Your Questions About Paper Trading

Ruth asks…

where can I find thick paper like the one’s used for baseball trading cards.I would like the best for my team.

the paper is like the baseball trading cards. I like to do the best for the kids. I took all the picture’s of them.some guy wanted 100.00 to do it for the team .They cant afford it so I’ll pay for it. Can anybody help me please I want a good quality paper for my kids. so when they look at it they will think it’s the real deal .

John answers:

You can get glossy card stock at the craft stores, like Michael’s and office supply stores, like Staples. You will probably have to cut it to size yourself though.

Sandy asks…

Can anyone name a broker who offers trading in commercial paper?

I know my broker Interactive Brokers does not, and neither does any broker I have ever had before, but it seems like a useful asset class to be able to trade.

John answers:

I assume you mean online ones? None that I know of. You need a traditional broker such as Morgan Stanley, Merrill, UBS, Smith Barney, etc.

Nancy asks…

What are the best trading simulators/paper money systems?

Best meaning most realistic to systems used by traders.

Least price delays, most realistic fill orders, similar charts and indicators offered

John answers:

Your best bet would be to open a practise account on a brokers website. They allow you an account of fake money and it tracks the real market like your are making real decision, with commissions charges and all related costs.

Find a good broker for the securities you wish to trade, from personal experience i would say half or so have a practise account facility. This is good for them too, as you get used to their interface, and would probably make an account with them when you started trading for real. So everyone benefits.

My own opinion is paper trading is a good way to learn in a week or two the mechanics of dealing, however you do not learn to trade unless you do it with real money, as managing emotions is one of the most important parts of trading, and that is absent in a simulator/paper system.

Jenny asks…

Can I get paper form share certificates even though I bought the shares on internet trading platform ?

I bought some shares on the internet with Etrade, I don’t want to (Day trade) anymore and woundered if I can get the shares i own in paper form and close my account. Im looking to for long term investment now anyway. If so, how do i go about it ? Thank you.

John answers:

Hello Matt,

Yes, you can get a hold of the paper certificates. There will be a fee involved. Etrade will be required to disclose this fee in it’s fee structure documentation.

Here is a link to ETrades’ Stock Certificate Request form:

Best of luck to you,


Charles asks…

Is there any free software or web site available where I can do paper trading to learn on line stock trading?

In INDIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John answers:

Investigate the different investments you have available to you. Make THE BEST investment you can: Invest in yourself – your own education. Once you have that knowledge, no one can ever take it away.

In the beginning “newbie” traders & investors DO NOT INVEST any money. It probably won’t be long when you’ll feel you’re ready to invest your hard-earned money. Before taking that step, you really should do research about what you are investing in.

You should LEARN HOW:
A] the stock market works. B] to invest in many, many various ways. C] to properly trade
D] Properly manage the money in your trading account.

“Newbie” investors & traders ALWAYS make mistakes. In fact, throughout a person’s trading, he/she makes mistakes.

In the beginning, you READ & LEARN about the market & how it works: Read “Investing for Dummies” As you read & do research about the investments you are interested in, sometimes you’ll come across a financial or investment term you never heard before.
Http:// is a free site. It’s recognized by Y! A as a “Featured Knowledge Partner”.

You can usually find excellent, easy-to-understand definitions of many financial & investment terms by going to Investopedia’s dictionary.

It also has a free, paper trading platform. You can set up a virtual account & almost trade as though you were trading with real money.
Http:// is also recognized by Y! A as a “Featured Knowledge Partner”

THIS IS NOT SPAM: I DO NOT know this man. I am not associated w/ him in any way. I know of him & the wonderful book he wrote. You should invest in a copy of
“The Richest Man in Babylon” by George S. Classon. You can get the book on
Its easy to read & follow. You can write in it & make notes in it. Simply read five [5] pages of this book – or any book – each and every day.
OR You can leave it on the shelf, on a table or on the floor & let it collect dust.

Thanks for asking your Q! I enjoyed answering it!

Ron Berue
Yes, that is my real last name!

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