Your Questions About Paper Trading

Sandy asks…

How do I find the actual trade-in value for my vehicle which is 33 years old?

My vehicle is an 1974 F100 Ranger truck in which I am thinking about trading in towards a newer vehicle. This truck is in excellent running condition, cosmetically in good condition.
Almost everytime I drive it somewhere, someone leaves a note on my windshield wanting to purchase this truck. Quotes have been between $2500 to $4500. This tells you that it is wanted by many.

John answers:

Why do you want to trade it in and give the car dealer your vehicle? You sell a vehicle like that and then go buy another one if that is what you want. You can be assured if you trade it may sound good on paper but the dealer will not give you anything for it.

Maria asks…

what I need to do before car trade in and during the trade?

So I want to trade my car in and the seller already offer a trade in quote and other paperwork. For me as the person trading my old car for the dealer’s car. What do i need to sign what paperwork and what steps i need to do?

John answers:

The dealer will provide all the paperwork except that you should bring the title to your car and sign it over to the dealer.

The dealer will have a Sales Agreement for you to sign that shows the price of the new car and the credit you received for the old car. There may also be other official papers (such as an odometer statement to verify mileage is correct) to sign, depending on the state where you live.

If you are also applying for loan, there will be other papers to sign regarding the loan. If you know you have credit problems, DO NOT take the car home until you are notified that your loan has been approved.

Ruth asks…

Any ideas on what to write about for my globalization paper?

My professor wants a 5 pg. paper on the subject and left the requirements for it very open-ended. Anyone have any ideas for interesting (or just relevant) things for me to discuss?

John answers:

effects (cultural, economical…)
supply of natural resources global market (expansion, trade, interdependency
countries involved
other interpretations

Robert asks…

If a business moves into a new property and starts trading without planning permission?

A cafe/coffee shop has opened in my local town and it was reported in the local paper that the planning permission had been denied. Does that make it an illegal business?

John answers:

The planning permission I imagine is being sought is what’s referred to as a ‘change of use’. As pointed out by a previous contributor, it will require A3 use an is probably under A1, A2 or something else. For further details about this sort of planning permission, google use class orders (the second one down is pretty succinct). Use class orders are a planning tool that allows the local government some sort of control as to where certain types of properties are, or are not.
It is not by definition a criminal act and thus in the initial is not subject to fines or such penalties. However, an enforcement notice may be served if the local authority deems it necessary, if this is not complied with fines and imprisonment is not off the table.
So, firstly you need to establish what planning permission they have applied for. It may well be the case that they are applying to extend the property and have the appropriate use class order already (if so, all is above board). If not, and they are applying for a change of use, they’re in trouble.

Linda asks…

What would be a good controvertial topic for a research paper?

I’m having trouble thinking of a good argumentative/controvertial topic for my english paper. I need to pick one side and fight for it. The paper only has to be about 3-4 pages long, so it’s not that bad, but i’m bad at narrowing down from such a broad topic. Any ideas will help. Thanks 🙂
controversial*.. i think hehe
And it needs to be something i can find in an encyclopedia as well.

John answers:

How about gay marriage, stem cell research, genetically modified organisms, the World Trade Organization, global warming & Kyoto protocol, fencing the Mexican border, illegal immigrants (work and housing), affirmative action, rent control in New York City, the crisis in Darfur, what to do about North Korea and Iran’s nuclear ambitions! Pick one of those controversial topics, decide whether you are Pro or Con and then search the Internet. Make sure to look on,, and news sources. Good luck!

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