Your Questions About Money Making Stocks For 2011

Linda asks…

Proof that tax cuts don’t create jobs?

I figure that most conservatives won’t bother reading, but the cliff notes is in 2004 to 2007, corporations were allowed to bring in oversea profits at a taxable rate of 5% instead of the standard 30%. The idea being that corporations would use the money to create jobs for the economy. The results? 70,000 jobs lost and 91 cents of every dollar in reparations was payed out in either stock buybacks or dividends. Notice that this is a recent study, released in may 27, 2011, and that no media outlet ever reported it. So would I be wrong in saying tax cuts don’t create jobs and instead goes to the wealth which in turn, only makes them wealthier?
@thor: true, but so are Republicans. And it’s usually a policy that Republicans advocate. I never thought Obama should have extended the original Bush tax cuts.
@Gungy: the tax hike would come on the wealthy who have experienced the quickest rise in wealth that the wealthy of this country have ever experienced. Yes, I believe that the wealthy could pay a higher rate in taxes and not have their life adversely impacted by it. What other alternative do we have?
@psycho: Because many use the money to sway policy in their favor at the expense of the more disadvantaged.

John answers:

There is an assumption that needs to be addressed, that the people making the decisions are simply misguided, rather than deliberately seeking the results that are now rolling in. To believe that they’re misguided would require that we presume they are stupid, and they most assuredly are not stupid.

No, this is a different sort of story, one that hinges on the deliberate full-on destruction of the middle class, a strategy that aims to put the working stiffs in our rightful place as we have been for most of history. The goal has always been to drive down wages, and that is exactly the outcome now being obtained. As they say of software glitches, “it’s not a bug; it’s a feature.”

Nothing drives down wages as effectively as high unemployment, and nothing better cows workers, and there is no more efficient way to divide and conquer the work force, and we see this playing out now in the ceaseless attacks against public employees and their benefits. Now that everyone is having the rug pulled out from under them, they are lashing out at anyone not suffering their misfortune, instead of lashing out at the people who are causing that misfortune. This is by design.

David asks…

I’m looking for a job at a restaurant. How is my resume?

I worked at a restaurant for about 3 and a half years, and had to quit since I moved away. It’s been half a year, and I did write a resume, however im not sure It’s as good as it could be. I’ve kind of lost my touch with writing them, I used to be good but it’s been a long time since I’ve needed to even look at a resume. So let me know. Some of the info, obviously was changed/altered.

Marie Haggart

? Objective
To obtain a position within your company, gaining knowledge and skill while utilizing my abilities.

? Education
J. Percy Page High School.
Currently attending grade 12.
Will be a graduate of 2012.2009-2012.

? Experience
Montana’s Cookhouse Saloon
1720-99 Street NW.
Worked as a hostess, busser and expo
?Jobs included seating guests, running wait lists, answering phone calls. I also cleaned tables for servers, had daily cleaning duties. As an expo I placed the last finishing touches on all food, made sure plates were proper before leaving the kitchen. Had stocking duties as well as organized the expo line.
?I trained many hosts and expos. August 2009- October 2011.

Arby’s Millwood’s Main Street and 28 Ave.
I worked as a cashier
?Jobs for this position included handling money, interacted with customers. Had daily cleaning duties.
May 2009- July 2009.

? Summary of Qualifications
?Work well in a team setting.
?Thrives in a fast-pace environment.
?Very organized and orderly
?Confident and interacts well with people.
?Self motivated and very punctual.
?Great communication and problem solving skills.
? Quick learner and enjoys learning new things.
?Reliable and responsible.

? References
References Available upon request.

I feel that it seems kind of skimpy. Like short, and could include more about me however I haven’t really done any extra stuff in school. Is there anything I could add to make it seem more full?

