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Helen asks…

Someone good at proofreading english papers???

ok I have to turn in this final draft tom. and my teacher keeps telling me that there are many mistakes and shes not telling me whats wrong with it…can anyone help………….
Also I don’t care about your view about the paper I just want suggestions on how to fix it
There are many issues that affect an election. Some people are dying from issues such as the war and Iraq. Others are worrying about the environment and what it has become to this day. Some of the leading issues this year are abortion, immigration, and free trade.
Those who are against abortion, such as Catholics, are having a tough time trying to ban abortion, while critics who are abortion are fighting to keep it legal. People who are for abortion do not have the Ten Commandments in their lives hence they do not know the eighth commandment. People don’t believe that they are murdering someone when they get an abortion. Many supporters have been taught that once a child is conceived the child has a soul,
as a result if someone kills the baby then they are committing a murder, which is against the Ten Commandments. There is murder happening all over the world; not just with abortion, but also with Immigration.
A lot of immigration is across the Mexican border into the United States. These illegal immigrants are causing a lot of controversy because people are unhappy that they are coming into the North America. Citizens are angry at these 14 million illegal aliens because Mexicans are taking American jobs, leaving people out of work. Another reason that people are mad is because these people are coming over and they are not paying taxes, thus their kids are going to public schools and not having to pay for anything. The U.S. is not only having a problem with immigration, but also trading with other countries.
The United States is losing a great deal of money trading to other countries. One of the reasons this is happening is because the U.S. dollar has lost its value; therefore
, the wén or ??ng are worth much more value wise. Tariffs on many goods exported to and imported from other nations have been eliminated by several regional free trade agreements. Supporters pronounce that means more opportunities selling United States goods overseas, and critics say U.S. jobs have been lost. Jobs have been lost because companies are not making enough money to support all of their employees.
The reason that abortion, immigration, and trading with other countries are such big issues is because they affect everyone, such as people could be working at a company right now that could go out of business. Plus the people who are losing their jobs because illegal aliens are coming to the United States and taking their jobs. This is why the 2008 elections are such a big deal. It could affect all of us at some point in our lives.

John answers:

A few suggestions…………

“……such as the war in Iraq.”

Others are worrying about the environment and what it has become. (delete “to this day”)

while those who are pro-abortion are fighting to keep it legal.

A lot of immigrants cross the Mexican border into the United States.

…..illegal aliens because Mexicans are taking American jobs. (delete “, leaving people out of work.”)

therefore, the wén or ??ng are worth much more. (delete “value wise.”) (Is “wen” supposed to be “yen”?)

Supporters say that means…..

……such as people who could be working at a company that could go out of business.

Mark asks…

How do Amsterdam coffeeshops get their supplies???

I mean, it’s not as if there is a free market in the trade of high quality weeds and hash is it? A lot of it is probably from own soil as there are busts every now and then that hit the Dutch papers but i would imagine to grow enough to supply Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands (and beyond) would probably mean sacrifying a few more hectares to crop the stuff. Any intelligent guesses on this?
Having lived in various part of the Netherlands over 8 years in dribs and drabs i have never known a coffeeshop to run dry … not even after a massive bust somewhere …
From the little legislation i am aware of i believe towns are allowed 1 coffeeshop per 20.000 inhabitants. But then it depends on the local authorities wether they want to have coffeeshops in the first place.

John answers:

Officially speaking, they do not get any supplies. 🙂

But of course they do.

The Dutch government certainly does not grow marihuana itself. Also, the coffeeshops themselves are NOT allowed to produce it.

This is the double face of Dutch drug policy: the use and sale of small amounts of marihuana is allowed, but the production and wholesale trading of it is not.

So what is the answer? Most coffeeshops get their supply either from abroad (so through importing, which is also by the way illegal) or from local ‘producers’.

These producers grow marihuana at home or in more professional (illegal) locations like greenhouses or industrial estates.

Michael asks…

Introduction to my paper? what do you think?

i have to write an essay about any topic. i chose the mosque that is being built in NYC near ground zero. i’m not looking for your opinion. i would just like you to critique my intro.

