Your Questions About Paper Trading

Sandra asks…

How real is bartering and trading up from say a paper clip to a car?

I heard a guy traded a paper clip to other items and ended up with a car or some other large item. Is this real, and if so how do I begin a bartering campaign. What resources do I use to conduct multiple trades. Can I do this as a business. Best answer to the person who can dispel the mystery of how this works.
Danson, I don’t understand what you mean.

John answers:

I read the same story. He started with a big red paper clip and he ended up trading an RV for the house. All his trades were documented in the story.

Charles asks…

What are some good books that explain trade/religion in ancient China?

I need a good book for an essay. It has to explain either:
– trade of ideas and innovations throughout the dynasties
– the spread of Buddhism in China
– the arts of China

Please help! I’ve looked everywhere but they were either too expensive, out of stock, or not what I was looking for. I need a book by Wednesday!

John answers:

My recommendation is to stay away from ‘religion’ in your work – you may touch on it but do not delve too deeply into concepts and what western religious leaders would call ‘theology’ or belief structure.
My reason for advising this is that much of Eastern Religion is too dissimilar to Western Religion it is hard for us to see how it works other than through a background of (mostly) Judeo Christianity that our vision becomes clouded. If you ever find you ‘have’ to do some in depth studies of these religions, I would recommend adding something by Margaret Mead in terms of Cultural Anthropology to your list and something along the lines of ‘Phenomenology of Religion’.

Usually when I do a list of (re)sources I do so in bibliographical order. In this list I intend to begin with basic books (so basic, I would recommend looking for them in a library). For purchasing, I recommend – even if you do not purchase them this way – to go on line and get an idea of the cost from a website. The very first on my list I often open up when wanting to brush up on a topic I know something about but want to briefly refresh my mind with the basics on issues – I will also use it when I sense a need for a quick introduction to historical events or movements or want to see a ‘sequence of events’ in history. It is not expensive and you may want to purchase it at some time. I hope a library nearby will have a copy for you to peruse.
I do recommend you use a library as much as possible. If you have a university library nearby – so much the better. As you develop your paper you may want to take particular points of questions to a librarian to see if there may be articles in the journals in the library’s collection which could help you out.
On economy and world history, look for: Fischer, David Hackett – The Great Wave: Price Revolutions and the Rhythm of History. New York: Oxford University Press: 1996. I have read this volume from cover to cover and cannot remember, frankly, all it has to say about China but he includes a bibliography of source materials on China you may want to explore. I often use my sources in this manner.
You may want to consider, if purchasing any from this list – looking at a title somewhere in the middle.

Sandy asks…

What was the British government’s attitude towards the slave trade?

Why did they maintain it? Need examples based on the movie amazing grace. Please help me out, this paper has to be atleast three paragraphs and it’s due tomorrow.

John answers:

It is a negative attitude

Maria asks…

What are some current controversial topics regarding China that I could use on a research paper?

This is actually for my senior project research paper. I am only fishing for potential topics right now

John answers:

Veto against UN sanction of Syria
South China Sea territorial dispute with the Philippines
Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands dispute with Japan
Border dispute with India
(alleged) currency manipulation in international trade
Build up of military and military technology
Relationship with Taiwan

Just look on your TV, it’s filled with fear-mongering news about how China is “threatening” the US, but a word of advice, if you want to write a proper paper, don’t base your presumptions on American media alone, in fact, don’t hold ANY assumptions about the Chinese AT ALL, see both sides of the coin, not like the idiots who just see one and believe everything.

Helen asks…

What does it mean when a potential employer wants to have an example of your “business writing”?

i requested to know if a business had any internship opportunities and they responded yes but then asked if they could have a sample of my “business writing” I am only starting business school this upcoming semesterand was just wondering, i dont want to turn them down but i dont have any specific examples of business writing! I wrote a fifteen page paper on fair trade coffee last semester, is that an example of my writing… im scared everyone!

John answers:

This means that they want to see your style of writing in business documents.

There are many types of writing styles, for e.g. Feature writing – where you’ll read in a travel magazine, or news writing – where you’ll read in a newspaper article.

Business documents have a style of writing. If in doubt, you can always clarify with the employer on what exactly he wants. Are they looking at a sample business document or a memo or an email?

Good luck!

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