Your Questions About Paper Trading

Carol asks…

I need help with introduction phrases for my paper any suggestions?

My english paper is about homeless youth and them engaging in sex trading for commodities. Im just having trouble starting this off any suggestions? by the way its an APA paper, um there isnt any facts about homeless youth and trading sex in the past, and basically Im just trying to catch a readers attention. Any suggestions?

John answers:

You could try to catch the reader’s attention by giving them a vivid mental image, such as:

” You are a homeless youth, you need to buy some medicine. You’re sick, and shelter is a necessity. What are your options? For most youth with nowhere to stay, sex and their bodies are a fair trade for a place to live. After all, it is pretty reasonable. Quite the contrary… ”

Hope I helped. You can tweak this around a bit.

William asks…

what kind of paper are non sports trading cards from? I got a promotional card for a club and it’s the same


John answers:

It really depends on what card company it is made from. Most of the major companies use bright white cardboard of various points.

Mandy asks…

Why are our lives revolving around this concept of a paper money economy?

If you think about it, the economy is all about busting our butts for this green piece of paper.

We bust our behinds out for the green paper so we can trade it to others to motivate them to offer us services and goods. We rely on it so much that we have come to look at these papers as a means of surviving.

John answers:

A money based economy beats the alternative-

In a barter based economy, you have to physically carry around things of value if you want to trade, and the person from which you want a good or service has to want a good or service that you can provide in order for a deal to be possible. Additionally, it curtails investment in potential production, ensuring that goods remain scarce (and you remain hungry).

If you want to live in a primitive society without access to products from further away than somebody could carry a chicken, yeah, money’s pretty stupid.

Otherwide, wouldn’t it be convenient to have something that all people considered to value, and can be easily transported,and can be converted at will for needed goods or services at a valuation appropriate to that time and place? Well, these little slips of intracately printed ragpaper seem to do the trick.

Charles asks…

What is better paper for playing cards: photopaper or cardstock?

Well, my friend and I are planning to print playing cards for a trading card game we’re planning to make.

We can’t decide if it should be on photopaper or cardstock.

What’s better paper for playing cards?

John answers:

Photopaper is usually glossy which is a plus for the look of a playing card, but it’s very flimsy.

Cardstock can be bought in shiny material as well, so you might want to try cardstock! I actually made a bunch of bingo cards that lasted me plenty of games before wearing and tearing, so try it…I get my products from the site below 🙂

Hope that helps 🙂

Sharon asks…

Where can I find the trading prices of coal? for example how much is anthracite per ton on the market now?

Doing a paper on coal trade, the web doesn’t have any figures on the coal trade in terms of selling price

John answers:

Coal is normally sold as Futures, its not a huge speculator trading. Its normally defined as Appalacian Coal, although most coal doesnt come from this area. This is how the Government defines Coal. This is also a Government Glossary of Coal terms.


Central Appalachian Coal– For the NYMEX futures market, coal contracts specify delivery by seller to the buyer at barge terminals on two limited sections of river located in Central Appalachia, near the confluence of the Big Sandy and the Ohio Rivers. The sections are a 12-mile stretch of the Ohio River and the adjoining Big Sandy River (where coal barge terminals are within the lowermost 9 miles). The actual origins of the coal are not defined, but the coal must meet a set of specifications as to heat, ash, moisture, sulfur, volatile matter, hardness/grindability, and sizing and must be delivered in 1,550 ton trading units.

Check out this site it will give you the future selling prices and some more information. I hope this helps, Im a series 3 trader and Ive never traded coal. Its not a huge market for us, thats why its so hard for you to find. Normally its only sold to people that need it. There are some speculators but it’s not volatile enough to make a profit.


If you go to the months you can individually see how that month’s coal has sold over the past year ect. It will also give you other charts and opinions on if you should buy or sell. You will see when you check the charges its really not volatile enough for speculators to get involved.

Oh one more thing to mention anthracite is actually Appalacian Coal, thats probably why you couldnt find anything on it. Search for Appalacian Coal Trade, that will get you more hits.


Good Luck, hope this helps.

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