Your Questions About Paper Trading

Charles asks…

what paper work to i need to give and recieve when trading a motorcycle for a motorcycle?

John answers:

Each fill out a bill of sale for the estimated worth of the bikes. You can print up a bill of sale or make one that is hand written. Sign them over to each other and then exchange titles.

Sandra asks…

What is paper trading?

John answers:


David asks…

What is Paper Trading?

stock market

John answers:

Paper trading is a good way to learn the ropes without risking any money. You can do it simply by pretending to buy and sell stock, bonds, commodities and mutual funds and keeping notes of paper profits or losses. Or you can open an account with an online market simulator,

Sandy asks…

If half the value of America’s GDP is Wall Street trading promises-on-paper, when is manufacturing returning?

John answers:

As soon as YOU start buying aberican made products. I guarentee that the pants and shirt you are wearing were made in the third world somewhere.

As soon as you, me and other Americans start buying American then more companies will operate in America.

Don’t blame the corperations. For fifty years americans, when given the choice between a shirt made in america for 13.50 and a shirt made in indonesia for $12.00, the have taken the sshirt made in indonesia and saved $1.50.

Nancy asks…

What kind of material would i use to make my own sports trading cards?

Where can I get the paper to make sports trading cards? I cannot find out anywhere

John answers:

Some heavy greeting card stock. Ask at a copy center like kinkos etc.

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