Your Questions About Paper Trading Free

Sandra asks…

Paper trading for free?

Anyone know of a place where I can test out TA methods on historical prices for free?

Online, with historical data, and the ability to plot lines/bollingers/candlesticks, etc!

John answers:

ThinkOrSwim has free paper trading. Great platform… You’ll love the charts!

John asks…

where can i find a free options paper trading account?

John answers:

It sounds line you can at OptionXpress

but I have never actually done so.

Laura asks…

Where can I go to set up a stock market “paper trading” account for free?

John answers:

If my memory serves me right, you can go to “” which is Cramer’s of Mad Money’s site. I think they do a paper trading service for free. And they run a contest too. If you win, you get real money. I doubt you’ll win, or that I would, but that isn’t important, is it?

Betty asks…

I need to write a paper about free trade and economic globalization. How can I narrow this down?

What’s a more narrow topic about free trade and economic globalization? I need something that I can thoroughly cover in 10 pages. Not too broad and not to narrow.

John answers:

Write a paper about NAFTA – what it is, why it was developed and the successes/failures. THat should cover it. GOOGLE NAFTA

Mandy asks…

Card stock paper from Oriental Trading Acid Free and Lignin Free? Scrapbooking purposes.?

I want to buy it, it’s super cheap, but if there is lignin or acid – I can’t do it!
You know!?
IF you have ever bought the paper from them and know – please respond….THanks again

John answers:

I would assume since it is so cheap, and they don’t say that it is acid free, it’s probably not. Don’t take the chance. Call their customer service department. Maybe someone can answer your question there.

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