Your Questions About Money Making Stocks To Buy

Thomas asks…

How can I earn extra money in my spare time?

You know we can not make much money in our daily work.We can run a shop on line.We can buy stock to undertake risk.We can do anything else to improve ourselves. Dear friends, what do you do in your spare time? Just rest? Or else?

John answers:

On my spare time i have a network marketing bussiness and i make good money

Nancy asks…

If you spend a little money on a stock can you still make a lot of money?

I want to buy stock shares with a little amount of money, will I still make a big profit at some point? And what are some good stocks to buy that make a good amount of money?

John answers:

You can if you invest in the AIM market. Thats where most smaller companys with lower price shares tend to be listed. Just make sure you do your homework. Know your sectors and dig deep in to any company. Then its pretty much technical analysis. Learn all about that. How to read candlestick charts and use technical indicators like the MACD.

Michael asks…

Can you make a good enough living buying into stocks?

I know very little about stocks. I know you buy a part of a company and recieve money back based on how well it does. So how much money could i make by sitting on my ass at home buying tiny shares?

John answers:

The thing is, the trick in making a rich living with the stock market is when you don’t need the money in the first place. If you are trading to make a living, then most likely you will be haunted by fear and greed, and you will lose money on most of your trades.


James asks…

What do you think about getting a 0% interest cash advance on a credit card?

And using the money to buy stocks.

Generally, these cash advance offers I have been receiving are for 6 months, but I might be able to find one for one year.
After that, you are required to pay interest.

So, I borrow $10,000 dollars from my card at 0% (free money) and invest it. I pay it all back before the interest charges start kicking in. If you know of a better investment than stocks, tell me.

John answers:

You haven’t just discovered something that nobody else knows. It’s called THE CARRY TRADE… Borrowing money at a low interest to make money on a higher interest fund… The japs have been doing it in AmeriKa for years.

Joseph asks…

Is it hard to make make money in the stock market buy just buying and selling on the same day?

I read this article and it was said that to buy and sell the stock in the same day and to aim for a .6 increase. It was said a .6 won’t happen every day which is why you want to buy and sell the same day.

John answers:

Well its just a matter of studying how a certain stock reacts at various times of the day …they are ALL totally different and rather like women…once you ‘think’ you know the next move …. They will do something which makes the mind implode …exasperating yet extremely addictive…….

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