Your Questions About Paper Trading

Joseph asks…

Why do I have to give personal info for free paper trading online?

they ask for SSN and everything… why?

John answers:


I would never give them my SSN

Laura asks…

What is the best website for paper trading on the stock market?

John answers:

Try Investopedia Simulator:


Linda asks…

What websites can i use to do paper trading in options without any long registeration?

John answers:

Michael asks…

Is there any good paper trading (stocks) software for mac?

Free would be preferable, but I’d be willing to pay. I would prefer software that does real time intraday moves.

John answers:

This is the type of question that will get you 1000 different answers, with 1000 different links.

Myself, I prefer using the program called “Marl”…it’s a stock trading robot (yes, really..don’t laugh). Using an initial investment of $1000 I made about $350.00 a week with it..usually while i’m sleeping which is rather nice too.

Now that I’ve made money, I’ve invested alot more…and lets just say, the money is nice. 🙂

Anyways, if you do want to check it out,
There is an article here:

I hope this helps


George asks…

What is the kind of paper they use for trading cards?

I am considering making my own trading card game and I was wondering what kind of paper they use for printing their cards. You know like a Pokémon card where the paper is quite smooth, a bit shiny and quite thick? I was just wondering what I would look for if I were to buy similar paper.

John answers:

Here is a website that has a wide array of paper and card stock.


I think you are looking for a heavier weight card stock with a glossy finish. It will, however, take some special techniques and supplies to work on a glossy stock. You’ll need to use some sort of permanent marker (like Copic).

If you read books or visit web sites that talk about creating ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) you will find the kinds of instruction on materials and supplies that will support your goal of making your own trading card game.

Good Luck!

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