Your Questions About Paper Trading Free

Jenny asks…

How much would these sell for? eBay? Crags list?

Hi there(: so I’m a little tight on money right now and I have absolutely no breathing room with my money especially in these time so all the stuff listed below: how much would these sell for? Or if you had o buy them or whatever(: I’m not really expecting a lot of money, but at this point anything will help! Thank you so much!(: oh all the prices listed below or written down there are what was written on the item NOT what I’m selling it for.
1. French learner’s dictionary
          – living language
          – original $7.95
          – soft cover

2. World facts (prehistoric to present day)
          – written by a doctor
          – I couldn’t find price
          – hard back cover on top
          – thick small (500 pages)

3 vangelis pavlidis: Rhodes 1306-1522 a story
          -hard/soft cover
          – no price
          – about 100 pages
          – really great sketches great for drawing off of
          – mint

4. A kid’s guide to the people and places of America: state-by-state atlas
          – 128 pages
          – almost perfect condition (little harsh-ish edges of spine)
          – DK publishing  
          – no price 

5. Harry potter and the deathly hallows
          – mint condition( a little fought on edges, not noticeable)
          – $34.99 (barnes and Nobel :P)
          – haunt touched it.. Bought it never touched it.

6. Harry potter and the goblet of fire
          – scholastic
          – $8.99
          – paper back
          – mint condition

7. Here today gone tomorrow
          – $16.95
          – hard cover with original case thing
          – inside has 2 stamps 
          – out side cover taped in 1 corner, its okay not really noticeable 

8. Witch (series) #1-8
          – in original box
          – not perfect, rough edges on a few
          -cartoon at end of each book
           -200pages each. 
          – $4.99cover price on each book

9. Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf 
          -215 pages
          – 15$ original
          – soft cover

10. Guinness world book of records 2005
          – hard shiney cover
          – special 50th anniversary addition
          – 27.95

11.  Guinness world book of records 2006
         -hard mirrored weird green effect cover
          -inside: free trading cards
          – 27.95

John answers:

The Harry Potter books have the best chance of selling. In hard cover they bring around $5 to $7 in almost new condition.

Guinness books you won’t be able to give away.

Books, generally speaking, do very poorly no matter where you try to sell them.

James asks…

Explain to me how libertarianism can be rational when it supports the crapitalist lumber interests that wanted?

to be free of competition from hemp paper, yet it supposedly also rejects marijuana laws. Yeah, sure, I’ll hear the argument that it’s not “free trade,” but there will never be “free trade” when money talks, which is what the scam of crapitalism (and the fascism it breeds) is all about.
> A capitalist society is one where people can freely trade with each other

Don’t hand me that high-minded bullsh!t. Crapitalism is where money talks and turns the government toward fascist corruption through its talking. Show me an example where it hasn’t done so without the intervention of socialism to put the brakes on its abuses!
Run for what? Libertarian? Why TF would I do something so stupid?
Free market” crapitalism is a lot like pure communism. It’s never been tried. The thing is, the closer we get to it, the worse the outcome, like the Robber Barons of the late 19th and early 20th century. But you wouldn’t know anything about that, because if you bothered to study history, you wouldn’t be a conservative in the first place.

John answers:

……….because it DOESN’T support “the crapitalist lumber interests”. They wanted to ban marijuana. Libertarianism supports legalization of drugs.

Carol asks…

What are the current Italian drug laws?

I need to know this for my Model UN position paper. I am having trouble finding anything current so if anyone has any ideas, I could use some help. The topic is escalating violence in the international drug trade. If you have anything you want to add, feel free! Thanks in advance

John answers:

This country profile should be able to provide you with a lot of information for your position paper:

Chris asks…

Crosswords about issue of slavery in america before the civil war started?

1. The English sea dog ____ _____ started a direct slave trade between Africa and the West Indies
_ _ _ _H_ _ _ _ _ _
11 letters

2. Free blacks, before the Civil War, when traveling had to have identification papers and carry a B_ _ _ _ as a guarantee that they were not slaves
5 letters


John answers:

1. John Hawkins
2. Badge (already answered)

George asks…

Do people ever feel the need to get a new puppy every 3-5 years, and re-home the previous dog?

or example, trading an ’06 Chevy Cobalt for a ’10 Chevy Impala. In this same manner that when people buy a new car, they keep it for 3-4 years, then trade it in for a new model, do they ever do this with dogs? They get a dog as a puppy, raise/train it, keep it for 3-5 years, then place an ad in the paper for a free-to-good-home dog. For example, someone might trade in an ’05 poodle for a ’10 cocker spaniel.

John answers:

A child might ask this question … But anyone who has had a dog for life knows the added bond with a senior dog … So no, i think your question is ridiculous and i do not think people get new puppies like new cars … Geez …

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