Your Questions About Paper Trading

Carol asks…

What do the tcg companies use to make their trading cards & where can i buy some?

i made a trading card game but i want it to be perfected instead of being made of regular paper.

John answers:

They use multilayered paper. Pokemon used around 4 layers, I think, and Yugioh uses 3, or five, depending on how you’re counting. You would have to buy them from a wholesaler, which, unless you have some capital to put in it, most likely won’t be an option for you.

Michael asks…

Can someone tell me about that guy who traded a paper clip a couple of times and ended up with a house???

I want to know what he traded each time and how many trades it took to get the house. Like he traded the paper clip and got a ________.
I want to know how he did it. I don’t want you to tell me the website and make me read it! If you just tell me there is no doubt you will get the points.

John answers:


David asks…

What are trading cards printed on?

I want to print my own trading cards but i don’t know what kind of paper i should use. Also, i was told the trading cards should be 2.5X3.5
Is this correct or should they be a different size?

John answers:


Maria asks…

what is the name of the website where people keep trading things.?

I saw it one time on the news a few months ago.someone started with a paper clip and traded it for a rubber band, and as they kept trading things with people, it got better and better until they actually got a house. Does anyone remember that website?

John answers:

Craig’s list?

I don’t know exactly but here’s the guy’s website:

Donna asks…

do they sell pokemon trading cards in geekay city centre dubai?

the real trading cards thats made out of paper or cardboard or whatever. if they don’t where do they sell them in dubai

John answers:

They should somewhere. If not, buy online.

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