Your Questions About Money Making Stocks To Buy

Betty asks…

17 year old wanting to make money buying and selling?

I have a job at a golf course which works very well for keeping my gas tank full, being able to go out on Fridays, and paying my car insurance, but I want to start saving! I’d really like to get myself my own car that I pay for myself that isn’t total crap, as well as start saving spending money for college. I have been trying buying and selling iPhones from Craigslist and eBay but with the selling fee of eBay being around 10%, I have a hard time making much at all. Any ideas on some other things I could buy/sell? Or maybe even other ideas to make some extra money here and there! All advice greatly appreciated!

John answers:

One good way is to preorder a bunch of Collector’s Editions for popular videogames. They become out of stock when the game comes out, and people will pay a lot of money for it. Last year I preordered 8 Halo 4 Limited Editions for either $80 or $90 each, then a day after the game came out, I sold them all on eBay for around $150-$220. Just make sure it is a game that will likely sell out before the release date.

Sandra asks…

help buying stock!?!?

I’m interested in buying stock i want to start off small but i dont know really how to get started or the pro’s/con’s about it. I just want to make some money to get the hang of things im 16 by the way. I was thinking about investing into coffee. if you have experience can you tell me EVERYTHING OR ANYTHING about the market. so i can have an idea thank you!

John answers:

Buying stock will force you to learn a little bit, but you should educate yourself. I’ve put one suggested book into my source.

If you go out and buy some stock, maybe you will make money or maybe you will lose money. Either way, what will you really learn? Buy a book or subscribe to one of the magazines aimed at investors (Forbes, Fortune, Money).

James asks…

Is the stock market really worth it?

I heard buying stocks is a good and easy way to make money. Is this true or does it sound too good to be true? If it really is as good as it sounds, then why doesn’t everybody just do it?

Right now everyone in my family including myself are struggling for income. Is this a right time to start?

John answers:

Buying stocks is a good and easy way to make money ONLY if you invest in stocks that go up. If you invests in stocks that go down from the time that you buy them, you’ll be loosing money big time! The stock market is a big risk…it’s gambling with your money. You might earn money, but if you lose money and you don’t have a lot of it, you’ll have a big problem.

Helen asks…

What are the best stocks to buy to make money now?

new to the whole buying/selling stocks, just looking for opinions on the best stocks to invest in to make some money. any advice appreciated, thanks! (:

John answers:

No one can proprly answer this question. No one knows the answer to this, if they did they would not be on YA tryig to help people. Any one that does provide specific stocks is lying and any one who follows their advice is a fool,

Try visiting some websites that will give you a feel for the current market
Investors Hub –
Investopedia –
Investors Business Daily –
Naveller –
1 Source For Stocks –
Smart Money –
Trading Markets –
Yahoo Finance –
Zacks Research –

William asks…

can you take money out of IRA to buy stocks?

So I invested some money in IRA but realized that I had made a mistake. Now I want to close the acct and I know that the IRA guys will charge me a penalty. Will the IRS charge me a penalty also if I close the acct and use that money to buy stocks?
Even though I lose a little money, I am still keeping more than my principle. all I want to know is that Will the IRS penalize me? This money was invested after I paid my taxes

John answers:

You should open a discount brokerage account and transfer your IRA funds to it and invest in stocks in your new brokerage account IRA. Terminating it to ‘invest in stocks’ doesn’t make any sense as you will pay penalties to the IRS and lose the tax deferral of the IRA.

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