“We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal…”. We are citizens of what is known to be the greatest country in the world. Such pride is taken in the equality of all humans, that we go as far as to place it in our Constitution. We use this piece of parchment to base the entire idea of a free country on, and yet after 234 years we are still judging people and preventing them from building a Muslim-based community center.
The story is known around the world. On September 11, 2011 nineteen al-Qaeda suicide bombers hijacked four commercial airplanes. Two of these planes were flown into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in NYC. Another was flown into the Pentagon, and the fourth crashed into a rural field. The actions of the terrorist group al-Qaeda has brought prejudice towards Muslims and those of middle eastern descent, despite of the simple fact that all men are created equal.
thanks a bunch me!
my paper is actually to test out of my english 12 class, and is due on tuesday.. :/

John answers:

Do you mean September 11, 2001?

I like your intro btw. And idk, this is in my opinion, but i think you should just add “presently” before “preventing them”.

That’s just because when you added the adj. “still” before “judging people”, naturally when that was added, i thought “still” applied to both “judging people” and “preventing the community center” after 234 years. And the community center is just a present issue. Sorry, i don’t know if that made sense lol..
But anyway, good intro.

For the last part, “prejudice towards Muslims and those of middle eastern descent” ask yourself why? Why is there prejudice towards Muslim and middle eastern descent? And put that answer in your essay.

I would take out “greatest” and replace it with something else. It can still be a word/phrase that positively describes our country but i think “greatest” might make the essay sound a little too biased.

Paul asks…

Help me choose a topic :)?

1. The rise of popularity of reality shows mirrors a decline in values and sense in community. (I know there are tons of papers written about this, but it would be a pretty safe topic and I would approach it with humor)

2. The North America Free Trade Agreement, created to promote conditions of fair competition, encourages illegal immigration into the United States.

3. I would write about the cinematograph and how important its invention was.

Paper won’t be graded on topic but instead on how effectively it is written. If you have any other topic suggestions please let me know but also make a selection. Thanks 🙂

John answers:

I think the 3rd is the best!

Sandy asks…

If you could look at my english paper and tell me anything you see wrong with it I would be very greatful.?

John Proctor is a prominent member of society. He is seen as an overall good man who has strong moral beliefs. As the protagonist of The Crucible, John Proctor’s great courage drives him to fight authority when he believes it to be unjust authority that goes against his own moral standard. This first can be seen when Proctor clashes with Reverend Parris because he believes that Parris is a man of greed, selfishness, and contentiousness. Knowing this, Proctor refuses to attend Parris’s sermons of “hellfire and bloody damnation,” as well as smile upon Parris’s want for higher pay (Miller 26). Proctor’s courage calls him to go against the reverend of his church when he believes the minister to be in the wrong. Within a puritan society going against a minister is a serious thing, but Proctor challenges him nonetheless. Proctor’s unbending courage also shows itself when he goes against the witchcraft court and tries to stop them and free the innocent townspeople. He knows that that Giles had already been accused of witchcraft for standing up against the court, but he is willing to risk it if it means possibly saving the “seventy-two condemned to hang by [Danforth’s] signature.” (danforth 83). So he convinces Mary Warren to testify against Abigail. Unfortunately Mary’s courage failed her. Unable to stand under the pressure she buckled and failed to support her testimony. Proctor then summons up his courage and tries to in final and valiant effort to discredit Abigail by confessing to adultery between Abigail and him. This selfless act shows the shear vastness of his courage. This crime was punishable by death in puritan times, and he willingly admitted to it. To trade one’s life for another is truly courageous.

John answers:

I was actually put off reviewing your work by the fact that you have spelt “grateful” wrong in your question.

I did scan it briefly and would say that it looks like a list of bullet points all stuck together… It doesn’t flow. Was this supposed to be a simple synopsis of the story?

I would say re-read your work, watch out for repetition, take care with capitalisation on proper nouns, make sure you have provided references/explanations for any statements you make and, if this is supposed to be an essay, try to make it more narrative, rather than a list of bullet points separated by full stops. If you need some help with how to do this, post again and I’ll try to help you out, but without actually rewriting this for you!

All the best


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