Your Questions About Paper Trading

William asks…

What topic should I cover for my International Relations paper?

I have to write a 12 page research paper for international relations on any issue as long as I can explain how it connects to the U.S. but I can’t decide on a topic. Any ideas?

John answers:

The history and meaning of “Most favored nation” (MFN) status
The French Revolution and the Statue of Liberty
Cuba – U.S. Relations
America’s largest trading partner – Canada

James asks…

What is a good thesis statement for a research paper on Japan?

I am writing an 8 page paper on Japan and can’t think of a good thesis statement. In my paper, i’m discussing the customs and culture, martial arts, the capital of Tokyo, and one other category I haven’t chosen yet (any ideas are appreciated). Any suggestions?

John answers:

Your teacher would probably appreciate a contrast type of thesis in regards to your paper. The subjects you chose to write about are those that would be interesting to compare with your own culture. Assuming you’re not Japanese.

Maybe another subject could be the fact that Japan has been very isolated from the rest of the world for much, much longer than other cultures. Thus, while cultures were evolving customs and trading with each other, Japan was keeping to itself for quite a while. This resulted in Japans unique culture, customs, as well as genetic heritage.

Good luck!

Mary asks…

Can u trade in a wii that cant read disk to game stop for another wii?

I went to a gamestop and I read a paper that said trade in your old wii with a controller and a nunchuk and get the black wii for fifty dollars I want to do that but my wii cant read disk, do you think they will notice if I turn in my wii.

John answers:

The Wii has to be functional. I also saw that thing at gamestop and am planning on trading in my stuff. The only reason gamestop would take someones Wii is so they can resell it later. So if it doesn’t work, they won’t take it.

Btw, you have to give them a working Wii and TWO controllers, not one. So if you buy another controller that will cost about $40, if it’s brand new and not used. Plus there’s tax, so the black Wii will come out to $100 more or less. One more thing, the controller has to be real. They told me all this.

Linda asks…

How to start out on the a paper about economics?

I’m having trouble on how to write a paper about the Economic Rise of India. Can you help give some helpful tips/key points on how to start out?

John answers:

This is a topic that you could write several books on, so narrow it down. You should choose to either cover the how of India’s economic growth, or the effects. Since you have used “the Economic Rise of India” as an apparent title, I am going to assume that you are looking at geopolitical implications of economic growth in India. You therefore want to focus on how the Indian economy fits into the world economy in some tangible way.

The following are a few ideas for a primary topic:
-India’s trade relations (balance of trade, what it imports and exports, and which countries have the most trade with India)

-The significance of India as an increasingly large economy (how much of that size will affect Indian military strength? Is this creating increased influence over India’s neighbors or other countries?)

-There was an issue of a few years ago that focused on this topic. You should look it up.

-Look at India’s position in the global debate over climate change and how its economic position affects its negotiating position in Copenhagen.

Good Luck!

Helen asks…

do you think people should start trading again for things instead of money?


bq: do you think that those little strips of paper and coins have more power over us than we do?

John answers:

I think we should only trade for certain things and some things should still require money.

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