Your Questions About Money Making Stocks To Buy

Donald asks…

How can a broke college student start making money in stocks?

(not completely broke) I am a 20 year old community college student, and i wanted to know how i can buy stocks in the stock market, or invest in the stock market somehow. I’ve heard stories about people getting filthy rich by putting money in the stock market, and i do realize that doesn’t happen to everyone barely anyone. i just wanted to get my foot in the door, I’d appreciate any help or advice on getting started. I’ve heard about Etrade and several other sites, any opinions on those?

John answers:

Get together with some friends and form an investment club investing minimum with a club is less than individually set up a club bank account get a lawyer and decent financial adviser many proffessionals will charge less for a club than an individual also seek out personal contacts maybe you or one of your friends has a parent that is a lawyer or financial advisor etc each one of your friends and you need to start saving even $1 a day saved by ten people could have your club ready to invest in less than 10 months the more you save the quicker you can invest. The lawyer will draw up investment club papers and register your club financial advisor can give advice best stocks and bonds to invest in. In general bonds are the best first investment vehicle they are more stable and you can buy some which will guarantee the capital you invest id wait on stocks until the club has a number of bonds and other investments going stocks can be extremely volatile up and down market and you could lose everything including your capital risked wrongly so start with club bonds and go from there

Helen asks…

Which stocks should i buy, For making money in a short time ?

Im still new so i know I’m not as professional as you are.
So 2012 is my first year as a trader.

I want to make a little bit money in a short term time, so I’m not looking for a long term time like years.

Im buying shares from Apple because they are releasing the iPad 3 and iPhone 5 and i will sell again after the release by one month or 2 so it will go throughout the month of january (effect of january).

Any stocks for a short term time, for a month or three just to make a couple of hundred’s ?
Just to pay my bank loan off, so i can start buying shares in big companies for a long term time.

Thank You

John answers:

Well in stocks unless you invest a lot and I mean a lot of $ its gonna be hard to make hundreds in a month but stocks I would recommend are.

IDCC-this company could be bought out at any time, it sells now for around 40$ a pop but if bought out it is believed it would be bought out for around 120$ a stock, of course their is no guarantee this will happen it could happen tomorrow or it could never happen, even rumors about a buy though boosted this to 80$ one time though.

GS-This company weathered the recession just fine and are a safe bet to have some good returns

NFLX-this company made a huge mistake when they changed their financials but the stock has been hit as it should and is now trading low at around 60-70$ with good news this stock could be back up to 150-180 in a few months but with bad news it could drop to around 30-40

Thomas asks…

What is the best way to make money buying Penny Stocks?

What would be a good source of information to pick “winners”?
Is paying for a subscription to a Penny Stock Newsletter worth the money? If so…what would be the best one to subscribe to?

John answers:

Money can be made in Penny stocks….unlike others here I am not afraid to put money is a good penny.

But if you think I get my inspiration from pumping penny rags…you are crazy?

The best way to pick penny stocks is to INVEST your time in learning how to technically read a stock chart and how to fundamentally read a balance/income/cashflow sheet.

You can get decent financials from decent penny stocks….no financial info….no investment.

Find pennies that have little or no debt and a revenue stream or some debt that is not increasing and revenues that increase with time….stocks like this do exist but they are not easy to find and RARELY if ever do they get pumper Buzz…they don’t need it.

Technical Analysis will help you to decide when to buy in and when to get out.

That is the best way to make money from any class of stock…..LEARN SOME SKILLS is my advice.

Lisa asks…

good stocks to buy that will make money?

school project try to make the most money in the class lasts only 1 month

John answers:

Go to sites like seeking alpha for aggressive stocks
^ 5 Stocks To Buy Now For Profits In 2012

Robert asks…

Is it possible to make money daily buying stocks at say $10 per share and selling them at $10.25?

John answers:

How much are the broker fees?

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