John answers:

– Short and to the point is good, especially on a résumé. I don’t need you life story. I want to know why I should hire you, not your favorite colour,
– Your objective is way to vague. Be honest, and slightly more specific. For example, “Objective: To get part-time work and gain experience working front-of-house in a restaurant”
-In your Experience, don’t say “jobs included”. Try “Duties: Seating guests, running wait lists, and answering the phone” or “My responsibilities included seating guests, running wait lists, and answering the phone”
– You are grouping unrelated things together in your summary of qualifications, making it awkward to read. You also have redundant things (organized and orderly) . Even your tense changes. It’s weird. Let me fix that for you. It should look like this:

Summary of Qualifications:
– Able to work in a fast-pace environment
– Organized and responsible
– Confident
– Comfortable interacting with both customers and co-workers
– Self motivated
– Punctual
– Great problem solving skills
– Quick and willing to learn new things

Also, (most)every résumé I’ve ever read had writing in it. The person who takes your résumé will often wright their impression of you on it (ie, “seemed shy, hurried out” or “Very energetic”) Something to keep in mind.

Daniel asks…

Help me with my LA assignment?

Can someone please read this over and tell me how you think? This is my Grade 7 writing assignment and it’s marks will go on my report card so I would appreciate some feedback 🙂

In my mind, journal pages are something that you can confide in and channel your innermost secrets. And, nobody has to know about those secrets but you.
With that said, I am willing to share you a few of my innermost secrets ( well, not exactly) and let you in on my very own journal- and just how it entered my life.

Rewind- stop- OK, so it’s early 2011 and I’m standing at the dollar store entrance with an abstract expression ( cheerful) on my face. Who cares!, you might figure, but I suggest you keep on reading. So I walk right inside and glance at the stock-packed aisles. My parents are far behind; I decide that I lost them awhile back, and I keep on going. Calmly, I strut down one aisle, turn past the cheesy town section, and find myself in the journal section.

On the shelves, there are journal covers that are blue,green, red, polka-dotted, striped, and every other pattern and color you can imagine. There is also square journals, rectangular journals… and triangle journals?! ( they’re rarely shaped like that). But what catches my attention is a pink rectangular journal that lies half-buried in one of the piles on my left. I walk up and take it and study it. Meanwhile, the spare change jangles noisily in my coat pocket. I think it wants to be exchanged for that pink journal..

Then, I walk over to the checkout with my journal and wait in line patiently. When I’m next, I hand over the coins and journal to a young lady cashier dressed in a dollar-store apron and nerdy glasses. She grins and snorts like a hairless goblin. She asks me:

” Where your parents, kid ?”
” Dunno”, I say.
I hang my head guiltily for running away from my father. I might write on the journal’s first page:
” Sorry dad”, and give it to him whenever I see him again. I hand her the coins and she hands me over the journal.
” Would you like a receeeipt?
”This better’nt be a waste of precious money or my dad will slaughter me”, I think. As I mutter a silent thank you and hurry out, I hear her cry that’s enough to make my eardrums burst: ” Have a nice daaay!”

Strangely, I feel inquisitive. I feel like my imagination is about to be tested with this journal. And then I see my father walking out the next door salon. He catches my eye and I shove my journal inside my coat pocket. He narrows his eyebrows and moves in. I’m surely on his slaughter list now.
” What did I tell you-”
” Dad, honestly, I’m sorry-”
” No talking! Follow me, and I don’t want to hear another giggle or excuse on the way home.”

A brilliant day it’s turning out to be right?

When we return home, I immediately enter my bedroom and sit on my desk chair. I didn’t even take off my my coat at the coatrack yet! I guess I’m allergic to Dad’s presence for the rest of the day. He still seems angered about the whole ” wandering around without my permission” incident and I can hear his muttering. Why does he have to be so displeased when I only kicked the winning goal for my soccer team an hour ago? What about my journal? It’s definitely a consent for his ” Don’t purchase anything over than 3 dollars” rule.

I sigh, pull the journal from my side coat pocket, and flip the rosy butterfly cover. Good and bad, it’s all been mixed today. But I can say I felt glad when I realized that this journal and a pen, is my passport to a place where I don’t need to be the victim of my parents over-protectiveness.

From then on, I wrote in this journal about me, my friends, future, what I like, what I dislike, and my opinions. I felt better and my father finally relaxed after a few days. Writing is something that eases me. I hope you find or have something that eases you. ‘Cause I’m not giving you my journal for your passport.

John answers:

That was actually really interesting to read. Your a very good writer!

Don’t purchase anything over than 3 dollars” rule. I think that’s the only mistake 7th paragragh.

