Your Questions About Paper Trading

Mandy asks…

In Bella Sara, the trading cards, is Bella rare? Beacause it says that rare ones have shiny paper on them.?

When I got Bella, I knew that she was rare but it didn’t have shiny paper on it. Then I thought she wasn’t rare. But then I saw that Bella was the first ever horse, I couldn’t say she was because she didn’t have shiny paper.

John answers:

Well some times u have to look for the shiny cards sometimes u get one that isn’t shiny!but there is a shiny Bella cuz i have Bella and shiny Bello and shiny jewel (no shiny Bella 🙁 so i do not know but i love Bella Sara i have 85 cards!!!

Linda asks…

Even if you are not a Republican/Tea Party, isn’t it important to protect the Banking Class and their profits?

until they start to create new jobs?

At the moment they are busy trading Derivative Products with each other, using available capital for this purpose as they can use these paper trades as collateral to obtain more money to lend to each other.

As soon as they start to lend for productive purposes once again, instead of to each other, the economy will soar.

So we must refrain from regulating their activities to raise their taxes. until they make enough to loan money to productive businesses.

John answers:

Banks are about 25% of the problems in the World, and you want to help them?

Are you a Democrat??

William asks…

Can Forex Killer be used on its own to decide trades ?

I am nervous trying to decide when to enter trades so would Forex Killer help? i do very well on paper trades.

John answers:

It’s a common problem to be a bit nervous when you are new. You will get used to it. When I first started in the bank on my first job, I was so nervous, I thought I would have a breakdown and it wasn’t even my own money.

Using Forex Killer would help you in your decisions. I use it myself and I like the software very much since I bought it 2 months ago. Use it to confirm your decisions or to help you zero down your choices.

Forex Killer has helped a lot of people but I don’t really think you should depend on it alone. But I know some people who do and they have also done well.

Betty asks…

How many people can you fit on a flat bed truck in a collapse?

I figure we are all going to have to throw in on gas so we can get to work and services from rural areas. So maybe I will buy a diesel long flat bed truck like a tow truck. Or ,maybe I will be the guy with toilet paper lol. Trade chickens for toilet paper so something else tangible. I know it would be considered socialism if we all go in on transportation but I guess that is why Michael Ruppert said the rugged individuals will be the first to go and he does not care if everyone understands.

John answers:

Have to ask a Mexican, they have experience.

Donald asks…

How can I get free sticker paper?

I draw on sticker paper and I trade them with other people. I am currently using USPS labels. I don’t tag on them or put them anywhere it’s just for my own pleasure. I just got started not too long ago, and I remember someone telling my another place that I could get them from, but I don’t remember. Any help? Thanks.

John answers:

UPS has some, but you have to ask for the label. I’ve always taken any free stickers that are being given out and I tack my paper over it and apply workable fixer on them to laminate them. Good luck

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