Your Questions About Money Making Stocks To Buy

Michael asks…

How do you make money if you buy stocks at $3 a share and how do you buy mutual funds?

I would like to buy stocks and need layman terms on how to go about it properly. I get the idea, but can someone tell me about selling the stocks after time. Also how do you buy mutual funds and whats the benefits of the buying them. How do you make money at it.

John answers:

ONLY use your “spare” money to buy stocks as it is all a big gamble.

If you buy at $3. A stock, you hope the stock goes up and you then sell it at the higher rate. Sounds simple but often the stock doesn’t go up, or it goes lower. Sometimes they plummet in an hour – as we’ve recently seen. You can use a stocl manager but you have to pay them a wage/cut.

A mutual fund is really a mix of stocks that a financial company has put together. A mix that they feel is safer then plain stocks as it combines foreign and home companies and is watched carefully by fund managers.
You purchase these through a financial adviser/fund company.The reputation of the company ( and their financial balance) is crucial in attracting clients.

Nothing is insured.

PS Insider trading is when someone “in the know” – who has secret info.) warns a friend that their stock is going to crash because something is going to happen.

Blue chip stock is stock that has traditionally grown. Hard to purchase and not as reliable to-day.

Donald asks…

How do you buy stocks and how do you make money from it?

Let’s say I want to buy stock in Honda and their price is $50/stock.

So I want to buy 100 stocks. Do I pay $5000? Then how do I make money? If the stock moves up to $55/stock that day, I would make $500? Then I can withdraw all my money and make $500? Is that how it works?

John answers:

Basically that is how it works (although you should not expect a 10% price jump in one day). The only qualified is that you will have to pay a brokerage fee when you buy the stock and then again when you sell, so you won’t make the entire $500. Fees can range from $5 per trade on up depending on the broker.

Most brokers need an account set up with a deposit before you can trade.

Lisa asks…

How can my war business promote a war with Iran? There is lots of money to make buy my stocks…?

Be a patriot, and support our economy buy my stocks.

John answers:

As they say – there’s no profit in peace

Carol asks…

What company is good to buy stocks from it right now so i can make money?

i wanna buy stocks, but whats a good company to buy it from so i can make money?

John answers:

Try IBM or if you would like to take risk for long term try FNMA

from web site:


Ken asks…

What are the best ranking stocks to buy?

I want to purchase some stocks and shares and I would like to know what are the best moneymaking stocks are.

John answers:

MCD, McDonalds

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