Your Questions About Paper Trading

Helen asks…

What would be a good topic on the Atlantic slave trade to research?

I have to write a research paper on the Atlantic slave trade but i need to find a topic on what exactly to research about it What would be something i can definetly find a lot of information on to research?

John answers:

How about researching how many captives died on the forced march to the coast in Africa and never even made it onto the slave ships?

Lizzie asks…

What company should I write on for my 10 page final paper?

In Chapter 9 we will address the issue of managerial strategic planning, to include SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) and Porter’s model of five strategic forces affecting industry competition.

The assignment for your project is to analyze environmental factors (internal and external) facing a business of your choice that is a publicly traded entity. Assume that you have been appointed by the CEO of the company to present to the board of directors an overview of the current state of the company, and to identify the three most important factors that will affect the firm in the next five years.

Choose a company or industry that interests you. The following are a list of potential factors you may choose to consider. The list is by no means all inclusive:

•government regulations
•international trade
•interest rates
•social changes
•supply of labor

John answers:

Choose the defunct Countrywide Financial

Robert asks…

What is a “medium” when referring to artist trading cards?

Every time I am making an ATC (artist trading card), I am asked about a “medium”. What does that mean?

John answers:

Most likely you’re being asked about which “material(s)” you used in making it because so many things can be used to make “cards.” Some possibilities would be paper, cardstock, polymer clay, ink, paint, glitter, rubberstamping, etc… Or wilder things could be used too –as the card base itself, or as whatever is used to embellish it– as long as the final result fits the size requirements of an “artist trading card.”

However, another common way that the word medium is used is short for “acrylic mediums”… Those are clear acrylic based liquids and gels sold in small bottles at craft and art supply stores that are used to change the characteristics of acrylic paints especially to allow them to be glossy or matte, be thinner or thicker, take a longer or shorter amount of time to dry (“open time”), etc. They are basically clear acrylic finishes, most of which have been tweaked a bit to create those characteristics when mixed with paints. They can also be used as clear sealers and adhesives.
Mediums come up in that way often when talking to painters and rubberstampers.

Next time you’re in Michaels, etc., check out all the different acrylic mediums they have (…some common *brands* of acrylic medium are Liquitex and Golden since they also make acrylic paints).


Diane B.

George asks…

Is it possible to trade vehicles with someone in a different province?

I Live in Quebec and my mother lives in Saskatchewan.
Is it possible for me to trade my 2010 Hyundai accent for her 2008 Chevy Silverado?

We are both willing to keep the payments we have for the vehicles (since they are both the same payments monthly)
And if so how is it possible for us to go about doing this?
Do I have to insure the truck in Quebec with my insurance company? and vise versa.

[I understand that Quebec has a vehicle inspection policy and I would be willing to do it]

John answers:

Living in Saskatchewan I can tell you that should be possible. The vehicles would both have to be inspected in the regions to be driven in. The Hyundai the Sask inspection and the Silverado the Quebec inspection. There may be a few Quebec french law changes required, labels and such, but should be minor.

The bigger issue will be with the finance companies. They would have to agree to the change, but should do so. You are taking over her loan/lease and she is taking over yours. It would be a issue of paper work.

Betty asks…

is opening an account with TD Ameritrade just for the 30 day free trading worth it?

I am going to be an investor, not a trader, but i have an urge to try trading and it seems like a perfect opportunity.

John answers:

Flatly, no. I am sure the wire in, wire out, account closing, account startup fees, etc. Cover the costs. And since you seemed concerned about commissions, I’m sure your capital is relatively low for this. In reality, real trading is done with a lot of money, so that the difference between $5 and $15 commissions over $20,000 is negligible. If you are a serious investor, you will diversify your portfolio enough to give back those saved commissions anyway. There may also be a catch, such as only able to trade round lots, or specified conditions of keeping the account for a set amount of time or something. You may be better off looking at TradeKing, I had plenty of problems setting up my account with Zecco and gave up after a month, so I would not recommend them.

You have to remember that for every given deal the company gives they expect to make all that money back. And if you earn a lot of money trading or investing quickly enough to make the deal worthwile, then that’s great. But the odds are highly against you.

As for your desire to “try trading,” I think this is the worst mistake someone could make in the market. I would not even think about it until you have had a thorough understanding of the markets and 200+ hours of specialized trading research behind you, and then I would paper trade for a while more. Once you do this, I would suggest you create some hard rules for trading such as limited capital and relatively strict stops. You may benefit from reading “Mastering the Trade.” It’s a great walkthrough. I’m reading it myself. Don’t remember the author but I have more information on my website. It’s a good place to learn about the market and brokers (I think I have links to 40+ brokers or so).


Best of Luck

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