Your Questions About Money Making Stocks To Buy

Donna asks…

What are your chances of making money?

What are the chances of a newbie making money by buying and selling stocks? Suppose this newbie bought only stocks that his investor or Jim Cramer (LoL) recommended to buy/sell.

John answers:

Chances are good if you don’t sell too often. This strategy will make money in most years and your gains will be lightly taxed: Buy stock in one solid company per month, not heavily hyped rockets like Google or distressed companies on the verge of bankruptcy but a happy medium like Lowe’s home improvement stores. Sell each stock after 1 year and replace with another promising stock.

Almost any strategy will make money over the long run if it’s applied consistently so that you’re buying even during dips and selling even when it looks like the market will go to the moon.

If your plan is to trade every day or every week, then the odds are terrible. Be ready for years of losses before you master that game. You can try paper-trading to get a little taste of what short-term trading is like without risking real money.

I’m not touting Lowe’s stock by the way. It’s just an example of a dependable, growing company.

Charles asks…

How old do you have to be to buy/sell/trade stocks on etrade?

I want to make some money buy buying/selling stocks online through etrade but im only 17 and have no idea how this stuff works.

John answers:

“I want to make some money…” “…have no idea how this stuff works.”

I’d recommend first trying your hand with a stock market simulator. Below is a link to a free one from Investopedia:

Laura asks…

what are good stocks to buy that will make money in the next week?

i have to buy 4 or more stocks with 4,000 dollars for a history project

John answers:


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George asks…

How can people make money by insider trading by knowing in advance that stocks will FALL?

I understand how you can make money if you know that stocks will increase in value, but it just doesn’t make sense to me how you can make money if you buy stock that will decrease in value soon, even when you know exactly when they will decrease. it just doesn’t add up, can someone explain?

John answers:

Not only can they sell short the stock one but two they can sell the stock before it goes down which means that in itself has saved them money if a stock falls from 20 to 10 they lost half their investment however if they got out at 20 before it fell then they can go ahead and buy back in twice as many shares when it does fall to 10.

Robert asks…

I want to save money to buy a house. What is the fastest way for me to make my money grow for me? (stocks, etc

I have some money saved up but, its in a money market account and in CDs. This is making me some money but, i want to max it out? Does anyone have any suggestion?

John answers:


Glad to see you take an interest in purchasing your first home.

There are a couple of things you can do to maximize your return on your money. However, first things first. It’s an old cliché but a good one….you need to have a plan. You might be ready to buy a home right now, or it might take you 2 years, you need to have a plan. Start by analyzing your current expenses. If you have high debt, or debt in general with high interest rates, start by eliminating those. You don’t have to pay them off right now, but contact the creditor and ask for an interest rate reduction, or perhaps a promotional rate, or increase the line of credit on a card that will give you a promotional rate or low fixed rate and transfer to that card your other debt. Next, what things do you currently do that you can cut back on or even eliminate to save your money. These things will give you infinite return on your money. For example, how often do you go out, how much do you spend when you do go out, do you have Starbucks every morning, are you going to lunch every day when you could bring a lunch to work. Simple sacrifices to make your goal. If you can’t make these simple sacrifices, then you are not ready. The level of sacrifice you make is proportional to the amount of risk you are willing to take in your investments to get started. If you can’t make the necessary sacrifices then stick with your CD’s. However, if you can, them you might be ready to go shopping for your home sooner than you think. In the mean time interview different lenders, and find out what “ethical” programs are out there for you, a first time home buyer. You might be surprised. Lastly, stick to what is comfortable to you. Everyone will have there advise, but nobody is like you. Stick to what you know, but make it a habit to learn more. The more you know, the more you will grow.

I wish you much success

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