Your Questions About Paper Trading

Paul asks…

Magic the Gathering. How can I expand the vision of the stores locator on the Wizards of the Coast website?

Hello everyone,

I’m doing a research paper on trading card stores in the USA that do Magic, the Gathering. I can’t find a resource for all stores, so I’ve been using the store & event locator on the wizards of the coast site. It gives me a LOT more stores, however it only gives me 30 at a time in a very small area. I see it’s powered by google, so is there any way to increase the range to all stores in the USA?


John answers:

Try emailing Wizards of the Coast and they should be able to give you a list of the stores.

Robert asks…

trading options in stock market question?

im not sure if its my broker’s website (optionsexpress) but i placed a put on ford in a paper trade which is betting on the market to go down, and when i look at my positions the stock went up instead of down and its showing i made profit from that. How did that come about ?

John answers:

Perhaps the implied volatility went up.

Michael asks…

Where do shops that sell Trading Cards get their stock from?

Where do shops that sell Trading Cards get their stock from? My local Waterstones sell YUGIOH cards and i’ve wanted to know were they buy their stock from like BIG lot of 1000 boosters etc…
If konami supply them anyone got any contacts?

John answers:

Newsagents and the likes of would normally order them through the supplier of there morning papers .

Thomas asks…

How did paper money and coins begin circulating everywhere in this country?

Other Questions

1. Who owned the Cotton Farm?
2. Did businesses just accept the government paper money overnight?
3. Is everything government already?

John answers:

What is a “cotton farm”

earliest people shared food and necessities,like families
parents do not sell milk to their children
probably the first economics were trading,” i’ll give you wheat for your extra meat”

quickly a standard was developed. As soon as there were kings the king could say ” one shiny rock with my picture” is worth wheat , meat etc

trade is much much easier with coinage than objects

the chinese invented paper, printing and paper money. The Emperor could say this paper is same as gold. Take it or die, copy it without my permission and you and your whole family will die

David asks…

What kind of paper should I use for Trading Cards?

I want to order some trading cards from Fedex Office, what is the best option from them? Thanks!

John answers:

If you’re ordering BLS Envoy, use toilet paper

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