like trends but id just like to get a little more in depth.

John answers:

First things first. What do you want to do? What are you goals?

Do you want to be a trader? Someone who day trades, or holds stock, futures, options, forex for speculation. Or do you want to be an investor? Buying companies and holding them. These are two very different beast, and the first important question to answer.

I can give you alot of advice about trading, especially day trading the indices.

I always recommend new traders to the same broker. Get your parents to open an account for you at, you don’t need to fund it with real money, but you can use their charts and pit audio for free. You can paper trade as if you had a 100K account, real time, with real markets, and get a good feel for how things work.

I would also suggest doing a trial at It’s a live news wire and pit audio. You can do a free two week trial, without a credit card. You can see how stocks react to sudden news events.

I would also suggest learning about market internals. is a great place for that.

Market profile is another area to learn. Many hedge funds and institutions use market profile. Check out for more about that.

Strategies. There are a lot out there, learn them, and then make your own.

Develop a trading plan, business plan, etc….

By the time your 18 you should be able to trade for a living, if you work hard and stay dedicated.

Good luck

Paul asks…

why is teen parenting an important social issue?

I’m writing a paper on why teen parenting is an important social issue, I was planning on mentioning what a difficult situation it can be financially, and how difficult it is for many young mothers to complete high school and go on to university. what else can I talk about?
Thank you!

John answers:

According to many studies, a child’s personality is created by the age of 7. It can change, but it’s harder to change what is hardwired. If the young mother is supported, she in turn can be a better parents. While there are some programs for teenagers in high school, the majority of teen moms are 17-19 and there is nothing for them.

Several social issues need to change.
1. Parents of the father should be assessed child support based on their income rather than the father’s until they have left school. You would see a dramatic drop in the number of unwanted pregnancies in girls under 18. Right now, many parents of boys do nothing about their son’s sexual activities and the parents of the girl are completely burdened with the costs of supporting their grandchild.

2. More free programs at convenient times on parenting for teens who are no longer in high school. This is particularly true for parents whose own parents are low income.

3. I don’t think it is reasonable or fair to have special programs for these girls to go to college. Trade school yes, but if the parents couldn’t send their daughter to college in the first place, I don’t see why taxpayers should foot the bill.

4. Social services needs to have a program to point out to these young women that their children are not pawns in a game. Visitation and child support are separate issues and they chose their child’s father when they had sex without using 2 forms of birth control. Children are more likely to be murdered by mom’s bf than by their biological father.

5. Much to my surprise (although not to others) a large proportion of teen moms get pregnant again within 24 months of giving birth to the first child. Something is clearly wrong here. Much stronger support for constant birth control needs to be pushed on these girls or they will simply continue the cycle of babymaking and poverty. Most women on welfare do not have children while getting welfare, but a lot of young girls do.

David asks…

What is needed to roadtrip with a dog to Canada?

I am planning to fly from the south to Washington State and roadtrip to Canada. I know I will need my passport. I will be traveling with my dog. Besides vet papers, are there any other things I will need?

John answers:

Breed? We have BSL here in ONtario and in other provinces. If you have a PB or PB type dog – even if its not one, but it kinda looks like one, be sure to have proof its not if you plan on travelling through any area that has BSL. Proof would be registration from AKC or (I suppose) something in writing from a vet.

As another posted, Rabies vaccine done in previous 36 months with proof from vet. See attached

Weather: My geography of US is not great, I believe Washington state is on the east coast – so I assume you will be coming through Ontario, or Quebec. We have had light snow in parts of ONtario so again depending on breed, and what you do when you get here, be prepared.

MOre info I found doing a quick search regarding dog food or food restrictions into Canada:

You will need to declare it as ‘food’ and make certain you have a receipt and the ingredients list is clear.

You can also check CBSA’s website to be sure:

The following are some examples of the limits that apply to personal importations of food products from the United States:
2 dozen eggs;
20 kilograms of dairy products not exceeding $20 in value (e.g. Cheese and butter);
3 kilograms of margarine or butter substitutes; and
20 kilograms of edible meats and meat products, including turkey and chicken.
Within this limit, more CFIA and Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada restrictions apply as follows:
a maximum of one whole turkey or 10 kilograms of turkey products;
a maximum of 10 kilograms of chicken; and
a maximum of 5 kilograms of edible meats and meat products from cattle, sheep, goat, bison and buffalo.

