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Steven asks…

How was the Prussian economy and trade affected by the Age of Absolutism in the 1500-1600’s?

How was the Prussian economy and trade affected by the Age of Absolutism in the 1500-1600’s?

John answers:

Wow, this is a research question. You make me want to write a paper – I don’t think you’re going to get a satisfactory answer from a forum such as this. Good question though.

I know from my military history classes that absolutism contributed to the attributed prowess of the Prussian army and the rise of professionalism, which in turn must have had economic impact, but without going and doing some serious research I don’t think I can accurately give you any more information.

Would you mind if I used this as a research subject for an article? It’s an excellent question.

Lisa asks…

What is a good title for a research/major opinion paper about animal cruelty?

I talk about PETA’s investigation videos, dog and cat fur trade in China, animal abuse being connected with domestic violence, how law enforcements aren’t doing all they can to prevent animal cruelty, puppy mills, KFC slaughter houses, similarity between human and animal, and the morals behind killing an animal.

thank you!

John answers:

You are ignorant. Go to school and get an education.

KFC slaughter houses? KFC doesn’t have slaughter houses and doesn’t raise their own chickens. They buy them from the same place your local supermarket does such as Tyson and Pilgrim’s Pride. THEY ARE ALREADY DEAD!!! They also enforce an animal welfare program with all suppliers.


People like you piss me off. Spreading your lies.

You also dumb enough to believe McDonald’s raises their own cows????

Maria asks…

Are teachers allowed to force us to trade our papers when we grade in class?

Okay. I am 13 years old and am in the 8th grade. I was wondering if teachers are allowed to make us trade papers when we grade in class. I prefer to grade my own paper as many of my classmates screw around and don’t pay enough attention to what they are doing. I ALWAYS have to fix either correct questions that were counted wrong or vice versa. I am to nervous to actually say no when we trade n grade as the teachers call it. Just wondering if i am able to say no and if i would have any proof as to why i can say no. Thanks.

John answers:

You have no legal standing. The Supreme Court has already ruled that such policies don’t violate the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act.

I suggest you explain to the teacher what you explained to us.

George asks…

What types of things did the Cherokee Indians trade with the Europeans?

I am doing a research paper on the Cherokee Indians.

John answers:

The Eastern Woodlands Indians of all nations(of which the Cherokee were numbered) did a brisk trade in deer skins and furs in exchange for guns, gunpowder, and textiles.White settlers and the long-hunters ahead of them drastically reduced the amount of game animals available.Sustaining themselves by hunting with bow no longer was efficient enough.Indians became very dependent on gunpowder and needed to hunt more to buy more gunpowder. It was a cycle of diminishing returns.
Later Cherokees were able to operated mills,gunsmith, blacksmith and weave on movable looms. The only supply still lacking was gunpowder.

Laura asks…

What are story ideas for a school paper?

I am an editor for a high school paper. Every issue we pick one topic and write different angles on it. It’s called the Focus section. What are some topics teenagers would be interested in?

John answers:

How about doing some research on the top 10 jobs that are predicted to be available after college??Interview some college grads who made the wrong decisions on their majors and couldn’t get a job. Also, what about college financial aid and what NOT to do. Good luck…also, maybe look into “trades” versus college degrees.

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