Helen asks…

Stocks, and questions on gains.?

I am having trouble determining how much money you make on stocks. For the sake of this. I am going to make a scenario with $10000.

For example, Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) at the 25th of Nov, 2011, was at $24.30 a share. Now, say you bought 411 shares. That would be 10000(Divide)24.30(Equals)411.52(Leave it at 411) Now, 411(Multiply)24.30(Equals)$9987.30. Now, at March 26, 2012, it was at $32.59. You decide to sell on that day, which would mean 411 shares that you had. 411(Multiply)32.59(Equals)$13394.49.



I found the stock information from Yahoo fiance stock symbol for MSFT

Is this how much money you would get if you were to sell on that day? (Of course the broker fees. I’ve heard it would be $10 with etrade?) Am I right with the formulas? (I have zero experience. I am just wondering if it’s like this) or is there something totally different about all this. I would be thankful if anyone could walk me through this.

John answers:

You forgot the dividends which for MSFT during the time range you’ve specified were $0.20 per share on Feb 24, 2012 ( it’s a quarterly dividend ). It’s really the IRR that determines the rate of return and you can use the Excel =XIRR() function to determine your return. Note that Google Docs also has the =XIRR() function.

The formula itself is a roots of a polynomial problem. For the scenario you’ve posted, it would be:

$9,987.30 = 411 * $0.20 / ( 1 + i )^( 91 / 366 ) + 411 * $32.59 / ( 1 + i )^( 122 / 366 )

Note the 366 days in the year as it’s a leap year. Solving the roots of a polynomial with the binary method we get:

i = 1.4606 or 146.06% per annum effective.

The high rate is because the gain was realized in a short period of time, whether or not you can maintain such gains on your investments throughout the year is another matter.

The amount you made overall would be:

411 * ( $32.59 + $0.20 ) – 411 * $24.30 = $3,489.39

But keep in mind that you received that dividend earlier on Feb. 24, 2012 which is why you need an IRR to take into account the time value of the money as that dividend was available for use at an earlier date.

Sharon asks…

Am I rich?Serious question!?

This is a serious question! I’m not trying to make myself feel better like most of the people that ask these kinds of things.
I will be asking this from the perspective that I only live with my mom ( My Dad is a different story) Parents are divorced.

Here we go.
My mother makes 244,000 on average.
Her income is from a trust and stocks.
We have two cars (Only one driver)
A 2008 Bentley GTC
A 2011 Mercedes CLS 550
My mom has no payments on the cars, they were paid with ‘cash’

Our house is in a gated community in Las Vegas. We bought it in 2008 for $800,000
We have no mortgage on the house.
We travel..A LOT
My mother loves to travel. We get on a plane twice a month. ( We always fly first class )
We go to places like
Beaches Turks and Caicos
pretty exotic places.
My mom is very smart women. She has her MBA.
My mother knows how hard it is to make money and doesn’t spend it foolishly
We fly first class, because she always upgrades us. Which is much cheaper then paying full price for a ticket.
I normally wear cloths from Ralph Lauren and Neimans.
My mom wears A LOT of Pucci.Not Gucci, Pucci.
She buys a lot from Neimans, Nordstrom, etc.
She doesn’t go shopping that much, because she doesn’t need anymore cloths.
We donate a lot to charity
We help out at the soup kitchen and always donate cloths to Salvation Army.
To The Count.

What do you mean by things that matter?
We have no family? As they’re all dead.
I have many friends as does she.
We help out at the soup kitchen A LOT.

John answers:

Your mom is a brilliant lady and she knows how to earn money and how to use it…you know it’s her greatness that she wants to upgrade you in all manners…here I have something to share with you….
Many years back Mr. Henry Ford was travelling in the 2nd class coach of a train, and a co-passenger suddenly recognised him and he asked him Mr. Ford! What are you doing in train you can travel by a chartered plane…Ford smiled and answered him, yes off course I can, but I know the value of money, I don’t want to spend it unnecessarily! That passenger sarcastically smiled and said ‘well you know your son travelled always in his own plane!’….Ford smiled again and said ‘ off course it’s his birth-right to do so..after all he knows very well that he is son of the great Henry Ford…!
I wish you get it…best wishes.

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