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George asks…

What are some important historical events that happened in January?

We need to do a research paper on something that happened in January and I’ve looked through a couple of sites and books but, I’m over welmed. I’m looking for something interesting. Any help would be great.

John answers:

Lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation – Jan 1,1863
United States & Canada reached free trade agreement Jan 2,1988
The first presidential election was held Jan 7, 1789
The League of Nations established – Jan 10, 1920
The Holocaust began – Jan 10, 1933
Congress ratified the Treaty of Paris formally Jan 14, 1784

And more at this site:

Ruth asks…

What papers/documentation are required to do a trade-in when buying a car?

I want to get a new car and trade in my current one. What documentation about the car should I Bring with me?

John answers:

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James asks…

Where could I get an 8 page paper on Genetic Engineering published?

I checked GEN and the cheif editor said it was too long for any trade publication to publish as a review.

John answers:

If it’s a review paper, and not original research, it’s going to be harder to get published because review papers are often solicited from specific people.

One thing to do would be to go to Google Scholar or a search engine in the field of biology to search for similar topics and see what journals those people published in. Also, if this is a paper you wrote for a class, your professor should be able to give you a journal recommendation.

If all else fails but you still want to make it available, try arXiv. You can post it there for free but make sure it falls into under a topic they support. That way, people can read it, and it kinda counts as a publication but if you list it on your resume people will realize it was not peer-reviewed.

Michael asks…

Where can I find a range of different origami lucky star papers in Hong Kong to buy?

I really like making those lucky stars using paper but I really want to find some really cool patterns. Does anyone know where I could find range of different papers for making the lucky stars and it would be nice if you could suggest places in Kowloon. Thanks!

John answers:

This is all that I could find in your area. The rest of the listings there were for touring the city.
Origami papers.

From Hong Kong. £2.50 … Origami paper 80 sheets in 10 different colours. … 10 Colors Lovely Colorful Shining Folding Origami Lucky Star Paper Wishing Star.
Http:// –

Chi Thanh Trading Company/Hong Kong Trading … (most 2″ or smaller), “lucky star” strips, some A4 paper. Origami by … Carries 254 different types of papers …
Http:// – Cached : Buy FREE SHIPPING ! Ascendent folded paper …
Find More Crafts Information about FREE SHIPPING ! Ascendent folded paper / lucky star craft paper … Origami Color paper. Size: 1 … Com Hong Kong Limited …
Http://… – Cached

Star Paper-China Star Paper Manufacturers & Suppliers – Made …
Our current range of paper lantern is rice … We can according to the customer to make different design paper … In any our products (origami paper lucky stars, …

Robert asks…

What if I have several witnesses that the paper was notarized without me being there?

I bought a car from a local dealer in Greenville, NC. I am making payments on the vehicle. I had a lapse in insurance and now they are saying that they are going to take my car, but on the back of the document it says that they will just add their own insurance to my premium if I don’t pay it. Can they take my car? Also, I have the bill of sale here and it was notarized without me being there. It says exactly : I certify that the car I am trading in is free from all encumbrances whatsoever, and that I am of legal age. I understand DEALER has no warranty and is selling car AS IS. Insurance Company_____________
Dealer_______________________ Purchaser Signature: which has the lady’s name who works at the dealer
Personally appeared before me ____________has lady name not mine____________ who first being duly sworn states that he is the sole owner of the above described vehicle and same is free of lien or encumbrances of any kind. He also states that this is a true and correct bill of sale.
Sworn before me this 14 day _____________lady name not mine___________ of Jan 2013 Noatary Signature _________________
When she came back she told me that I had to sign the document and I was not present is this contract valid?

John answers:

Yes. They can “take” your car if it is uninsured. They can also buy insurance in lieu of you providing it but if they do, they will charge you for it and the price will be exorbitant. Also, it would only be collision and comprehensive so you would remain with no liability insurance.

The notary thingy is irrelevant. You are grasping at straws.
If you have not already purchased insurance… Do yourself a favor and get it NOW !

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