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Daniel asks…

Can someone tell me how to buy USA stocks? I only want to know the procedures, not “how to make money” etc.

I’ve been searching online for an answer, but all I got was “how to make money“, “when to sell stocks“, “how to invest wisely” etc. Well, I don’t care about making money. All I want to know is how to convert money into stocks.
I’ve been searching online for an answer, but all I got was “how to make money“, “when to sell stocks“, “how to invest wisely” etc. Well, I don’t care about making money. All I want to know is how to convert money into stocks.

I’m Canadian. Is that a problem if I want to buy USA stocks?

John answers:

You go to a stockbroker, either at a place of business or online.

Thomas asks…

how do you make money with stocks?

How do you make money with stocks? do you buy a stock for 5 bucks and wait for the price of that stock to goto 10 or something then sell it and make 5 bucks? how does it work… what numbers and things do you look at?
i looked up SIRI (Sirius Satellite Radio Inc) on and it showed stuff like this.. what does it all mean? what if i had 5 shares of stock with them how would i know if im making money… and how much i made? can you sell the stock you have anytime? how do you sell the stock? how do you buy it?

Last Price: $3.70 ^
Today’s change: +0.10 (+2.78%)

Bid $3.69
Volume 60.35 M
Open $3.62
Day High $3.72
52 Wk High $5.57

Ask $3.70
Market Cap $5.20 B
Close $3.60
Day Low $3.59
52 Wk Low $3.50

John answers:

You probably saw XM and Sirius Merger in the News yesterday.
Keep looking at stocks and read about them. Yes the idea is to buy them for less and than you sell them for more. Stocks don’t always go up. You can trade either direction but stick to the basics for now.
Seems like your interested but your a long way from trading with your money.
To buy stocks you open a brokerage account, it is like a bank account that you buy stocks with. Ask someone you know who is trading stocks how to get started. They will probably see your interest and help you understand a little better.

The stock market is a market. People are trading stock for money. You cannot buy stock unless someone somewhere is selling the stock. You need buyers and sellers. They determine the volume.( see Volume Definition)

Last Price: Where the stock price was at market close. $3.70
Todays Change: +0.10 means its up 10 cents
The (+2.78%) is the percentage its up or down in this case up.

The bid is the price a buyer is willing to pay for a stock; the ask is the price for which a seller is willing to sell.

Volume:The number of shares traded in a given stock or in an index. For that day at the time of the stock quote.The New York Stock Exchange trades about 500 million shares a day, the Nasdaq does about 650 million and the little old American Stock Exchange does about 30 million. There’s some dispute about the Nasdaq’s high volume figures, which count trades by market makers as well as those by customers.

Open: price of stock when market opened

Day High: Highest price the stock traded for the day.

52 Wk High: Highest price stock reached in period of 52 weeks

52 Week Low: Lowest price the stock reached in a period of 52 weeks.

Ask: the ask is the price for which a seller is willing to sell

Market Cap: market capitalization this is the price per share times the number of shares outstanding. Basically what the company is worth in stock at that time. $ 5.2 billion dollars
Companies are divided into different caps, small caps,mid caps, and large caps.

Close: How much the stock was trading for at the time the market closed

There are alot of ways to trade stocks, you basically put in an order to buy stock. It would be best to start reading up on types of orders, too complicated to explain in a paragraph.

Go to browse to learn more.

Chris asks…

Can you make money buying a stock that’s filed bankruptcy?

What actually happens to a stock once the company has filed bankruptcy?
I see some drop from $$$ to just pennies. But given it has a value at all means someone thinks it’s worht something, right?
I mean who buys it when it goes that low and does your share ownership still exist AFTER bankruptcy?

John answers:

It is possible that the company will be reorganized and come out of bankruptcy and the shares will still represent an ownership interest. If the company is liquidated and the money given to creditors, the shares will be worthless. If the company is reorganized and put in the hands of the creditors in lieu of payment of debt in cash, then the old shares are canceled and you get nothing. There are always people who will buy penny stocks and hope they go up. These people are fools.

John asks…

Is there a school/class i can go to that teaches how to buy/sell stocks and make $ in the stock market?

im at home sick with cancer, i want to go back to school when i get better and im interested in making money in the stock market

John answers:

You will find a wide range of articles and tutorials on my site and real time examples on my blog.

Elliott Wave Analysis is a very useful form of technical analysis that I use on nearly every trade.

I also have a Free eBook available to download…
‘Elliott Wave Theory – Quick Start Guide’….that covers all the basics.

A wide range of eBooks, reports, videos, tutorials etc for learning about all aspect of stock analysis is available completely free from the largest market forecasting service in the world when you sign up for their free Club Membership.

Michael asks…

How can i make money with stocks?

I am 17 years old, i have been lifeguarding for 3 years now and would like to play around with the stock market. I would like to do some research in a stock and then buy a share, Where would i begin?

John answers:

I am 22 and just started investing 8 months ago. I figured I can do it. Let me tell you from experience it is emotionally draining, takes a lot of patients, and alot of work but if you really want it. Go and get it. My advice to you (before you buy and sell anything) is to open a practice account and trade for a few months with fake money ( If you can make money go for it.

I will tell you money management is key to not loosing your shirt. You have to know this before you play. I feel that buy and hold is not a good strategy and especially today you will loose. Look into Swing trading, Techincal and Fundamental anaylsis, and how to keep your emotions in check. Find something that works for you and perfect it.

Or just buy a mutual fund, earn average returns, and forget about it.

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