Your Questions About Paper Trading

Paul asks…

What brokerage firms offer paper trading?

Pretend money, pretend trades…. For new investors to practice on.
TY for your answers.

John answers:

ThinkOrSwim Papertrading.

I love ThinkOrSwim so please don’t think the next statement is a reflection on them:

Don’t use papertrading as an indication of how you’ll do in the market. You’ll only fool yourself.

William asks…

Artist Trading Cards? What kind of paper should I use?

I want to start making Artist Trading Cards! I need to know what kind of paper I can use. I know that most people say cardstock and stuff, but I can’t get out to a store right now. Are there any GOOD substitutes I can find at home?

Thanks =) And any other tips for ATCs would be awesome!!

John answers:

Try using index cards or even recipe cards if you have a stack on your desk or laying around the house. Draw your images and paste them onto a deck of regular playing cards that you may already have. If a lack of money is preventing you from buying art supplies, you can get free playing cards from a gambling casino since they must um…discard the used decks every hour or so and have an enormous surplus of used decks. Ask the pit boss for a free one. Office supply stores sell great alternative papers and other materials that can be substitutes for art supplies. Browse some catalogues online for more ideas.

Susan asks…

Does offer paper trading?

I was reading the blog on sogo, they suggested paper trading with the same platform you would use with real money. I am signing up with sogo unless somebody has something horrendous to say about them besides crying about ACH transfers. Anyone know about the spreads with Sogo? Also, have you heard about “them” passing a regulation that ensures trades are routed to the cheapest seller?

John answers:

4 day wait for ach transferrs (higher than average) to go through and good luck getting the money back from them afterwards (took me three months) I do not trust them, I am much happier with Scottrade right now. Plus look at the dates on those blogs..Jan 9th is their most “recent” entry. The paper trading is a pratice site (nothing new here) for your ideas. Bascially whatever you are using now strick with it is what they are saying. And as far as “cheapest seller” no such thing the market dictates the price and whatever the bid/ask rpice is that what it is. As for spreads not sure what you mean should be pretty standard I’ll let a more experienced options user say somethign about this.

George asks…

Where can I download a simulated FOREX currency trading program?

I would like to do some paper trading of currencies. Anyone know of any good simulated trading platforms?

John answers:

You can get a trading platform from any Forex broker.
The most popular platform is MetaTrader4 (MT4).

You simply need to find an MT4 Forex broker. All of them offer so called Demo accounts. Register and get one for paper trading.

Here is a quick list of brokers with MT4 platforms:
Interbank FX
MIG Investments
IKON Royal
Hotspot FX
Direct Forex
ODL Securities

Joseph asks…

how can i practice paper trading in stockmarket?

John answers:


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