If you have any questions, contact the Border Information Service (BIS) line. This is a 24-hour telephone service that automatically answers all incoming calls and provides general border services information.

You can access BIS free of charge throughout Canada by calling 1-800-461-9999. If you call during regular business hours (8:00 a.m. To 4:00 p.m. Local time, Monday to Friday, except holidays), you can speak directly to an agent by pressing “0” at any time during the recording.

You can also visit the CBSA’s Web site at

Oh. Wrong Washington (oops) I always get them confused.
I presume you are coming up through BC then or Alta . THe weather is diverse depending on which side of the mountains (BC is temperate and Alta gets more snow than Ontario) but I suspect you know that. Have fun!

Helen asks…

I am interested in importing Nepalese hand made crafts and sell it here how do i start?

My family back in Nepal manufacture the hand made crafts such as silver and silver plated ear rings, bracelets, metal statues, metal boxes and have contact with the many manufactures of different types of hand made goods such as wood craft, paper craft, metal craft, stone craft, paintings etc. I could import it if I could find some distributors or if I know where and how do I sell it. I also like to know what are the legal processes in Australia to import and sell.

John answers:

My wife does inport and export to China, I hope this helps you. Also, you can call the target’s countrys “Department of Commerence” as they have often this kind of information.

Australian Customs: Regulations, Export-Import Procedures of Australia …
… And procedures for importing and exporting goods at Australian border. Duty free items, import-export restrictions. … Australia has strict laws prohibiting … – Cached
Australia – Import Export Information and Resources
Australian Business Resources – Import and Export … General name given to the laws covering patents, trade marks, copyright, designs, … – Cached

About Export Import In Australia
Most of the trade including export import in Australia is mainly governed by its … Strict laws that are in place in Australia that restricts or prohibits import of … – Cached

Important Import/Export News Worldwide Customs & Regulatory Updates
… New business processes, and a new import reporting system for Australia. … Site is protected by copyright and trademark laws under US and International law. … – Cached

Ear Rings Distributors and WholeSalers
… Favorite Distributors and WholeSalers of Ear Rings in India, … Products/Services : Bangles, Bracelets, Pendants, Rings, Ear Rings, Necklace… Australia … – 166k – Cached

Ear Rings, Ear Rings Manufacturers & Suppliers
Find a reliable & professional Ear Rings manufacturer or supplier. … Jewelry Findings & Components (5) Body Jewelry (23) Bangles & Bracelets (20) … – 250k – Cached

Clothing & Fashion > Import Rings & Earrings Products – Rings …
I am setting up an onlin shop to sell fashion jewelry in Australia. – necklaces, ear rings, bangles, bracelets and other accessories. … – 70k – Cached
Ear rings Business Directory – Ear rings buyers, importers …
Australia. Cybershop Open Now … Necklaces, Bracelets, Bangles, Ear Rings, Bridal Sets. Exporter. China. Risen Power Int’l Ltd … – 67k – Cached

Earrings Distributors – Earrings Distribution Wholesalers
… India (17) China (6) Canada (4) Australia (3) Germany (1) Hong Kong (1) … Rings , earrings, chains, bracelets, charms, pendants, necklaces, ear cuffs, toe … – 80k – Cached

Cuff Wholesale Suppliers – Cuff Wholesalers
USA (7) China (7) India (4) UK (3) Australia (2) Canada (1) Hong Kong (1) … In quality jewellery sets like bangles, bracelets, cherry, cuff, ear rings, … – 75k – Cached

heart ear rings exporters, heart ear rings manufacturers, heart ear …
… Are very popular in the Middle East, Australia, Europe and America. … Rings Bracelets Earring Ear Rings. Guangzhou Chuangmeiyi Metal Craft Jewellery Factory … – 86k – Cached

Merchants selling general individualistic jeweller specifically chosen in accordance of the principles of Men’s Fashion – 91k – Cached
Napoli Leather Full Grain Wholesale Leather Bracelets – Monster Steel
Wholesale Leather Bracelets Wholesale Distributor

Good Luck.

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