Your Questions About Money Making Stocks To Buy

David asks…

Is it smart to buy stocks cheap now while economy is bad? ?

Does it make sense to buy stocks now, when there are triple-digit losses? The economy can’t fall forever and “should” later improve, maybe when “heroic Obama” becomes president and will save us all, value will go up and I can make money off stocks I buy right now?
I see that the general consensus is that buying now is a good idea. Did anyone of you buy anything recently?

John answers:

At the present moment everything looks very attractive, if you buy now you will be very happy with your decision in the future, because sooner or later the market will rise.
When all the panicking is over everything is going to rise and rise fast. That said there is also no need for spending resources on any sophisticated research neither parking your money on a good fund with high commissions.

If i were you I would index my money to the market, by either buying a low commission indexed fund or buying directly an ETF (Electronic traded fund) called Spyder it mimics the S&P 500 and it is traded under the symbol SPY.

You can buy an ETF the same way you buy any stock.

Lisa asks…

What are the best penny stocks to buy and make quick money?

any help?

John answers:

SCLL is on the rise and with Obama wanting to lift the ban on skin cell research it would only go up more. It is selling right now for .0075 a share. 2 weeks ago it was like .002 a share.

William asks…

Is it possible to roll over 401K to IRA then buy stocks and if it makes money?

take some of the money out?

John answers:

Generally funds have to remain within the rollover IRA. Before retirement age the only provision I know to remove money without penalty is section 72t, substantially equal periodic payments.

Mark asks…

How to make money buying and selling stocks?

Is it as easy as just buying a stock when it’s low and selling it when it is high? Are then other factors to consider

John answers:

Buying Seasonal Fluctuations

Buying Cyclical’s

Contrarian Plays

Depressed because of Stupid Global News

Cutting Edge Product, Stock

Monopolies, exclusive Patents

Lizzie asks…

Should I buy stocks before stock options expire?

But I dont have the money to buy the stocks before expiration of my stock options. Whats are the alternatives to make money without buying the stock if it is ‘in the money‘.

John answers:

The answer depends upon the type of stock options you have.

If they are exchange traded options that you previously purchased, and they are in the money, you can sell them with a “sell to close” order.

However, if they are emloyee stock option plan (ESOP) options you do not have that choice. For ESOP options your employer’s human relations department should be able to help you determine your alternatives. There should always be a way to capitalize the benefit.

If nothing else you can cycle through the options, exercising a fraction of them, selling the stock you obtained to get more capital, exercising another fraction of them, selling the stock you obtained to get capital, etc. Until all the options have been exercised. (This would be somewhat clumsy and should be unnecessary, but it should always be one way to handle the situation.)

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