Your Questions About Paper Trading

Mandy asks…

I am currently paper trading on TOS what should I use to keep track of my profits and ROM each month?

I am just looking for an easy and inexpensive way to keep track of monthly gains and losses that is compatible with the TOS platform.

John answers:

Go to monitor tab, click on account statement. Then click on profit & loss. You can costumize by right clicking the the top bar.

Michael asks…

Where can I buy that really hard paper to make trading cards?

PLEASE!!! Someone tell me! Where can I find hard paper to make trading cards?????

John answers:

Go to either a craft store or someplace like staples or kinkos and ask for heavy duty card stock paper

Lisa asks…

Can I start trading stock options with as little as $1,000? I do of course intend to paper trade first!?

Want to learn how much capital I need to start trading options with on a small scale and work my way up.

John answers:

$1000 is good for a start, you will need to be careful with it.

Paper trading and option trading can be found here:

Robert asks…

How does Paper Gold Trading work?

Does anyone know how does the Paper Gold Trading In HSBC of HONGKONG works?

or how does a bank does paper Trading?

John answers:

Seem like your answer is in the Q. Spot price of gold at time of trade v price of money in gold. Everything else should be a fee. Go for the lowest fee for the highest quality of gold…and know the trader.

Betty asks…

What is a good thesis statement for a research paper on The East India Trading Company?

In 8th grade at my school we have to write a forum paper. It takes up the rest of the school year and it is huge. I am insanely into history and science, so i accordingly chose to do my paper on the East India Trading Company. I do not know what to do for my thesis statement. I have to write a proposal of what my paper is about so I need to know what my paper will be specifically. Thank you!

John answers:

1st have an opinion on it or on some aspect of it.
Beneficial, morally good or harmful in some way
How it developed and became a large entity (company.)
Thesis statement would follow two or 3 statements something such as : There have been many (companies which have operated in foreign countries)
companies and countries which were based mainly in foreign geographical areas
As the areas of India and surrounding countries developed, ____

Hope this helps – email me if you need more help after writing a paragraph or two.

The 1st answer is also good.

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