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Sandra asks…

Should a reasonably free formal education continue to be a Right or should it be a Privilege?

Our country has always had the promise of a free education ( until high school graduation). However with our considerable state & national debt, is this still practical when there are those who reject public education & others who resent going to our schools? Is illiteracy & ignorance in the general population acceptable for our future? It seems to be here now.

John answers:

Many parents use public schools as babysitters.

I think every student who attends a public school should pay for their breakfast, lunch, bus ride, pens, pencils, and paper- Even if it’s one dollar a month. They should also complete volunteer work by donating time with the elderly or disabled.

The children who I worked with were so unapreciative! They didn’t want to be at school. The only things they cared about were their cell phones and MP3 players. Drinking and drugs were important also. The parents didn’t care if they ate correctly or had a good night’s sleep. One parent said that when their child was in school it was the teachers’ job to take care of the teenager and provide suplies. Many students broke the computers and tore and tagged the textbooks. One day a heard the “F” word over 120 times.

My friend said that she had two students out of 180 turn in an assignment one day last year. Currently, students wear piercings, colored hair, gang colors, and inapropriate clothing. The students and parents run the schools.

If a studnet doesn’t want to work at school, make their parents come to school for a week or make the student be trained to dig ditches. Something to contribute to society.

Currently, I think ignorance is seen with people who have recently graduated from college. They don’t seem to have social skills, manners, or have traveled anywhere out of town. They might be book smart, but not informed- they cannot write, read well, or pronounce words or names. Many don’t know how to have a conversation or interact with people.

Ignorance is not acceptable. I believe that in the US, there are many people who are mentally challeged (From lack of a stimulating environment, Fetal alcohol or Crack babies) that slide through school. (Mainstreamed) One cannot expect someone with an IQ of 60 to be in a regular classroom.

Maybe we should be like Germany and have trade schools, and cull the students when they are young.

Carol asks…

What is the safest free place to keep my stock?

My grandpa gave me some stock before he died, and I want to keep it safe from fire, theives, etc. I don’t plan on trading or selling anytime soon. I just need a safe place to keep it, and I have no idea where to look.

John answers:

Open a trading account with Charles Schwab or some other well-known broker, and give them the certificates. Pretty as they are to look at, most people don’t hold certificates any more – it’s much better to have your portfolio held by a broker for exactly the reasons you state.

If you really want to keep the paper, open a safety deposit account at your bank and put them in there.

Ruth asks…

How do you apply lining paper to walls when you intend to apply patterned wallpaper afterwards.?

The walls where I live are quite bad with many imperfections, and I think I need to wallpaper them to hide the gauges and repairs they’ve had. I want to do the job right and I understand that the correct thing to do is to line the walls first. One friend said that the lining paper should be applied horizontally if a patterened paper is to be used after, but another friend said “no” they both go up vertically. Which is right please?

John answers:

The lining paper should be horizontal. This ensures that no joints can fall in the same place which can cause splits. Don’t be fooled into thinking that lining paper will hide everything though it doesn’t.
You would best filling all that you can first with good interior filler(don’t buy the cheapest as it doesn’t sand very well,I would recommend dulux trade interior filler). Preparation is the key to success. The best paper to put on would be waterfall by fresco as this hides most imperfection very well.If you choice this paper then here is a tip to save you a few pounds.
Remember the pattern or take a sample with you to wicks.They have the same paper made by fresco but in a wicks wrapper at about half the price.
If you need any further help feel free to email me.

Steven asks…

What is the best way to get started as a free lance writer?

I have a degree in Professional Technical Communications and will be working on a Masters in Marketing. But I would like to suppliment my income by becoming a free lance writer. Any suggestions?

John answers:

Contact local papers or trade publications to inquire about freelance assignments. You may have to work for little or nothing to get a foot in the door. However, after you have a few published pieces, that should make it easier to find paid work.

Maria asks…

Why is Chrysler sitting at the free money trough with Ford and GM?

Ford and GM are publicly traded companies and their stock is subject to impact average Americans and their retirement plans. I don’t agree with a bail out, but I see why they are at the table begging. I can’t believe no Senator or Representative in either of these trips to Washington asked Chrysler why they were there also. They are a private firm held by a private company that has plenty of money. If they need money shouldn’t they just ask the parent company for it? Are we really going to give a few billion dollars to a hand full of guys that already have a few billion dollars in the bank?

John answers:

From the Wall Street Journal:

Lawmakers last week questioned Chrysler Chief Executive Robert Nardelli on Cerberus’s commitment to the company. In one exchange with Mr. Nardelli, Sen. Robert Corker (R., Tenn.) criticized the firm. “Cerberus has cash, lots of cash, that it is unwilling to put into this company,” Sen. Corker said.

I’m not sure if Senator Corker was the only one to actually ask the question (I was at work, and am relying on media reports), but plenty of others are objecting to Chrysler getting money. In fact, it’s bipartisan opposition:

If the Senate fails to pass a measure to aid the industry, the House will not act.

That would be fine with Rep. Steve Kagen, D-Appleton. He opposes providing money to Chrysler, which is owned by Cerberus Capital Management LP.

Admittedly, Rep. Kagen’s opposition sounds personal: Another of Cerberus’ companies closed paper mills in his district, but refuses to sell the facilities to investors who want to have a go at running them. But he’s urged other Members of Congress not to give Chrysler any money at all.

It looks like there are Congresscritters who support giving GM and Ford help that object to giving Chrysler help. Whether they’re enough to change the outcome remains to be seen.

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