Your Questions About Paper Trading

Paul asks…

How do I set up my day trading business as a corporation?

I am going to start day trading as a business. Can I set the business up as a corporation?

John answers:

Yes. File papers with the Corporation Commission in your state.

It wouldn’t make much sense. There is no reason to incorporate. You are making profits with your trading. Then you pay tax on your gains.

Mary asks…

what kind of paper do people use to make playing cards cards?

I want to make my own deck of cards but i don’t know what paper people use. Can someone tell me?

John answers:

Most trading card game cards are printed on “gloss card stock” available at any hobby store

David asks…

What is a good research paper topic for a research paper on the mile east dating from muhammad till 1995?

This paper is due Friday and the game plan was the effects the middle east has on judaism but the content for that paper is heavy and I would prefer something with ease.

John answers:

Easier… Hmm. How about the relationship of European countries (the west) with the Middle East?
YOu could pick and choose any of these

During the first few centuries, Muslims expanded, took away huge parts of the Eastern Roman Empire, and conquered Spain and stayed there for nearly 1000 years.
During the Dark Ages, had it not been for Muslim scholars, Europe may have lost a lot of its Classical knowledge of astronomy, mathematics, and science that had come from ancient Greece.
Then there were the Crusades, the wars in Spain for freedom of the Christians, and also,
The expansion of Christianity and Islam through trade and colonization. Ever wonder why the largest Muslim country in the world is Indonesia?
The Ottoman Empire in European history–they were a constant rival of Russia and Austria/Hungary.
WW1–the Arabs fight alongside the British (Lawrence of Arabia) and Saudi Arabia becomes a country.
By WW2 all of the Western colonies become nation-states, but also pawns in the Cold War between the USA and USSR>
Zionism and the creation of a Jewish State in the middle of Arab lands. (1948)
Fundamentalism and antagonism towards west. (1979-Iran/Rise of Al-Qaeda, etc. )
Western wars in the Middle East (Afghanistan, Iraq)

Donna asks…

I have to write a persuasive research paper. Does anyone have any good ideas?

I wanted to write my paper against abortion, but the person sitting next to me in class is doing that. Any suggestions are appreciated.

John answers:

Anti-fur is a good one. There’s loads of stuff about the fur trade on the peta websites.

Thomas asks…

Is there any intelligence to trading FOREX or is it merely subject to interbank flows and basic supp/demand?

How can one trade forex in a manner that least resembles gambling– over what period of time can one see some logic to a forex trade?

Who are the main players that govern the price levels of currency and what effects do individual traders have?

how do hedge funds trade currencies?

Does technical analysis really work? The idea of of using tech analysis seems so silly–what is the theory behind it?

Any additional information you may have, I’d really appreciate.

John answers:

The currency pairs move in the direction of the trend, you anayze trends and it will help greatly, expecially the larger trends, short term moves within the trend are based on news items and parallel and inverse analysis.

Here are some technical papers to read:

You can also monitor support and resistance with price alarms.


Good luck with your forex joyrney.

Mark Mc Donnell

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